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Zach here from 2K. We have a great dunker coming in next week who can do just about anything. If you have dunks you're dying to see in NBA 2K14 please post them. Obviously video reference is a plus.

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# 1 Da_Czar @ 01/18/13 11:40 PM
Originally Posted by Choops4Life
Zach here from 2K. We have a great dunker coming in next week who can do just about anything. If you have dunks you're dying to see in 2K14 please post them. Obviously video reference is a plus.
Have him touch up the Da_Czar package if you would please. LOL I could use a nice sim 2 hand reverse
# 2 beast10 @ 01/18/13 11:45 PM
Nothing un-realistic to the extreme whould be cool.
Russell Westbrook sig dunk was the only thing I really wanted and that was implemented in 2k13
# 3 wrestlinggod1 @ 01/19/13 12:11 AM
I don't know if dunks are the only thing he can do, but it would be nice to see those twisting layups that Lebron has been frequently doing. Here are the most recent instances.
Watch at :45 and 1:55
# 4 noah1212 @ 01/19/13 12:15 AM
I would die if you guys put the dunk contest 2000 vince carter dunk in the game. You know, THE DUNK.


Also, michael jordan being able to take off from the free throw line when he is on a break away with no one to the side or in front would be cool.
# 5 noah1212 @ 01/19/13 12:19 AM
Also, this may be a bit much, but please, please let us play exhibition on old school courts and allow us to pull down the baskets once in a rare moon (like, only players with like 99 dunk and 99 strength)

new type of alley oop?

# 6 Optik @ 01/19/13 12:44 AM
Terrence Ross dunk package please. Basically, you've got to get the dunker to move his legs in the air like he's doing the long jump.

Also, allow us to be able to do an up-and-under fake with Blake Griffin and then slam it immediately.
# 7 Slava Medvadenko @ 01/19/13 12:49 AM
To me, Blake Griffin's dunks in the game don't really feel like Blake Griffin's dunks. His specialty dunks should be more explosive, more reckless. He also sometimes hangs on the rim long enough to be a borderline T. There were some contact dunk animations in 2k12 that seemed more like his contact dunks, as well.

I'd also like to see some more contact dunk animations that could turn into layups. I'd like to see them shift into layups when met with a good amount of resistance late in their animation cycle.

It may be a bit much to program, but I've always wanted to see a double oop in the game, a Wade/Lebron specialty. Of course, if it was in the game it should be very hard to pull off.
# 8 VDusen04 @ 01/19/13 02:02 AM
I think J.R. Smith has a specific style worth reflecting in 2K. Namely, he tends to jump off his right foot and dunk with his right hand (in contrast to most people jumping off their left foot for a righty jam. It makes Smith's dunks appear very unique.


Right foot, right hand alley oop example:

And Slava above me is right. Blake's been almost over-hanging on a lot of his two-hand dunks this year, allowing his full body to dangle before dropping a very short distance to the ground. I think it'd be nice to have some of those included in 2K:

I think I saw one of these types of animations in 2K before, but maybe once in all my playing the last two years. I think the "throw-in's" should receive some slight attention, because they're beginning to spread a little bit. Dwight Howard pulled it off in the dunk contest, Kevin Durant on Brendan Haywood, Blake Griffin on Perkins and Mozgov, and most recently Gerald Henderson:

I'd also really like to see more big man dropstep dunks where they pull the rim for a second on a one-hand slam. 2K has one-handers that break away the rim, but not really any one hand big man dunks with actual subtle brief grabs or pulls. Example:

I'd also like to see more two-hand, one-foot dunk animations. Some in 2K13 are very good, but they seem limited. There's one in particular that seems to happen very, very frequently and it also seems to trigger the Sprite replay. Many NBA players perform generic two-hand dunks off one foot with no-hang, so it'd be nice to see more versatility there. An example:

I think Gerald Green (and vintage Vince Carter) should have their windmill alley-oop represented in 2K:

# 9 24 @ 01/19/13 02:13 AM

Would love to see you refine some of Jordan's dunks Plenty of footage in those two video's. One of my personal favorites is in the 1st one around the minute mark.

As couple mentioned before that ridiculous dunk by VC in the 2000 contest (then again all of his throwdowns were insane)

The Double Clutch and the "No Regard for Human Life" are also two of my favorites.
# 10 VDusen04 @ 01/19/13 02:26 AM
If this motion capture idea is for us to think beyond the routine in this specific case, I'd request a true one-handed rock the cradle dunk. Right now, in 2K, there's a cradle, but I think it ends with a two-hand finish (not to be confused with a low-rising cradled dunk option). I'd like to see this, either for an MJ package or if I wanted to spice up JaVale a little bit:

A super full windmill:

For a "classic star" package?

I also think there should be dunks that represent players who can palm a ball without the need for a two-hand gather, maybe one for big men and one for guards.

Ex 1:

Ex 2:

Also, to go back to normal jams for a minute, it'd be nice to see some small guy alley-oop animations:

And maybe some sharper reverses, perhaps for non-breakaway situations:

Perhaps more two-hand hangs off one foot:

Finally, as a Vince Carter fan, I request his tomahawk signature, still live and active:

And if there's any chance of a classic Vince popping up at some point, I'd recommend peeking at VC's entire catalog.

