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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era


This was another show that started fairly slow, but finished strong. To Foleys credit, Raw has been putting on some credible main events. The Finn Balor/Rusev program entices me much more than the Fatal Fourway angle. While I do think its a little too early for Balor to be busting out the Demong drag, it still be a damn good fight. Charlotte and Becky Lynch once again provided CPR to the show. Im really not sure why Charlotte would take this fight. Even with it being a non title fight, shes still running the risk of getting hurt or at the very least losing momentum heading in to Extreme Rules. The last two spots in the Fatal Fourway were filled by Mark Henry and Sami Zayn. Proof that anything can happen, and a superstar can win on any given day. Im happy to see Zayn get a push, but id prefer Mark Henry hang out until the winner of Sheamus and Strowman is decided. Henry did look good tho. Id say he has a little more than an outside shot at winning the title on sunday. Now for the stocks….

Sami Zayn UP- The underdog of the underground is getting his first ever title shot this sunday. He showed the world how resilient he can be when he came back from near coma to pick up the win against Owens and Cesaro. He has a helluva mountain ahead of him, but at least hes been given the proper gear to begin his climb
Mark Henry UP- He literally came out of nowhere. Many had forgotten (including me) that he was even drafted by Raw in the first place. While he looked a little slower than his 2009 form, he still had that power thats second to none. Hes always one Worlds Strongest Slam from winning, so we may be on the cusp of another Hall of Pain title run. Naaaaaah? Right?
Charlotte Flair UP- She has been having great matches left and right. Accepting the match with Becky Lynch speaks to her willingness to step up, any place, any time. I have nothing but respect for the self proclaimed Queen of Raw.
Cesaro DOWN- He is finally getting a push. The Authority are running with him as the number two guy in the company. At least thats what theyre hoping for. Theyre going to have to hold that thought until at least after sunday, as Cesaro couldnt secure a spot in the championship bout. One could wonder why Rollins didnt try and help Cesaro pick up the win. It was no DQ…
Golden Truth DOWN- Many were hopeful that the alliance of R Truth and Goldust would prove to be successful. However, lately theyve been reduced to more of a comedy act. The Club, whom is a legit contender in the tag division, tore through The Golden Truth with absolute ease. This team better start to click soon or theyll find themselves wrestling at Full Sail infront of a lot less people.
Darren Young DOWN- He lost to Titus. The end.

The Rumor Mill
Raw is still in talks with several stars who will soon be free agents. The WWE has been tight lipped, but I was able to verify that one of the wrestlers in negotiations is Adam Cole. Raw is doubling up since they lost the bidding war for Kurt Angle. Adam Cole wouldnt have the immediate impact that Angle provides, but Cole has much more to offer long term. With the sudden succes of guys like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, indie darlings have been in high demand. WWE is doing a good job capitalizing on the free agent market while TNA is still imploding behind the scenes. In other news, a few sources who were in The Authoritys dressing room during the airing of Raw have come forward with information that Seth Rollins was suppose to do whatever he had to do to guarantee Cesaro got the fourth spot. Instead, its being reported that Rollins grabbed his bags and left the arena moments before Cesaros match started. Is Rollins worried that Cesaro could take his spot? Will Triple H, who hates losing, reprimand The Architect? Staaaaaaay Tuuuuuuuuuned.

Fight of The Night
Easy, Flair v. Lynch. This match was pretty incredible considering it was a match on cable. Lynch could have won twice with the Dis-Arm-Her, but call it fate or whatever, Flair happened to land by the ropes both times. Thats either bad luck, or terrible ring presence on Beckys behalf. I liked that Flair won clean, and didnt need Danas help at all. Sasha Banks v. Flair could steal the show at Extreme Rules.

