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Pastapadre has posted his impressions of NBA Jam, which includes quite a few captured videos from the PAX event, he recently attended.

"In terms of gameplay it very similar to the NBA Jam of old, though with the updated control scheme and smoother movement. One thing I liked was with the shove attempts. When unsuccessful it takes a moment for the player to recover, so people won’t be able to just run around throwing shoves non-stop without paying the price. The right stick works well also for attempting steals, which I found to be the smarter thing to attempt unless I was squared up perfectly for a shove. Usually what I would do is try and shove the off-the-ball player and go for the steal if closing in on the ball handler.

One issue I noticed was with the way the CPU played. I know for many people NBA Jam is all about the head-to-head experience, but the single player modes are intended to add depth and a unique challenge. What I saw against the CPU was an obvious tentativeness, in the couple videos against the CPU you’ll probably notice that they take a lot of jump shots. That made them pretty easy to handle, with lots of blocked shots and numerous shot clock violations. Even a guy like Kobe Bryant was playing soft when controlled by the CPU."

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# 1 Blzer @ 09/06/10 11:48 AM
Only problem seems to be if you're not dunking, you're not producing. All other shots are either blocked or missed. I'm not saying NBA Jam wasn't originally about the awesome dunks anyway, but I remember being able to control the court with Olajuwon and Horry back in the day because I could make the ranging shots as well as dominating the paint.
# 2 scatman @ 09/06/10 12:04 PM
(scratching my head) so it's harder to score on NBA JAM than it is for NBA Elite? C'Mon Son?!
# 3 VDusen04 @ 09/06/10 12:20 PM
I honestly love how goal tending is still treated as the end-all. I remember punching people in the face, shattering backboards, and setting nets on fire on the arcade game all the while being enthusiastically supported by the announcer. But heaven forbid I goaltend a shot, the machine would nearly self-destruct.

Fun to see NBA Jam in new form.
# 4 Ermolli @ 09/06/10 12:59 PM
Looks very fun to play. The only problem in my opinion is too many block in jumpshots.
# 5 kazushige0001 @ 09/06/10 01:10 PM
I must be spoiled. Looking at the HD graphics vs. the Wii's 480i/480p graphics are night and day. Even with fewer modes, I'm far more interested in a game that looks better on my television.

The commentary on the gameplay was nice as well. With the development of gameplay in basketball games in general, it's nice that even an arcade game would incorporate some of those elements. To clarify, I'm specifically responding to some of the statements about recovery time when pushing and the video displayed the way in which the timing of the release of a shot could avoid blocks. As a kid, it seemed a little more random as to what would happen if you threw up a shot or were trying to block one.
# 6 Lajoya10 @ 09/06/10 01:48 PM
Soooooo....why is the movement, crossovers.stances, and shooting look WAY better than NBA elite 11? haha they created an arcade that is smoother than the real game XD
# 7 DubTrey1 @ 09/06/10 07:53 PM
If this eventually hits XBLA, I will be all over this. Otherwise, skip it for me.
# 8 RayDog253 @ 09/07/10 05:11 AM
Wow, I love how they have Sig jump shots.
# 9 Tha_Kid @ 09/07/10 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by hungryandrew
Just letting you guys know, that around the Christmas holidays, or maybe in January, a full version of Jam will be available on psn and live, you guys dont have to go buy elite.
That is speculation. Maybe you can get a deal on Elite in January.
# 10 Tha_Kid @ 09/07/10 07:39 AM
I think what is packed in Elite is a game within a game, as its basically upgraded Jam with current rosters.

The "Remix Tour" is a bunch of new modes and stuff going above and beyond the basic pick up and play of Jam. I think it adds enough body to warrant a full game, especially considering the depth of sports games on the Wii.
# 11 convince @ 09/07/10 01:25 PM
By the way in regards to NBA Jam, there no doubt in my mind that the game will be release later this year after Elite release. I come to this inclusion b/c EA, like most companies do not want their products competing with each other for sales. even though are somewhat different kinds of basketball. Although the game is included with elite, you only will be able to play 3 of its many modes. So the full game itself is available. And finally, releasing it at a later date allows EA corner the market for those looking for a change of pace from the current games. So those posters that constantly say you can only get Jam by buying Elite, are in my opinion a little misleading.
# 12 SDJHood93 @ 09/13/10 12:03 AM
This game looks pretty funny especially because of the cartoonish look. At the same time though it looks cool and fun to play. I probably won't buy it though because I'll be too busy with NBA 2K11. I might try a demo though.

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