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Day 1: Witness the Effort

With E3 only two weeks away, EA Sports has started teasing gameplay features for EA Sports UFC. For eight days in a row (the campaign actually started yesterday) EA Sports will release an image teasing a gameplay feature. We'll update this post as they are released. Want to take a crack at it?

Day 2: One perfect _____ could change the fight

Day 3: One good shot can ruin your day

Day 4: Reinvent the ground game

Day 5: Smarter Opponents. Tougher Fight.

Day 6: No more plastic action figures.

Day 7: Every step counts. Every movement matters.

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Member Comments
# 1 scottyo60 @ 05/28/13 05:24 PM
#1 could be a double KO?
# 2 Dave Pearson @ 05/28/13 05:51 PM
1) Guessing some kind of regenerating gas tank when there is a really close fight.

2) Probably something to do with accrued damage. A big leg kick to an opponent can render your opponent's targeted leg weaker, or a huge knockdown shot can drain stamina/power
# 3 CFTejada @ 05/28/13 07:49 PM
1) Boxing

2) Defense
# 4 Majingir @ 05/29/13 12:13 AM
#1...Both sides could hit each other at same time

#2...You can do flying knees and stuff
# 5 JoeMimic @ 05/29/13 08:20 AM
#1 Some kind of greatest fight scoring.
#2 Urijah Faber title shot mode.

Seriously though #2 some sort of dynamic striking feature.
# 6 JoeMimic @ 05/29/13 09:02 AM
I guess since it's supposed to gameplay features the greatest fight scoring wouldn't work there. Although I think that should be in the game. So for #1 I'll say some sort of in close fighting feature.
# 7 Phobia @ 05/29/13 01:16 PM
1) Total control punching
2) One strike can change the fight
# 8 Steve_OS @ 05/29/13 05:18 PM
Updated with Day 3 teaser image.
# 9 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/29/13 05:35 PM
Day 3 must be more cut animations and more doctor stoppages. Which is a good thing. Undisputed 3 people healed way too much from facial damage in between rounds. Hell I never even had a doctor stoppage happen and only seen the doctor enter the ring maybe twice out of 560 fights..
# 10 redsrule @ 05/29/13 06:05 PM
I saw them, but I hated how scripted they were. You had to have to the fight stopped twice for the doctor to look at you to get a doctor's stoppage, which was unbelievably unrealistic.
# 11 LBzrule @ 05/29/13 07:01 PM
Day 3 Blood and Fatigue.
# 12 Steve_OS @ 05/30/13 03:24 PM
Day 4 is up.
# 13 LingeringRegime @ 05/30/13 03:54 PM

New implementation for submissions/grappling.
# 14 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/30/13 04:00 PM
That looks like a new submission move they never had in the game before, so maybe new submissions ?
# 15 Steve_OS @ 05/31/13 04:54 PM
Day 5 is up in the OP.
# 16 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/01/13 02:26 AM
I hope it is adaptive AI that learn your fight style the more you play the game. Like a profile VIP system that records and stores all your fight data and learns how many punches, kicks, etc you average during a fight, how often you circle, are you an aggressive one trick pony or methodical striker. That would be awesome.

If it is just some button reading BS that was Ultimate difficulty level with a reversal orgy that was Undisputed 3, I would be highly disappointed.
# 17 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/01/13 06:26 PM
Day 6 is up.

hope this implies physics and strikes having more weight to them.
# 18 Steve_OS @ 06/02/13 09:49 PM
Day 7 is up.
# 19 LingeringRegime @ 06/03/13 06:15 AM

E3 can't come soon enough.

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