Overall Shows Grade
B--- The card was actually pretty dull outside of the last two matches. The Jericho, Neville, Henry match was cool, but what the hell… nobody wanted Henry to win. Like I said, I would much rather Henry wait for the winner of Sheamus and Strowman. I guess we get a Jericho and Neville blow off. While the feud hasnt been electrifying, it has put more eyes on The Man That Gravity Forgot. Raw is building his star power, I just dont want them to kill Jerichos in the process. Flair v. Lynch was a great back n forth exhibition. Both ladies looked like champions. Banks v. Flair will be nuts. The main event was pretty legit. I was absolutely sure Cesaro was going to grab the fourth spot. Im not upset as i am a big fan of El Generico, and would love to see him capture some of that NXT magic again.
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Smackdown Ann Arbor, Michigan

Kurt Angle is standing in the ring as the show begins. He acknowledges that he wont be able to compete at Fully Loaded. However, he wants to be involved in some capacity. He request Daniel Bryan and Shane come out to discuss his options. Here Comes The Money plays. Shane and Daniel announce that theyve already assigned Angle a job at Fully Loaded. Hes to be the special ring enforcer for the AJ Styles/John Cena match. AJ Styles comes out to the ring. He argues how unfair it is to make Angle the enforcer. He says Angles clearly has it out for him, and this is stacking the deck against him. Cena comes out and tells Styles to stop whining, and reminds him that Angle also screwed him over a few weeks ago. Shane decides to make a match with a certain stipulation. Styles and Cena can pick a partner of their choice, as theyll have a tag match in tonights main event. If Cena wins Angle stays, if AJ wins Angle is a no go.

Tonights Card
Miz v. Jason Jordan
Brian Kendrick & Drew Gulak v. Akira Towza & TJ Perkins
Tyler Breeze v. Dolph Ziggler
Randy Orton v. Apollo Crews
AJ styles & ? v, John Cena & ?

-We go to The A-Listers dressing room. Miz guarantees a victory over Jordan tonight. He wants Breeeze to do his part and take out Ziggler for him.

The Miz w/Maryse v. Jason Jordan (Non Title Match)
Jason Jordan has been turning heads as of late. Him and his partner Chad Gable have been endorsed by Kurt Angle himself. Many think its only a matter of time before American Alpha wins the tag titles. The Miz has also been on quite the IC streak. He’ll face Dolph Ziggler at Fully Loaded in a title match. As for this match, Jordan was a wrestling machine. Tossing Miz like a rag doll for the majority of the match. Jordan had Miz tapping in the ankle lock, but the ref was trying to get Maryse to get off the apron. Jordan went to get the refs attention when a groggy Miz was able to hit a Skull Crushing Finale. Winner is The Miz via pinfall at 10:14***½

-We see Cena talking to Rhyno in the back. Cena ask Rhyno if he’d be interested in being his partner tonight. Rhyno accepts the offer and the two shake hands out of mutual respect

The Brian Kendrick & Drew Gulak v. Akira Towza & TJ Perkins
Brian Kendrick, or as he likes to go by, The Pirate Rockstar… is currently #2 in the division. His opponents tonight are both ahead of him. Tonights match was made so that Kendrick can prove that he should be the champion. Akira will be facing Perkins at Fully Loaded for the Cruiserweight championship. This match was decent. The crowd seemed to be disinterested. The cruiserweights need to establish character asap. Most of these fans didnt see the CWC so they have no idea who these guys are. The match finished when Akira head kicked his own partner (and fully loaded opponent) TJ Perkins, leading to Kendrick landing a Sliced Bread #2 for the pin. Kendrick & Gulak win via pinfall at 8:59 **¾

-Cameras go to Kane who is tearing up the back halls demanding people tell him where The Wyatts are. AJ Styles oblivious to the rampage walks up to Kane. He ask The Big Red Machine if he would like to get the lucky opportunity to tag with the Face that Runs the Place. Kane stares Styles down intimidatingly. AJ gets the hint as Kane storms off

-Kanes music hits. He takes center stage and grabs a mic. Kane threatens to bring hell on earth if Bray doesnt come out and fight. The lights go out, when they come back on Harper is in the ring. Shane McMahon tells the ref through his headset to start an impromptu match. The ref rings the bell

Kane v. Luke Harper
Kane has been haunted by The Wyatts for nearly a month now. Hes been kidnapped, and he was nearly even set on fire. Bray has no boundaries. This is the first time ive seen Kane on the wrong side of evil. The match was okay. Both got their shots in. Kane was able to land a Chokeslam from Hell. Immediately after Harper landed, the lights went out. When they came back on Bray Wyatt and Erik Rowan were in the ring. Kane was surrounded, standing his ground in the middle of the ring. Bray starts laughing, when all of the sudden Kane got doused in red liquid from up above. It looks and even smells like blood. Kane, unable to see, is on the wrong end of a Harper super kick. Kane wins via DQ. **½