Oh, one more. One hand hangs with authority:

# 11 Rondo is GOD @ 01/19/13 02:44 AM
I would absolutely love to see a reckless abandonment style dunk package. Similar to Russel Westbrook and Derrick Rose's style. They move extremely easy in the air when coming into contact with bigger defenders but they always seem to get the dunk. Obviously it would be awesome to get some more of Blake Griffin's mind boggling dunks in but I feel like you'd see them too often.

But, these things are all best case scenarios for me. I really love all the dunk packages that you guys have put into 2K13. For that I applaud you guys. For you guys to even make a topic asking us what we what? Even more respect. You guys rock.
# 12 daveberg @ 01/19/13 04:54 AM
Polish Jordan's dunk package - tons of examples in my video below. Also, give him two different packages - one for young/vintage MJ, and one for the second 3peat MJ.

# 13 mango_prom @ 01/19/13 05:18 AM
Originally Posted by Choops4Life
Zach here from 2K. We have a great dunker coming in next week who can do just about anything. If you have dunks you're dying to see in 2K14 please post them. Obviously video reference is a plus.
First of all, pretty cool that you're involving the community in this!

1) I feel that there are enough flashy spectacular dunks already in the game. What I'd like to see is more variety in basic things, for example slight variations of gathering or arm postition on rim grazer dunks instead of guards catching the ball and taking 3-4 steps before dunking it.
So basically more variety on basic dunks.
The same with alley-oops. The current animations are pretty over the top, would be nice to get a solid package of simple dunks for that.

2) While it is nice to expand dunk animations, I think it's important to implement a better collision logic for the existing dunk packages. 2k11 was amazing in this regard. So adding content is great, but the game should handle the current features properly before that.

3) Don't want to annoy you, but since there's a dev on here...please don't focus on flashy dunks and presentation for 2k14, but also try to fix fundamental issues like the broken CPU-touches/playcalling logic (for years now, run CPU vs CPU and you'll see the game doesn't use even half the plays and in season/assoc touches don't matter at all ). I'm paying money every year for this game since the first 2k back on Dreamcast, and some things sadly never get fixed. Would be nice to see more focus on this instead.
Let us finally decide how the AI calls plays, that's how it's been advertised since introducing touches and 50 playbook slots. I've been buying 2k mainly for these offline features and feel kinda ripped off by advertising features that are not even working.

4) I assume you'll add a lot of dunks for 2k14, what I like to see is a difference between arcade/sim dunking. So if you add some more over the top stuff if people request it, an option to turn the NBA Jam stuff on/of would be great. So there are maybe a lot of Clippers fans who'd like hundreds of new Dunks for Griffin and that's fine. But please at least give us an option to turn off the arcade dunkfest if we want to. He's not the only 20/10 PF in the league, so I'd love to see the same focus on players that put up their numbers without flash and athleticism. David Lee should get the same attention as high-flying Blake.

But it's really nice that you're actually talking to the community, not many companies do that.
# 14 Slava Medvadenko @ 01/19/13 06:15 AM
A DeAndre Jordan dunk package would be a good addition. He tends to quick jump off the floor, really extend his arms, and exaggerate his follow through.

Come to think of it, I think some general quick jump standing dunks would be good to have in the game. The kind of dunks that big men do who aren't trying to be fancy, but just want to get it in before the D comes. Duncan and Pau Gasol come to mind. Some of the standing dunks in the game are a bit slow.
# 15 8KB24 @ 01/19/13 06:56 AM
It would be nice to have more dunks for little guys who barely get to the rim but they put a little tomahawk in it..


All of the Teagues dunks in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YGXPyb-FL0

And please put some animations(don't even care if it's canimation) to block the dunk.
# 16 briggm @ 01/19/13 08:29 AM
How about some of Steve Nash's more memorable dunks? Like when he 360 alley-ooped over Lebron. Or when he threw it down so hard that he tore the rim and backboard off its frame, sent Shaq flying into the 6th row and then turned to the TV cameras and yelled, "ARRRRGGHHHH, COME GET SOME!"
# 17 22cedric @ 01/19/13 09:05 AM
Have signature dunks that are realistic & fluid.

Derrick Rose Top 10 Career Dunks


Derrick Rose's Top 5 Dunks

# 18 PJBrownHeat @ 01/19/13 09:34 AM
it was in 2k11 but i have ever seen that in NBA 2k12 and this year in NBA 2k13, the head of Jordan over the ring!!


About Lay up, if you could change Special Jordan Lay up because i have always done those 2 lay up since 3 years!!

for the second lay up, i have never seen Jordan did this one (maybe an actual player but not Jordan maybe im' wrong)

and for the Jordan package dunk, make 2, one for 1996 and one for 1990.

I add when i dunk with Jordan i see Wade, Lebron or Kobe dunking but not Jordan and the worst is a dunk of Iverson has been insert in Jordan dunk. i have certainly a replay to show you.

I noticed that Karl Malone dunk is mix with another big dunk (ball between the legs or 360 i don't remember), you could separate it!!

Sometimes Jordan dunks like Oneal too, a one hand dunk under the basket.
# 19 ProtatoPie @ 01/19/13 09:42 AM
Vintage Jordan dunks. Like one of his best dunks ever.
# 20 The 24th Letter @ 01/19/13 09:48 AM
I'll look up some dunk vids.....

Hey, If you guys could motion capture some blocks that'd be great too!

Thanks for reaching out to the community...

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