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Icon2 Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Let's get started early so that they can take our ideas into consideration instead of giving ideas when they've already been working on it for a few months.

What are your top 5 most pressing needs for franchise to become an enjoyable experience? I'll give mine.

1) Gameplay related - Ratings need to really, truly matter, and you need to feel the difference in ratings. Even two 80 overall players should feel different depending on their individual statistics. This is key to team building, because if there's barely a difference between my All-Pro and my third string, what's the point?

2) Progression overhaul - XP is garbage. The bandaid they put onto it this year is not nearly enough, and a waste of time in my book. Rip the scab off and go to chaotic weighted progression already.

3) CPU AI - CPU teams need to make interesting and logical decisions, enough said. Progression overhaul will help this area to bring more diversity to offseason choices.

4) Presentation, presentation, presentation - Make the games feel more connected, make them feel meaningful, give the immersion that a franchise needs to feel like a franchise.

5) Coaching uniqueness - Also gameplay related. Make coaches feel unique, do they stick to their scheme, do they adapt to their team, etc.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1. Adaptive AI. I would like for the game to simulate a scouting report. So that if a user runs the same plays a lot early in a season by the end of the season the CPU is looking for that play and more prepared to stop it.

2. Randomized progression. I want to see drafted players that have huge boom or bust potential. I would like to see random players show up at the beginning of the year out of shape and lower rated than previous years.

3. Hidden gems. I would like there to be training camp surprises. Especially with rookies. Guys that just get a huge boost out of nowhere or turned out to be better than anticipated.

4. Scheme experience. I want there to be a sort of scheme rating for players. If a player plays in a scheme they are unfamiliar with I would like them to take a ratings hit based on being in a new scheme, especially in awareness.

5. Veteran Importance. As is now it only makes sense to trade players before they hit 30 and start to decline. I wish there was some sort of badges or level of importance played upon having veterans on the team. It can be in the form of the team being more disciplined overall and committing less penalties. It can be in the form of the game making it much more difficult to build up awareness. It could be in the form of a ratings boost for the team. I personally would like it to cause a progression bonus for younger players with the thinking that the veterans teach the younger players how to be a pro.

6. Player happiness. I would like to see player happiness matter more. I would like to see them steal the idea of player roles. So if you sign a guy to be a star of the offense his ratings take a hit if he's not being featured enough. Or if the team signs someone at the same position or if there are too many of the same position on the same team then their ratings suffer. If a player is unhappy about their contract have their ratings dip. On the flip side would like to see other players get a boost if they become more featured. Happens a lot in the real NFL where a team has no idea how good a player is until they put them in a featured role.

Overall just really wanting things to be less predictable as in the NFL even the most prepared teams having wrenches thrown into their seasons.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1) Coaching Carousel - The Player/Coach/GM starting point for a franchise is incredibly stale, with the ability to start at your dream job/ favorite team. Adding an OC/DC dynamic (similar to NCAA 14) where you have to grind your way to the dream head coaching job all while building up a skill tree that actually feels like it means something. This would be scrapping the 3 option skill tree coaches have now (Training XP Boosts, FA Boosts, Contract Neg. Boosts) and expand it into in-depth positional scouting, player attribute boosts (aka become a training specialist), and building on the scheme dynamic from Madden 19. Very easy to flesh out a coaching carousel, and to the report that Madden hasn't added OC/DC's because of no contract with the OC/DC union IRL, just make generic coaches like they've done/did with Belichick/Payton. Authenticity should have no bearing over adding this feature.

2) Scouting - Again in Madden 19 we've got a carbon copy of the scouting mechanic for what, 3-4 years now? Spam scouting points, unlock 3 attributes and wait for the combine numbers to cheese the system. Make scouting more risk/reward on what positions you decided to scout v/s ignore. More in-depth scouting reports (and not just lazy news stories that tell you what players get a Superstar Dev trait). Add the dynamic of finding gems ala NCAA 14. There are lots of features that can be added but in general, scouting needs a much-needed overhaul.

3) Draft Class Editor RANDOMIZER - Yeah, I don't want to spend 10+ hours making a draft class for me to just know everyone's overalls when I start the scouting process. There is a way to keep the elite players elite while still throwing a wrench into things and jumbling the players in the mid/late rounds.

