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Read the entire press release, right here.

"Enjoy the thrill of racing as three-time consecutive Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson or choose from 13 additional NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers. Players can also compete as one of 10 original animated characters. Each driver has personal attributes that will determine how the kart will perform on a course, so strategy is key when choosing a driver and a teammate. Teams that work together win championships!"

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 12/04/08 12:26 PM
Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse for the Wii.
# 2 yamabushi @ 12/04/08 01:40 PM

The most pathetic and funniest news of the month.
# 3 LingeringRegime @ 12/04/08 03:21 PM
# 4 Sausage @ 12/05/08 10:33 AM
With EA's developers actually creating a game from the ground up, this may be fun as long as it has sort of Kart career mode. I wouldn't knock it yet, because Mario Kart Wii was pretty fun.
# 5 Pappy Knuckles @ 12/05/08 11:48 AM
I don't know why anyone outside of females and little kids would own a Wii.
# 6 yamabushi @ 12/05/08 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by Pappy Knuckles
I don't know why anyone outside of females and little kids would own a Wii.
You forgot Old people.
# 7 Sausage @ 12/05/08 02:21 PM
LOL about the comments above. The system itself is not bad. It has some pretty outstanding games, but not in the form of lets say Halo or Grand Theft Auto. In my opinion it is a great complement to the 360 or PS3.

Many also feel that Madden 09 was also the more polished football game this year, but they are running on the more superior engine.

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