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It was announced Tuesday, that the NBA 2K13 roster update would arrive sometime this weekend.

Unfortunately, that date has changed. NBA2KInsider just announced the NBA 2K13 rosters won't be available until sometime next week.

The 1st roster update has been pushed back until next week due to the team focusing on optimizing your online experience.

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# 1 SlayersRageX @ 10/04/12 02:37 PM
Wow.. It will probably delayed again lol
# 2 infam0us @ 10/04/12 02:42 PM
Hopefully they can add all the missing players to the roster(or at least those with guaranteed deals). I was mad when I saw that Teletovic wasn't in the game, guy signed in July with the Nets. Makes no sense to not have him in the game with the first roster.
# 3 Rockafella2x @ 10/04/12 02:43 PM
as is tradition
# 4 OhioBobcats @ 10/04/12 02:44 PM
What a shocker!
# 5 Pared @ 10/04/12 02:45 PM
People wanted more communication from 2k - there it is!
# 6 TheNaturalMVP @ 10/04/12 02:45 PM
I'm surprised there isn't more "I told you so" posts yet. lol

I do wish that we could have gotten the roster update this weekend but if it really is to keep making sure online is good then I have no problem waiting.
# 7 supermati @ 10/04/12 02:48 PM
2K Roster updates being 2K roster updates.
# 8 kjjnesb @ 10/04/12 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by supermati
2K Roster updates being 2K roster updates.
Yep business as usual lol
# 9 morningstar777 @ 10/04/12 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by NBA2KINSIDER

The 1st roster update has been pushed back until next week due to the team focusing on optimizing your online experience.
Sure. We'll see about that.
# 10 QKnick @ 10/04/12 03:22 PM
optimizing your online experience.

No, No, NO!

I hope this is a joke? That patch better be bursting at the seams with more content. Online? Yeah, okay!
# 11 GTRx Assassin @ 10/04/12 03:36 PM
What is this, NBA live?

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# 12 JasonMartin @ 10/04/12 03:46 PM
I knew this would happen. What else can we expect from 2K?

They never keep their word. Big announcements weren't big, modes were improved which actually aren't (myplayer/Association). The only thing good about this game is the gameplay.
# 13 zach6007 @ 10/04/12 03:53 PM
What other additions do we expect to see other than a couple players being added to teams with this new update?
# 14 Joobieo @ 10/04/12 04:00 PM
Rather have the update done properly than pushed out fast and sloppy .
# 15 qnzballa5 @ 10/04/12 04:03 PM
Pared is right, least they responded to us finally. We should all know 2k by now..

Hopefully with this update it tones down the 3pt success rate Online,steals, fullcourt cherrypicking passes, put more blocking fouls for when players force you out. Would be nice to save Playbooks for rank and unrank games. Frustrating having to put plays every rank and unrank game then my timer almost runs out every game.

I mention Online since the2kinsider said the reason y is because of Online..
# 16 Spaced Ace @ 10/04/12 04:17 PM
Can we get some online lobbies, please? At least unranked lobbies? It's been four years. What a joke.
# 17 Jakeness23 @ 10/04/12 04:20 PM
Any ETA on a possible art update release? Definitely need one of those...
# 18 RocketTMac1 @ 10/04/12 04:26 PM
The shocking thing is that people are shocked about this
# 19 mike33 @ 10/04/12 04:46 PM
Is there any word on what this roster update/patch will actually include?

Is it just free agents/roster changes or are they actually changing parts of how the game plays?
# 20 eaterofworlds888 @ 10/04/12 04:57 PM
kinda stinks. I really would like to start on an association and I don't want to until they update the rosters. Particularly with the 2nd rounders.
But as said before, better late and neat than quick and sloppy

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