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UFC 2009 Undisputed: Kickboxing Strategy

UFC 2009 Undisputed offers unparalleled fighting controls and realism, and the game provides an accurate representation of one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. But for a new fighter just entering the Octagon, the numerous fighting styles can seem overwhelming. In this strategy piece, I will discuss my favorite fighting style, kickboxing.

As I alluded to in my review of UFC 2009 Undisputed a few weeks ago, the fighting controls are very intricate in the game and can be intimidating to newcomers. Because of this, I personally consider kickboxing to be a good starting point for any fighter in Undisputed, both because of its reliance on distance fighting and because of the variety of ways you can take down opponents. There are three main rules that should be followed by kickboxer, with the first rule applying to all fighters.

Rule 1: Fight Your Fight

Kickboxers are adept at fighting from a distance, and can use that ability to their advantage when battling against less experienced fighters. While kickboxing is less powerful than the "boxer" style of fighting, it is much more effective from longer range, which should give gamers a chance to circle around their opponents before striking at the most opportune moment. If you are looking for a fighting style that will involve a lot of ground fighting and close-quarters fighting, look elsewhere because kickboxers value their space and prefer to strike at their opponents from a distance.

Rule 2: Look for Opportunities Against an Overaggressive Opponent

I have discovered during my time with the game that kickboxers can be especially effective against opponents who are constantly on the offensive. As long as you can avoid being taken down and keep your hands up to protect your face and body, you can begin to look for a particular punch or kick from the opponent and counter it with a flurry of punches your own. While this sounds elementary, I have found that the quick punches (executed by throwing punches while holding down the left bumper on Xbox 360 and L1 on PS3) are the key to softening up your opponent, and they will also make your opponent more susceptible to one of the most powerful kicks in the game -- I will address that kick in the next rule.

An overaggressive opponent can provide you with multiple counter opportunities, allowing you to more easily take him down early in the match.

Rule 3: The High Leg Kick Is Your Friend

The high leg kick that is utilized by kickboxers is by far my favorite way to take down opponents, and it is the move behind a majority of my knockouts in the game. After throwing a number of punches to an opponent’s face, I tend to execute a few lower-body kicks in order to get my opponent's hands down. After the hands drop, I will unleash two or three successive high leg kicks to the side of my opponent’s head. While my kicks do not always damage my foe, they often will significantly impact my opponent's stamina, causing him to get disoriented -- thus exposing him to another knockout punch or kick. By using this tactic, I can even knock my opponent out within thirty seconds of the beginning of the match on rare occasions.

After softening up your opponent with some punches and working in a few high leg kicks, I will often kick my foe until he is able to repeatedly block my kicks. Most times, however, he is unable to avoid the kicks and goes down in a heap without much of a fuss.

Choose the Style Right for You

As with anything else, practice with a few of the different fighting styles available in the game, and decide which one is the best for you. If you have just recently picked up UFC 2009 Undisputed and are still somewhat unfamiliar with all of the tactics available to you in the game, kickboxing may be a good starting point for the beginning of your career in the Octagon. I say that because kickboxing gives newcomers a chance to hone their skills from a distance and work on exploiting an opponent’s weaknesses, all without being involved in close-quarters fighting, which is the place where one mistake can quickly lead to a loss.

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Member Comments
# 1 Phobia @ 06/24/09 12:10 PM
Nice read Chris. That is until I slam that kick boxer on his back with a wrestler and don't allow him to get up
# 2 allBthere @ 06/24/09 02:18 PM
I only really like Muay Thai now...it's the best imo. Kickboxing only has supermanpunch and backfist...i don't care for those moves anymore.
# 3 DeconBlz @ 06/24/09 03:42 PM
ehh "quick punches"??? you mean the superman punch and spinning back fist aka the special moves? if your well thought out strategy is to spam special attacks ie high leg kicks and "quick punches". than your no different than any other lame spaz online.

Sorry if this was harsh but thats what this article made me think...
# 4 spfhelmiii @ 06/25/09 11:05 AM
Yeah, I second the above. Kickboxing is a good strategy for beginners, because of its simplicity, but woe to such a player who fights an advanced player using Muai Thai or Boxing. Once you get inside on a kickboxer with either of those, they are in trouble. The other side of Kickboxing is that the strikes are very slow, except for the ever-spammed Superman Punch.

Against a Kickboxer, using a Boxer, I like to rush in with a thigh kick, and then proceed to just pound their abdomen with heavy punches. They'll have to reverse to get of their, or try a weak grapple. If they block low, then I uppercut high. Beginners will have trouble with this.

Using Maui Thai, I'm not a big MT player, but I'm sure they would do something similar and then just rush in and clinch.

Frankly, I do not fear any "rangy" Kickboxers. Now those using Rampage Jackson and keeping their distance are players to be feared, if they know that they are doing. The Boxing's "slide" hooks and straights I think work just as well as a Kickboxers, and are less predictable.

Just my .02.
# 5 100 $tacks @ 06/26/09 04:28 AM
UFC is a fun game i love to be Rashad Evans because he is an excellent fighter he also has power and quickness witch i like.
# 6 NYG_Meth @ 07/01/09 12:23 AM
Counters, kids. If you allow someone to headkick you several times in a row without countering, you deserve to get KTFO'd.
# 7 AsianChexMix @ 07/01/09 12:32 AM
One key that distinguishes a good fighter from a great fighter is versatility. The smart players know that the way to nullify a Kickboxer is by taking him down since it's slightly hard to kick people when you are on the ground. So I say practice your ground game as well and make sure you can hold your own until you get back up or if you are good enough, just win on the ground via submission or GnP.
# 8 dbly32 @ 07/01/09 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by NYG_Meth
Counters, kids. If you allow someone to headkick you several times in a row without countering, you deserve to get KTFO'd.
I lost to a guy who was 15-67 today because I got lazy with the timing for countering his headkicks. I went right back and exited out of every match until I found him again (it was early in the morning so there probably weren't that many people playing) and beat him twice. Still didn't take the bad taste out of my mouth.
# 9 Gotmadskillzson @ 07/01/09 11:14 PM

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