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The NBA Live 13 team "Live Tweeted" the rookie overall ratings for the first 21 players that were drafted.

Tomorrow at noon, they plan on releasing the overall ratings for the entire first round.

*UPDATE: The entire NBA Live 13 rookie ratings are up.

1. New Orleans Hornets: Kentucky forward Anthony Davis - 80
2. Charlotte Bobcats: Kentucky forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - 78
3. Washington Wizards: Florida guard Bradley Beal - 76
4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Syracuse guard Dion Waiters - 76
5. Sacramento Kings: Kansas forward Thomas Robinson - 77
6. Portland Trail Blazers: Weber State guard Damian Lillard - 74
7. Golden State Warriors: North Carolina forward Harrison Barnes - 76
8. Toronto Raptors: Washington guard Terrence Ross - 71
9. Detroit Pistons: Connecticut center Andre Drummond - 75
10. New Orleans Hornets: Duke guard Austin Rivers - 74
11. Portland Trail Blazers: Illinois center Meyers Leonard - 73
12. Houston Rockets: Connecticut guard Jeremy Lamb - 74
13. Phoenix Suns: North Carolina guard Kendall Marshall - 71
14. Milwaukee Bucks: North Carolina forward John Henson - 73
15. Philadelphia 76ers: St. John's forward Maurice Harkless - 71
16. Houston Rockets: Iowa State forward Royce White - 70
17. Cleveland Cavaliers (Trade from Dallas): North Carolina center Tyler Zeller - 74
18. Houston Rockets: Kentucky forward Terrence Jones - 73
19. Orlando Magic: St. Bonaventure forward Andrew Nicholson - 70
20. Denver Nuggets: French forward Evan Fournier - 68
21. Boston Celtics: Ohio State forward Jared Sullinger - 74
22. Boston Celtics: Syracuse center Fab Melo - 68
23. Atlanta Hawks: Vanderbilt guard John Jenkins - 67
24. Cleveland Cavaliers: Oregon State guard Jared Cunningham - 64
25. Memphis Grizzlies: Washington guard Tony Wroten Jr. - 69
26. Indiana Pacers: Duke forward Miles Plumlee - 61
27. Miami Heat: Mississippi St. forward Arnett Moultrie - 71
28. Oklahoma City Thunder: Baylor forward Perry Jones - 74
29. Chicago Bulls: Kentucky guard Marquis Teague - 68
30. Golden St. Warriors: Vanderbilt center Festus Ezeli - 65

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Member Comments
# 1 Colts18 @ 06/28/12 07:07 PM
# 2 MarvellousOne @ 06/28/12 08:26 PM
all 70s so far eh......yeah not much to say here
# 3 BiggD @ 06/28/12 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by MarvellousOne
all 70s so far eh......yeah not much to say here
I dunno,translating pretty well i think
# 4 Colts18 @ 06/28/12 08:49 PM
If Anthony Davis is an 80, LeBron must be a 115
# 5 MarvellousOne @ 06/28/12 08:51 PM
Originally Posted by mastermark
I think it translates very well actually if you look at these players raw athletic ability so Idk what you would say anyway...If anything the sixes pick Moe Harkless from St Johns was VERY under the radar and at 6'9 extremely athletic he could have been rated even higher.
I'm just indifferent on the ratings not saying they are horrible but not saying I like them all either.
# 6 22cedric @ 06/28/12 09:50 PM
Check out the @EASPORTSNBA Facebook page tomorrow at noon for the full list of 1st Round NBA Draft Player Ratings! #NBALIVE13

# 7 bigsmallwood @ 06/28/12 10:15 PM
I want to see how the ratings translate to the game.
# 8 teebee @ 06/28/12 10:25 PM
Classic NBA Live Ratings; guarantee none of them have any shooting ability or speed/quickness, CLASSIC NBA LIVE
# 9 Hornetz @ 06/28/12 11:02 PM
kinda high, maybe take 2 off everyone
# 10 Championships @ 06/28/12 11:24 PM
Originally Posted by teebee
Classic NBA Live Ratings; guarantee none of them have any shooting ability or speed/quickness, CLASSIC NBA LIVE
Originally Posted by Colts18
If Anthony Davis is an 80, LeBron must be a 115
It's very obvious that these ratings will drop/increase depending on their success.. Live does updates either daily or weekly.
# 11 tommyboii2008 @ 06/28/12 11:25 PM
None of those ratings seem TOO high to me.. They're going to adjust them during the season anyway so it doesnt really matter what they are now..
# 12 BRxSKINSx @ 06/29/12 01:08 AM
Really....? Really....?
# 13 woogie98 @ 06/29/12 01:50 AM
Hmmm pretty good
# 14 TreyIM2 @ 06/29/12 05:15 AM
How bout 'tweeting' some vids of the actual game?
# 15 jubba910 @ 06/29/12 05:23 AM
So much bias from 2K fans, give the game a break. You can change ratings if you want, it's been done in 2K for years, hardly anyone uses the 2K original ratings so just back off.
# 16 raidertiger @ 06/29/12 06:33 AM
Drummond a 75? 2k would have him at 65 max, probably around 60. He's got nothing but potential.
# 17 KidHypeTellem @ 06/29/12 07:50 AM
I think some of you are missing the point of how these ratings will work in 'NBA LIVE', and its rating system.

Comparing to 2Ks system is just dumb.

Regardless these mean nothing to me as:

1. I won't be surprised to see them adjusted when the game is released, and even if that's not the case, they will do throughout the season when they actually see them in the league.

2. I'll just change them if I don't like them anyway as I do with 2K lol
# 18 NoTiCe_O @ 06/29/12 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by raidertiger
Drummond a 75? 2k would have him at 65 max, probably around 60. He's got nothing but potential.
Well maybe lives rating system works different and physical stats contribute more to overall. Drummond is a beast physically, so maybe NBA Live takes those factors into account more towards your overall. Cause i know in 2k, my vertical and strength could be 99, but that barely moves my overall.

And plus, if their gonna take the time to update a players facial hair as he changes it throughout the season i'm sure they'll update ratings even more frequently.
# 19 Mintsa @ 06/29/12 08:51 AM
How about some screenshots of the rookies.......show us something.
# 20 DGMikeBarker @ 06/29/12 10:38 AM
Royce White was the most skilled rookie in the draft. His rating should be in the high 70's. They giving too much bias to big name schools. Well, at least it's just the beginning ratings.

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