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GamesHQMedia has posted another FIFA 15 gameplay video, this one features Liverpool vs. Manchester City at Anfield. One of the Producers also talks quite a bit over the game with even more details.

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# 1 ZO @ 08/22/14 10:44 AM
I think you or someone already posted this? I've seen this before, on here.

Anyways, this one shows off the new cpu AI the best. Where ManC makes a formation and tactics change and takes over the game. This video got my hype meeter to 11.
# 2 redskinst21 @ 08/22/14 11:16 AM
There is a ton to like in this video. ive been waiting years for a new team management menu and the one they implemented goes above my expectations. Cant wait to get my milan career mode going and actually implement youth instead of buying old crap players (ya im talking to you galliani!!!)
# 3 LionsFanNJ @ 08/22/14 11:52 AM
This looks real good. I still wish Creation Center was available for the new systems

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# 4 scottyp180 @ 08/22/14 12:14 PM
The game is looking good. A nice improvement over last year. However, and I am usually not one to complain, but the frame rate for the video takes away from the quality of the overall presentation. Youtube needs to step up and start running videos in 60fps instead of 30. It is fine for normal videos but it takes something away when watching videos for videogames.
# 5 bxphenom7 @ 08/22/14 12:41 PM
Looks the same to me. I like the GK. But seems like only the graphics changed, which are awesome. This year was more a presentation year I guess. Also feels robotic, especially when play stops.
# 6 squadron supreme @ 08/22/14 01:44 PM
I like what I saw from the cpu. Over dribbled at times but used skilled dribblers to get out of trouble and move the ball. The other two plays were by Zabeleta. He tracked the run of the attacker stayed close to him on his hip and was able to head the ball away. Plus the one where he picked up a foul by going for a ball that could have continued a Liverpool break. If defenders are going to be that aware and aggressive I'll put my pre-order down right now.
# 7 NexusVI Roy @ 08/22/14 01:54 PM
Player movements and turns feel better than FIFA 14, but gameplay feels the same and game pace too quick.
# 8 McG @ 08/22/14 02:10 PM
I saw this video over a week ago. I thought it was stupid (glitch) that the CB kept running up and playing as a second striker. I think that had something to do with the connect being on, he may have said something that triggered the "CB joins attack" or he may have hit the D-pad and triggered it. The game looks great, not a huge improvement, but I love FIFA so I think it looks cool. I hate that the DEV said that UT was their most important mode. I wish they would stop spending so much time developing that arcade mode and spend some real time on Manage mode or Clubs. Finally, I really hope they don't limit us to 6 hours on the EA Access version of this game, FIFA is the only reason I have EA Access, so hopefully the learned from the Madden fiasco, but I doubt it. Can't wait for the game regardless, I buy it every year.
# 9 Joman66 @ 08/22/14 02:23 PM
Cool Highlights package and a replay of a slide that gave the other team a corner.. This game is amazing.
# 10 mfp @ 08/22/14 04:29 PM
The AI looks improved but not enough. The game is still too open and fast paced, while what should be difficult passes look to be still too easy to pull off.

It's a shame that I have no faith in Konami to pull off a polished final product 'cause PES 15 gameplay vids look so much better, football-wise at least.
# 11 hunterdawgs10 @ 08/26/14 05:37 AM
I liked when Joe Hart came off his line to defend the chipped through ball. Normally the keeper would just sit there and allow the pass to be completed

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