4) Relocation Teams [Facelift] - Similar to the OC/DC we got word from Madden dev's that essentially the contract with the NFL limits their ability to add more relocation cities but I'm skeptical that affects their ability to modify the currently approved relo cities. The same jerseys/logos/color combos for the last few games makes it incredibly uninspiring to want to relocate a team in CFM because it's been the same every year for a while now. If we can get new cities, give us new teams....if we can't get new teams at MINIMUM to give us new jerseys and color schemes.

5) Build on the Scheme/Archetype dynamic - I'm actually a fan of the new system and I think it's a good building block going forward. More schemes, more archetypes, coaches having more influence on growing players within their scheme, improved weekly training, trade finder to find ONLY scheme specific players, etc.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Draft Class Editor
Website based like Team-Builder for NCAA 14. Also to allow you to write storylines for a few of the prospects.

Coaching Carousel
HC, OC, DC and position coaches (with position bonuses).

Team Chemistry
Chemistry between teammates at certain positions. QB-WR, DT-DE, S-CB.
High chemistry would allow the player to play to his true rating. NO rating bonuses, just penalties for low chemistry between players. Chemistry can increase based on amount of games played together or by a Chemistry rating that increases yearly based on years of experience in the league and awareness.

Tie Between Physical Attribute and Ratings

Save the last 9 points of an attribute rating to be assigned based on Physical attributes. 6'-5" WRs can reach 99 Jumping, 5'-9" WRs are capped at 90 Jumping.

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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M

This is for the top of my head for what I would want. No specific order.

1. Re-tool FA and in season contracts. Free Agency should not be a quick ďbuyĒ. It can be potentially, but it should be a negotiation process. We should also be able to renegotiate contracts to varying degree and perhaps even star players should ask to renegotiate, I canít say they should go as far as a player actually sitting out if they donít get a reworked contract, but it could definitely have a negative consequence in the chances of them re-signing.

2. Specific coaches (already mentioned). We should have OCs and DCs. If you want to fire your coach or not re-sign and bump the OC up, thatís impossible right now.

3. Trades need to be allow far more on the table (the 3 limit is a joke).

4. This may seem small/silly but as I said, these are off the top of my head. Bring the damn pro bowl back as playable.

5. Scouting needs a potential overhaul (IMO is should have more vague ratings and an interview feature like in Front Office Football where you get a feel for how the player is) and the scouting board should always be available. Not starting until WK 3 and then being unable to see it during parts of the season/offseason is ridiculous. Scouting is a year round deal.

Those are a quick 5 that would make me happy, but it certainly isnít the least. I came back to Madden a few years ago, and it is disappointing to see such dedication to MUT (money maker) and not much to CFM. I understand itís not as much quick cash, but CFM actually getting improvements that help would be amazing.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1) CPU Roster building logic - Why are the Cowboys, Saints and Chiefs in a bidding war for Leveon Bell? Why are the Bills, Ravens and Jets Drafting Qbs in the first round after the first season? Cpu Drafting, Free Agency, Progression logics needs heavy attention.

2) Expanding on Scheme Fits - Positions like RB & WR need an extra archetype that fits that scheme. No team has 3 Power backs and all Possession receivers on their 53 man roster.

3) Custom Draft Classes - This can be fleshed out much more. Edited Rookie names need to be said by the commentators to create more immersion. Also instead of being able to see the ratings when editing the class, how about using a letter grade system that would randomize their ratings with A= Elite to D=Poor.

4) Coordinators and Trainers - With the introduction of Schemes now its the perfect time to bring back Coordinators, allowing them to influence what off and def schemes we decide to run. Since there isnt a way to increase Stamina Injury and Toughness now hiring Trainers can a boost ratings for being on our staff depending on their level, something like World Class +3, Good +2, or Average +1

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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

The previous posts cover my wish list for the most part. To avoid redundancy I'll just focus on one item.

#1-5) Presentation!!!! I want CFM to be a living world. Right now it's just a set of repetitive tasks with some news stories sprinkled in. I'd love it if CFM would incorporate all of the happenings and overall drama of the league into a presentation system that brings the news to the player. For the record, I strongly believe that a highlight show is NOT the solution, but more on that later.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Iíd like an offline franchise to be set up like 2k has theirs. If I want to play a game with a team that Iím not controlling in an OFFLINE franchise I should still be able to go do that and adjust things like injuries without having to take an hour to set up custom control of all 32 teams.
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