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Check out the latest FIFA 14 next-gen gameplay videos from PatrickHDxGaming, featuring a closer look at the stadiums, atmosphere and fans, as well as gameplay between Manchester United and Arsenal.

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FIFA Soccer 14 Videos
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# 1 deejay2 @ 11/11/13 08:51 AM
EA sux...they get new console but graphic in this game is still almost the same than in current generation. Little improved. They want to do soccer games for the next 50 years that's why they improve games so slow.
# 2 HenryClay1844 @ 11/11/13 09:19 AM
Dude, have you seen the game yourself on a next gen, not youtube. It's not even close. So tired of internet whining.
# 3 deejay2 @ 11/11/13 09:59 AM
I am expecting graphics like on Nba 2k14 next gen! Now they have so strong hardware that they could do almost photorealistic graphics. But they don't want that. They want to improve it veeery slowly. I am pissed off! I taught that next gen console will give us a big step in Fifa but this step is very little. EA sux... Look Nhl 14...game is almost identical than Nhl 13. How can I not be angry on EA? It is ridiculous what they did in Nhl 14 and people still buy that.
# 4 willyfantastic @ 11/11/13 12:22 PM
underwhelming so far - crowds look ****, look at the final video of real madrid, those piece of plastics the fans hold up? they are just floating......

all they have done is add in some 3d modelling of the outside of the stadiums, which is nice, but they had that in madden on ps3.....

the player models dont look great, again watching players come out and line up, they glide into position, not realistic at all, i thought they were introducing proper feet-planting, maybe it only works in gameplay?
# 5 hawley088 @ 11/11/13 04:37 PM
wow the players look 100% like current gen, I am expecting the same from madden as well
# 6 SinisterAlex @ 11/11/13 04:40 PM
I never got current gen FIFA 14. I stopped myself even though I wanted too. This looks so good to me personally and will be a day one purchase.
# 7 CarryTheWeight @ 11/11/13 04:49 PM
I personally think the crowds, replays, and graphics look great overall. I already bought a copy for PS4 and am looking forward to playing the full version, though I think it could have been a lot better.

2014 World Cup and FIFA 15 need to improve from this point, however. Just because I decided to purchase the game at launch doesn't mean I'll be supporting the series as much from this point onward if they decide to rest on their laurels (even moreso with Madden).
# 8 statum71 @ 11/11/13 09:33 PM
I hate they had to talk through the whole darn thing. >

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