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IGN has posted their hands-on preview of Major League Baseball 2K10, talking mostly about My Player mode.

"I'm happy to say that I enjoyed the few hours I spent developing my shortstop and closer. The game runs smoothly and does a good job of getting you in and out of the action without trudging through lengthy loading menus, but for the most part My Player in MLB 2K10 seemed like a worthy addition to the franchise."

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# 1 MrArlingtonBeach @ 02/19/10 06:04 PM
"Just before my closer was able to make his way up to the majors in September call-ups, the debug system running the game crashed."

"Of course, just as my shortstop was about to make his way to the big time, MLB 2K10 decided to crap out again (I was repeatedly assured that the bug has been fixed in the final version)."

Freezing/crashing in 2K's MLB game...why is this always an issue?
# 2 JayhawkerStL @ 02/19/10 06:06 PM
12 minutes.
# 3 nld230 @ 02/19/10 10:12 PM
Another review and my concerns grow, lol. A closer clubbing a homer and driving in runs, slapping balls to the OF at ease.... yikes.

If the hitting, once again, is too easy, it will frustrate me. If I can pound the strike zone and pitch 9 inning, 50 pitch complete game 2 hit shutouts, or never walk batters.......

I maintain the slim hope that these reviews are based on "pro" or "rookie" settings. And, should that fail, I hope the sliders can fix it.

All in all it won't stop me from buying the game, though. I maintain that I like the direction of the series. 2k9, with some adjustments and the ability to edit stances and windups.... well, I'd still be playing it.

Just hoping that the series doesn't take a step back.
# 4 WarDawg58 @ 02/20/10 02:52 PM
I hope this stuff gets fixed. Hitting shouldn't be that easy even on pro.
# 5 Craigsca @ 02/20/10 05:38 PM
While I know it's not a final build, I find it comical how (almost) apologetic and forgiving the reviewer is for the crashes.
# 6 King Gro23 @ 02/21/10 07:58 PM
the article isnt loading could someone post it by chance
# 7 jbishop1702 @ 02/21/10 08:37 PM
Little disappointed that the My Player doesn't offer AI trades when the player is under-performing. Seems like a pretty large real element of baseball to be left out.

I guess the plus side to this is knowing that you can play 15 seasons for your favorite club and be a Cal Ripken/George Brett type, but it seems pointless to allow the computer to select a team for you, as that would be the end of the randomness.
# 8 crumpled_heap @ 02/21/10 09:10 PM
link doesn't work
# 9 King Gro23 @ 02/21/10 09:15 PM
i have tried several ways to view this. I was guess I wasnt meant to read it lol
# 10 KeMiKaL @ 02/21/10 09:59 PM
lol guys, just go to ign.com and put in mlb 2k10 and look at the reviews!
# 11 jbishop1702 @ 02/22/10 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by KingFelix
Yeah, I agree. As a player though, can you demand trades or sign elsewhere in free agency?

Since this is the first year for My Player, I am sure some important aspects will be left out, and as much as it sucks, it's a mode that we're all going to have to be patient with I guess.
I read that you can demand a trade, and while that helps some, it still doesn't give you the feeling that many MiLB players get where they could be traded at any moment and for any reason.

A buddy of mine played the Show's version of the My Player and was traded from one organization to another and it totally floored him; caught him completely by surprise. I think that in future versions they should look into this route. Or at least give the user the option to turn it on or off, so that those who prefer to stick with their team for all 15 years can still enjoy that journey.
# 12 Skyboxer @ 02/22/10 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by Pro Bowler
One thing i'm really bummed about is that it looks like you only get the new Fielder's Perspective Cam when the ball is hit your way. The game looks like it automatically sims till you get a ball hit at you. I was hoping to create a CF or 1B and play whole games with this view.

After reading the guys comments from CD for the Show it looks like they added this ability in RTTS. I'm not staring a war, just saying, i might have to break down and get a PS3.

I'm i the only one who thinks by now that we ought to be playing baseball games nowdays with a fielding perspective instead of the traditional home plate to outfield view? Imo, this is the biggest improvement anyone making a baseball game could make.
This is 2K's first year with the career mode and The Show's what 4th or 5th year. So give 2K time. The main reason I imported PYSBB was because of thier career mode. Now RTTS has incorporated the "Play every at bat and not just the play you are involved it" method just like PYSBB...

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