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23 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tracks have been carefully recreated in NASCAR Heat Evolution. Find out what it took to build these iconic race tracks in the virtual world in Developer Diary video #4. You can also see intros to some of the tracks on their official YouTube channel.

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# 1 brandon27 @ 09/06/16 09:11 AM
That might be the best I've seen this game look in any of these clips. Something still looks a bit off, almost like the cars and that look too flat, or washed out. Pretty cool about the tracks being created and set to the right time of year for sun angles and such. That's pretty cool. I always thought that one thing the former Nascar The Game titles did well was re-create the tracks. The environments always looked good. Glad to see these new guys have put as much effort into the environments as well.

I pre-ordered digital last week since it was priced $20 cheaper than in the stores here and it's downloaded and ready to go. Interesting thing though, when I placed the pre-order on the Xbox Store, it said release is Sept 12, not 13th though which is odd. Hopefully it lets me play a day early, unless it's been changed/fixed.
# 2 Velocityy @ 09/06/16 11:08 AM
They said the word realism a bunch there...which is key for me. If the game is realistic, and the 'simulation' style plays well and makes me feel like I'm racing on Sunday...then I'm definitely committing to this game.
# 3 Pappy Knuckles @ 09/06/16 11:20 AM
I hope this game is fun. I've never played a Nascar game in my life, but I've talked to several people that plan on getting it. I'm going to rent it and give it a shot. The videos don't look awful, so it gives me a bit of hope.
# 4 eaterofworlds888 @ 09/06/16 07:54 PM
Never been a big Nascar fan but I used to play the games all the time growing up. Poured hours into Nascar 99, Nascar Thunder 2003, Nascar Chase For the Cup 2005, and Nascar 2006. Loved those games. Haven't played one in years but I'm keeping an eye on this one.
# 5 Lieutenant Dan @ 09/06/16 08:17 PM
That was a solid video.....showing promise!

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