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Check out all the changes for the official Madden NFL 11 week 4 rosters.

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# 1 RedZoneD25 @ 09/30/10 11:34 AM
Ah, I guess I got to you a few minutes late on Twitter.

Vick to 85, me likey. Hopefully they increased his throw accuracy and carry.
# 2 MAHAM @ 09/30/10 12:49 PM
Blair White being added but does know his rating?

Austin Collie Increase from 78 to 81 is cool.

Colts also dropped Gijon Robinson and re-picked up Tyjuan Hagler. Thats not on the update. Anyone on Twitter who can tell DM would be appreciated.
# 3 Bellsprout @ 09/30/10 12:57 PM
James Jones fumbles to cost us the game and goes up?

Nice to see Finley getting love. Deserves it.
# 4 pepp32 @ 09/30/10 02:59 PM
Nice to see my Bears get some love! They've now went from a OVR 77 to OVR 82...thats whats up!
# 5 RedZoneD25 @ 09/30/10 03:26 PM
I'm guessing OVR drops/increases will be done on a week to week basis, it just seems uneven. The rosters all end up overly high by the last update...Donny seriously should drop his 9ers more. It seems like he likes to hold out hope for certain teams while dropping a hammer on others. It is what it is though, and since I'm a primarily offline gamer I can take these and give them my own personal scale (dropping everyone 5 OVR points for a greater emphasis on a 90 OVR)...unfortunately that means I'll have to use custom NCAA classes as well.
# 6 WildcardHB @ 09/30/10 03:48 PM
Can someone upload this for 360 offline users? Thanks!
# 7 Gridiron Rap @ 09/30/10 04:29 PM
Peyton Hillis rushed for 144 yards against the Ravens, but the O Line decreases? SMH
# 8 Santino @ 09/30/10 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by kpkpkp
Its out!
Just checked, its not out.
# 9 JesseNeckred @ 09/30/10 06:00 PM
i wish they had Ryan Torain's rating listed, looks like he'll be the starter for the skins
# 10 JesseNeckred @ 09/30/10 06:09 PM
oh wait, i found it, he's 68 overall, was hoping for at least 70, oh well
# 11 ammofan @ 09/30/10 09:33 PM
Not available yet.....
# 12 JesseNeckred @ 10/01/10 12:50 AM
guess it'll just come out Friday morning
# 13 DonScrillinger @ 10/01/10 02:23 AM
im just glad that there giving the Chiefs the love this time around hopefully they fix cassel's deep ball
# 14 Santino @ 10/01/10 12:55 PM
Its out, fake names were removed in the previous update.
# 15 jonesha2000 @ 10/01/10 01:21 PM
What are Vick's new short, medium, deep accuracy ratings?
# 16 JesseNeckred @ 10/01/10 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by jonesha2000
What are Vick's new short, medium, deep accuracy ratings?
SAC - 77
MAC - 80
DAC - 75

speed is now 90, don't know what his old accuracies or speed were
# 17 jonesha2000 @ 10/01/10 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by JesseNeckred
SAC - 77
MAC - 80
DAC - 75

speed is now 90, don't know what his old accuracies or speed were
Much appreciated bro. He is gonna be hell on wheels to stop on this game.
# 18 Hova57 @ 10/01/10 02:18 PM
as he should . i'm sure online is cheese vick again though
# 19 MAHAM @ 10/01/10 02:25 PM
Its out now.

Blair White added to the Colts at 61 which is cool...but he should probably be higher on beat press instead of the 40 or 50 he has now. On his TD catch, White broke a jam and was wide open, he used a nice looking swim move on the jam and ran a sluggo. DM probably should have had his beat press at 70.

Also for the Pats, why is Brandon Merriweather not being dropped or moved to backup? He hasn't been the starter. He made a play for the pick, but other than that he's been terrible and he's rated 88 on Madden. The Pats are giving up alot of TD's through the passing game, their Defense has given up alot of points...yet their secondary has been bumped more than dropped. McCourtey up 4 from week 1, Chung up 5, Arrington bumped 10, and all DM has done was drop Butler 2? Cmon Donnie Moore, hate on that Pats D please.
# 20 suckerpuncher @ 10/02/10 09:09 AM
Can anybody please share the week 4 rosters for XBox360?

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