-We go to Aj Styles right as hes about to knock on Baron Corbins dressing room. Corbin opens the door, and AJ ask if hed like the honors of being his tag partner tonight. Corbin more or less tells him **** no. Styles mentions how Cenas partner is Rhyno. Corbin shows interest. Corbin says he’ll be his partner tonight, but only because he wants a piece of Rhyno.

Tyler Breeze v. Dolph Ziggler
Both Breeze and Ziggler have been on hot streaks. Breeze slightly has the upperhand as he was able to pin Ziggler last week after a Beauty Shot. Breeze has a match with American Alpha at Fully Loaded for Breezangos tag titles. Dolph will meet the Miz that same night for the IC title. This match was the best of the night so far. The crowd actually perked up a bit during a superplex spot. Breeze was able to kick out of a Zig Zag. The A-Lister went for a Beauty Shot, but Ziggler landed a Sweet Chin Music just a split second before. Ziggler wins via pinfall at 14:54 ***¾

-A Fully Loaded video package plays. It shows Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose highlights. Theyll meet for the World Championship that night. It also shows highlights of Styles and Cena as thats the co main event. Eminems Phenomenal plays throughout the promo

-Dean Ambrose comes out to be a guest announcer for the Randy Orton v. Apollo Crews fight

Randy Orton v. Apollo Crews
Apollo is finally called up from NXT. And it will be trial by fire as he goes against The Viper. Throughout the match, Dean is complimenting both competitors. Apollo actually held his own, but was unable to fend off an RKO. Orton wins via pinfall at 9:19***¼

-After the match, Ambrose enters the ring and has a staredown with Orton. Almost simultaneously they both started throwing punches. The Lunatic Fringe got the better of Orton this time around, as he reversed an RKO into a Dirty Deeds. Ambrose stood over Orton holding the belt up high

We to the back where Shane and Bryan are discussing Fully Loaded. Heath Slater interrupts them. He ask them what he has to do to get a match on Smackdown. He fills like his talent is being underutilized on house shows. He wants to prove he can beat anyone on the roster. Bryan says he can have his chance to prove himself next week, against the World Champion Dean Ambrose. The scene ends with Slaters confidence dwindling as he looks a bit unsure about what he just got himself into

AJ Styles & Baron Corbin v. John Cena & Rhyno
This is an interesting match. All four men have big matches at Fully Loaded. Styles meets Cena in a number one contender match. And The Lone Wolf goes one on one with ECW legend, Rhyno. If Styles team wins, Angle is no longer the Enforcer for his match with Cena. If Cenas team wins, Angle will indeed be the enforcer in that match. The main event was excellent. The downside for Styles was Corbins lack of interest when it came to team work. This put them at a disadvantage at spots as one or the other would be in the ring too long. Styles was about to hit Cena with a Styles Clash, but Rhyno broke up the move and Clotheslined Styles out of the ring. Corbin went to hit Rhyno with an End of Days, but on the way back Rhyne landed a Gore. Cena & Rhyno win via pinfall at 18:45****

The show went off the air as Styles realized Cenas team won. The crowd was on their feet as the match was easily a four star rating
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

