Just got the new PSM with football reviews

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Re: Just got the new PSM with football reviews

Yea, In all honesty I did'nt know what they hell Mario running is. Now that I know, thats a small gripe. But as for suction blocking, does'nt bother me at all. I know 2K3 has way way way way better O Line, D Line animations but as long as it gets me some yards through the holes I'm not complaining. I sorta did wish they fix it up tho but as long as it does'nt harm the gameplay I'm cool.
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Re: Just got the new PSM with football reviews

Honestly, I'm kind of new here on operation sports...but is every review gonna be this heated? I mean this is only PSM, I shudder to think what its gonna be like when more reputable reviewers such as gamespot and others review the football games this year. I think we are all taking way to much into these reviews and the whole ESPN vs. Madden arguement.

No reason to take it all personal. They are just football games...and if its one thing we agree? We all love football. It is just opinions...almost all of this is subjective.
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Re: Just got the new PSM with football reviews

I think it's mainly because things have been kind of slow lately. These reviews mark the beginning of (pro) football gaming season.

That, and the fact that we like to debate and are all blatant [censored you naughty boy].
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Re: Just got the new PSM with football reviews

I think a few of you here are misunderstanding each other. They aren't saying you have no knowledge of football or even less knowledge of it. They're trying to say that you have to use more of your vast football knowledge to be successful in the 2K/ESPN series.

Now you can take it anyway you want it but until you actually play 2K3 enough (until ESPN is released) you'll always get upset at people blasting Madden for being easier. Now the thing that's killing 2K is that if you don't have a clue about football you will lose and most new or young Madden fans won't like 2K/ESPN because of their very limited knowledge of football. VC needs these young people to sell the amount of copies needed to be successful. With ESPN VC is trying everything except changing the core gameplay and AI to get these people to give ESPN a try. VC is hoping by making it easier or more familiar to navigate it will help and the only thing these new people really have to do is learn the gameplay mechanics (which you can now learn in the new tutorial mode in ESPN).

The thing about Madden/NCAA getting a 10 and ESPN getting a 9 is very misleading. If ESPN is regarded as the chioce for hardcore football fans by this reviewer shouldn't have ESPN gotten the 10? I'd rather of seen Madden/NCAA get 9s and ESPN an 8. Because a 10 to a lot of people mean it's a perfect game when we all know it's not. That score alone will get more people to buy Madden. Why buy a game with a 9 score when you can pick up a game with a perfect 10?
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Re: Just got the new PSM with football reviews

I totally agree with your post. To give Madden/Ncaa a perfect 10 score will truly be misleading because believe it or not alot of maddenites will gloat that Madden is perfect. We hardcore all know that no videogame can be perfect because humans develop them. EGM on the other hand doesn't even talk about the issues of gameplay, presentation, etc. that truly make up a game, but puts ESPN in Madden's shadow & only says that Madden's Franchise is deeper. Well Madden's OL/DL reaction sucks & 2k's doesn't so where are the points taken off from Madden's lack of animations. Do you kinda get the point I'm trying to make? These reviewers are showing their ignorance when it comes to reviewing sports games for the football buying public.

If I trust any sports game reviews this year it will come from OS, FBG, etc. because they are dedicated to sports games & not entitled to sway scores because of advertising dollars.
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