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Xbox360Achievements have posted an interview with Forza Motorsport 5 Game Director Dan Greenawalt, as he talks about the pressure of launching a racing game with a new console, Drivatar (cloud-powered opponents), customization and more.

Did you set up a complex pass? [Did you] bank right, dive left? How did you actually set that up? We log all of that and the system doesn't actually need to know anything about it. For example, there's a car in front of me, I'm following up behind him more or less straight away, and it hits its brakes. Well, in race craft we call that 'check braking'. The system doesn't need to know that, the system just needs to see that say of a million people, 300,000 did it and now it learns, 'hey, there's this thing that people do and here's where they tend to do it. These tracks, these cars, and all the other cars are in these positions or not, and they do it against their friends or not against their friends, and it generalises and learns these parameters.

Now every Drivatar can't necessarily do that, so you have to then train your Drivatar to do it. So, it's an ever-evolving system, it's learning race craft. Now it already knows a lot of race craft right now because we've got a lot of people on our team and we're not bad racers, we're racing all the time, and we're also pulling in people all the time to further train it. You just have to imagine millions of people racing for hours every night, and how the system just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and starts learning more and more things, so basically the game at launch is going to be a different game a month later.

Where the rubber meets the road though is the difference in racing. Back at the studio I saw three cars go cleanly three abreast through a [corner]. AI doesn't do that. Show me a game where you've seen cars go three abreast through a corner. It's super rare.

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