-Stock Report-
Rhyno UP- Rhyno has made an immediate impact since being signed by Smackdown. Hes also picked up two wins over The Lone Wolf. By doing so, he solidified Kurt Angles spot as the special enforcer for the AJ Styles/ John Cena match. Rhyno meets Baron Corbin in a street fight at Fully Loaded
The Miz UP- Hes about .500 in tag matches. Never the won to be pinned, the IC champ insist that his belt is the only belt that matters. He just picked up a win over Jason Jordan, and he also has Maryse. He defends his Intercontinental title against Dolph Ziggler. Many think Miz should pick up the W at Fully Loaded.
Dolph Ziggler- He had a minor set back last week, when Breeze pinned him after a Beauty Shot. Redemption was his this week however, as he landed a Sweet Chin Music and picked up the win in a singles match with Breeze. Ziggler has a chance to bring his stock way up if he can secure a win at Fully Loaded.
Baron Corbin DOWN- Ever since Rhyno was signed, The Lone Wolfs dominance has been stifled. Rhyno is not to be bullied, and has more than held his own against Corbin. Picking up wins in back to back weeks. Corbin and Rhyno go 1 on 1 at Fully Loaded in a street fight. Whoever wins here could make a case for being in the World Title picture.
Brian Kendrick DOWN- Yes, his team did win this week, thanks to Akira attacking his own partner. The reason Kendrick is here is pretty simple tho. He went from a stellar showing in the CWC, to the number# 1 contender, all the way to being surpassed by Akira and potentially not even being on the Pay Per View.

-Rumor Mill-
The odds are out for the Ambrose Orton match. Ambrose is favored at +125… Many experts question these odds as its been reported that Ambrose absence has more to do with a nagging shoulder injury, and less to do with being an actor. With Orton and Ambrose being about even ability wise, something as serious as a bad shoulder could be enough to put things in The Vipers favor. So we’re clearly going to transition from a Styles Cena feud to a Styles Angle feud at some point. While Styles v. Angle may be new to the casual WWE fan, these guys know eachother very well from their days at TNA. The matches should be incredible, but the problem lies with how the program could negatively impact the big picture. If Angle goes over on Styles, Styles will be all but buried since arriving at Smackdown. If Styles goes over Angle, then you have the biggest Free Agent since Lebron James losing all momentum within his first month back. Heres to hoping they have such good matches that the crowd can forgive whoever ends up taking the loss. Smackdown has been capitalizing on Daniel Bryans indie connections. Once they heard Adam Cole was in talks with Raw, Shane immediately had The Red Drago dial his friend up and arrange a meeting. This would be another major blow to Raw if Cole were to sign with Smackdown.

-Fight Of The Night-
This goes to the main event. Styles and Corbin v. Cena and Rhyno. They tore the house down, and the crowd was on their feet for most of the match. AJ Styles has been on the losing side more than hes use to. Hes finding out the hard way that the WWE is ‘where the big boys play’. Match had its fair share of false finishes, which the crowd absolutely ate up. Everything came to a climatic end when Rhyno reversed an End of Days into a Gore for the one, two, three.

Overall Show Grade
The main event saved this card. While Ziggler and Breeze put some life into the arena, it was the main event that created a contagious charge throughout the building. Too bad everything before these two matches absolutely sucked. Kane v. Harper? Boring. Cruiserweights? Eh, boring. I guess Jordan v. Miz was pretty good, but the crowd wasnt awake yet, which kind of put a damper on the match. We’re now two shows away from Fully Loaded. I imagine the shows should be of better quality in the coming weeks.
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era


Universal Division
Seth Rollins- Universal Champion
#1 Roman Reigns
#2 Kevin Owens
#3 Cesaro
#4 Mark Henry
#5 Sheamus
#6 Rusev United States Champion
#7 Finn Balor
#8 Chris Jericho
#9 Sami Zayn
#10 Braun Strowman

United States Division
Rusev- United States Champion
#1 Finn Balor
#2 Chris Jericho
#3 Sami Zayn
#4 Braun Strowman
#5 Neville
#6 Stardust
#7 Titus Oneil
#8 Big Show
#9 Bo Dallas
#10 Darren Young

Womens Division
Charlotte Flair- Womens Champion
#1 Sasha Banks
#2 Becky Lynch
#3 Bayley
#4 Paige
#5 Eva Marie
#6 Naomi
#7 Nikki Bella
#8 Alexa Bliss
#9 Natalya
#10 Tamina

Tag Team Division
The New Day- Tag Team Champions
#1 The Club
#2 The Realest Guys
#3 Shining Stars
#4 Jeri-Ko
#5 The Golden Truth

RAW GM Mick Foley clearly needs to put his focus on the Tag Division, and beefing it up.

Ill have RAWs first PPV Kick Off Show for Extreme Rules up shortly.

