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Re: User QB throwing straight to defender

Originally Posted by Shogunreaper
madden just needs more variations.

right now it's all or nothing for throws, either it makes it to the receiver or its 5+ yards away.

why can't it be thrown to the receiver but over their head? or at their feet?
It’s the high SPC in EA default/updated rosters for H2H Play.
Basically it’s the catch radius of the WR which aids in triggering type of catches as well as, type of inaccurate throw animations that are triggered.

Generated players come in 50-70’ish with most EA roster players in the 80+.

Since this is a “Animation” rating, the higher rating consistently trigger the same type of catch/inaccurate animations (ie 5yrd distance mid-Throw)

60’s is the sweet spot as it give the most/best catch/inaccurate animations.
- you’ll see the “right over fingertips” animation trigger
- more variation within those (400+) catch animations will trigger

The other critical issue is the impact this animation rating has on defensive pass coverage.

When an triggering animation is dominant it impacts gameplay greatly.

TKL does the same thing dealing with ball carriers and their “break tackle” animations triggering.

There is a fix for Offline CFM gamers that requires no editing that I’ll note when I get off work.
- the entire Mode will be brought into balance
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Re: User QB throwing straight to defender

[quote=booker21;2049913134]Currently QB completes over 70% of their passes with most of them being above 75% at the current state. Defenses are a joke and you guys are still complaining QB are too inaccurate?

Like someone said above, players make mistake, if i control a player i want his rating to determinate the outcome on many scenarios. We complained so bad that people used the fastest QB rather than Tom Brady since Accuracy means nothing. On madden 2016 EA listened and MOST competitive players complain that QB were miss throwing WR.

It's perfect? No, it's not. there should be more variable of overthrows. some over 5 yds others 7yds other 0.1yds, WR making attempts to catch the pass, WR rarely drop passes anymore (madden 2017 got this perfect, but again same scenario as QB overthrows). now, zone are even useless now since the only way to make an incomplete pass is by deflecting it, since WR catch EVERYTHING.

Anyways i'm going to another subject, but to the QB overthrowing their target. Like i said, 1st pass of this video is a perfect example of what we see in madden and we still complain saying that is not realistic.

How many times we read this " My QB is a starter, he had no pressure, he has his foot all setup and he missed a WR on a cross route at 7yds. this is not realistic, this does not happen ever in NFL".

There is a person in this thread that will vouch that when they visited the 2k studios several years ago, a developer told them, "Once you put a controller in a person's hands, sim goes out the window."

Now, having said that, I understand what you are saying, but just last night in my own user vs cpu league, Rodgers had a few throws that were behind the WR and not a perfect throw.

Also, you utilize all the tools within the game, using the left arrow stick, long throws will result in throws that are long or wide or at the WR's feet.
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