Ill have Smackdowns rankings put up before Fully Loaded

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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Love the up and downs, definitely one of my favorite things you have started here!

Keep up the good work.
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era


#5 Sheamus +110 v. #10 Braun Strowman -110
These two are living proof that monsters are real. Sheamus and Strowman were on a crash course towards each other as they dispatched local talent week in and week out. This is wrestlings version of Riddick Bowe v. Andrew Golota. Immovable object meets immovable object. Sheamus is favored in the odds at 110+. The argument is that Sheamus is a four time champion and has a vast amount of experience over Strowman. The Celtic Warrior also has one strike knockout power, think Wrestlemania and Daniel Bryan. Now when you talk about Strowman, theres a lot more questions than answers. We havent seen him get taken to deep waters. I compared him to Golota, but hes more Mike Tyson when it comes to his first round finishes. Strowman is undefeated, and just broke through the top ten at #10. A win over fifth ranked Sheamus could do wonders for his title chase. Get the popcorn ready, Extreme Rules opens the card with Goliath v. Goliath. This one wont go to decision.

Poll Results
Strowman 59%
Sheamus 41%

(c) The New Day +190 v. #1 The Club -175
The New Day has their sights on the number 479. Thats how many days they need to get to, to make history. The Demolition currently hold the record for longest Tag Team tile reign at 478 days. On the day of Extreme Rules they will sit at 400 days. Now, they havent been the most dominant tag team of all time. Infact, theyre not the most dominant tag team on RAW. That title would go to their opponents, The Club. They love violence. Teams like The Club and The Revival are throwbacks to the territory days. While The New Day like to entertain the fans as much as they like to wrestle, The Club ALWAYS likes to wrestle. Ironically, thats also how they entertain us. New Day need to go with Kofi and Big E here. Using a bench player against a team like The Club would be their undoing.

Poll Results
The New Day 73%
The Club 27%

(c) Charlotte Flair +105 v. #1 Sasha Banks -110
These ladies have been pillars in the Womens Revolution. Theyve stolen the show more than a few times. Which says a lot when you have a roster full of guys like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Sasha Banks won an instant classic match against Paige to become the number one contender. Not to be outdone, Charlotte took a non title fight with #2 Becky Lynch a week before Extreme Rules. That match was also a borderline classic, and yes, Flair won. These two have met before, and its almost always razor thin close. This one might actually test the new three judge scoring system. All title fights (unless changed by GM) have a 30 minute time limit. After that, we go to a three judge scoring system. Im not sure 30 minutes will be enough for these two. Either way, look out, these two could easily get Fight of The Night bonuses.

Poll Results
Charlotte Flair 51%
Sasha Banks 49%

#8 Chris Jericho +225 v. Neville -220
This little rivalry sprouted out of nowhere. Jericho agreed to an exhibition with the young up start Neville on Raw four weeks ago. In doing so, he suffered a major upset to the unranked NXT rookie. Neville would then pick up another win via count out. Jericho eventually grabbed a W when he tagged with his supposed best friend Kevin Owens. These two were in a triple threat match this last Raw, the winner got the third spot in the main event. Due to Jericho being so consumed with being better than Neville, Mark Henry was able to steal the win. This infuriated Y2J. He immediately grabbed a mic after the match and demanded he get Neville one on one at Extreme Rules. Mick Foley obliged and so here we are. Neville is just outside orbit when it comes to the top ten in the Universal Division. A win here would not only make a case for him being in the top ten in that division, but could have him ranked in the top five of the United States Championship division. This one could also be FOTN.

Poll Results
Chris Jericho 68%
Neville 32%

#2 Kevin Owens Even v. #3 Cesaro Even
This match had zero build. It was thrown together within this last week, but man is it HUGE! This match has serious implications in the Universal division. These two were in a triple threat this last monday with the winner getting the fourth spot in the fatal fourway main event. Both competitors blame the other for not being in the title match. They are 2 and 3 respectively, but lost the spot too #9 Sami Zayn, who wasnt even in the top ten before the match. Cesaro has recently joined The Authority. Owens has made a relatively new alliance with Chris Jericho. So they both have support that could help propel them to the top. With the odds being dead even, this ones really anyones guess. I know im getting a little redundant, but The Prizefighter v. The King of Swing is also a FOTN candidate.

Poll Results
Kevin Owens 45%
Cesaro 55%

(c) Rusev +130 v. #1 Finn Balor -120
The co-main event sees the Bulgarian Brute v. The Demon King. Its been a rocky road getting to this point for the irish superstar. At one point we werent sure if he was going to be medically cleared before the Extreme Rules date. Last monday he put all those doubts to rest as he showed up decked out in his Demon King garb. If he was injured, you couldnt tell as he was able to beat Rusev to the punch, and almost blasted him with a Coupe De Grace. Lana saved the day, but will she be able to at Extreme Rules? If history means anything, then we already know that when Finn Balor reaches this level of pure evil, the opponent is in for much more than a regular wrestling match. This match is the one im personally anticipating!

Poll Results
Rusev 60%
Finn Balor 40%

#1 Seth Rollins +115 v. #1 Roman Reigns +110 v. #4Mark Henry -140 v. #9 Sami Zayn -225
Raws first main event in their first pay per view is a wild one. This all started when Rollins went up against Reigns to crown the first ever Universal Champion. Well, Cesaro turned on Reigns and joined The Authority. This led to Rollins, Cesaro and Triple H putting a beat down on Reigns. Triple H abused his power and made the ref restart the match. Obviously this ended with Seth Rollins getting the pin. Everythings great right? Wrong. The boss of all bosses, Vince McMahon showed up the next week on Raw, and vacated the Universal title altogether. Vince announced that Extreme Rules would have a fatal fourway match to determine who the first Universal Champion would be. Rollins and Reigns were already guaranteed spots. The remaining two spots would be decided in two triple threat matches this last monday. This is where things get wild. You could have never guessed the two that would grab the remaining spots. First, you had Mark Henry, who up until the week prior was unable to get medically cleared. He didnt move like Mark Henry in 2009, but he still proved to be almost every bit as powerful. The fourth spot went to the underdog of the underground, Sami Zayn. Nobody, and i mean nobody, thought unranked Zayn would be able to pull off a win with Owens being backed by Jericho, and Cesaro being back by The Authority. Yet, he did.. So now we’re here. This match is a tough one to call. Will Rollins and Reigns be so consumed with one another that Henry gives us an encore of last monday? Will Zayn finally prove hes more than just a former NXT champion? There may even be contention between The Authority after Rollins walked out on them, leaving Cesaro without insurance. Then, Reigns may still not be at 100% after the beating The Authority dished out two weeks ago. When its all said and done, you dont want to miss this one. Make sure youre witnessing history like the rest of us, when Raw belts their first ever Universal Champion!

Poll Results
Seth Rollins 33%
Roman Reigns 31%
Mark Henry 18%
Sami Zayn 18%

(Im aware Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are co-number 1’s in the Universe division)

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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Originally Posted by Bard
Love the up and downs, definitely one of my favorite things you have started here!

Keep up the good work.

appreciate it dude. once i get all settled down im gonna read some more of your universe for sure
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Beginning at Extreme Rules, there will be three judges ring side in the event the fight doesnt have a winner before the time limit. Those three judges will then give a 10-9 score to who they think won the match. The judges will be looking for ring presence, ring control, power moves, strikes landed, ect...

-Universal, Womens & World Heavyweight division can go to 30 minute time limits
-US, Cruiserweight & IC division can go to 25 minutes
-Tag division can go to 25 minutes

Most PPV matches will use the maximum time allotted. While most TV shows will use shorter time limits as to not go over the shows time slot.

Several stars on the roster have already chimed in--

Roman Reigns- Im all about that finish so im not too worried about judges. belee that.

Daniel Bryan- This is trail blazing. I love that wrestling is still evolving all the time! This will definitely shake things up

Charlotte Flair- I just hope those idiots know what theyre looking at. They cant be MMA judges, that wont ever work!

Vince McMahon did clarify that a no time limit match can still be a stipulation in the future. Im not sure how I feel about this. This could be really innovative, and lead to more organic like storylines. or it could be a complete disaster where judges are corrupt and or dont know the difference between a wristlock and a wristwatch
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