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Today is unofficially Top Spin 3 day at OS. Later today we'll be posting our review along with our first strategy guide for the game.

To kick things off we have some Top Spin 3 prizes to give away.

First Prize (1 winner)
  • Top Spin track jacket
  • Top Spin 3 Game (system of their choice)
  • 2K library of games (MLB, NBA, Don King system of their choice)

Runners Up (2 Winners)
  • Top Spin 3 Game (system of their choice)

How To Enter: Reply to this news post and tell us in 100 words of less why you deserve to win this prize. The best answers will be chosen by a select panel of OS Staff members as the winners. Good luck!

Competition closes: Midnight EST, July 31st, 2008. It is unfortunately only open to US residents.

Game: Top Spin 3Reader Score: 7.5/10 - Vote Now
Platform: NDS / PS3 / Xbox 360Votes for game: 10 - View All
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Member Comments
# 1 JIMIHEMMY @ 07/03/08 02:38 PM
Why do I deserve to win this game?

Well, I could bore you and try to ellicit some sympathy by saying that I have never won an contest on the internet (which is the truth). Or I could ask for pity for volunteering to coach Little League this year (which was interesting).

But I'll just get to the point. I deserve to win because I have not bought a tennis game in ages and the only way I would get back into it is if i got a copy free.

No need to lie, just thought I would be honest about it.
# 2 Scott @ 07/03/08 02:41 PM
I'll give it a try. I've been a dedicated members of this site since July of 2002, almost been here for 6 years now. Played tennis all through Jr High & High School. Would love a free copy
# 3 LincSink @ 07/03/08 02:46 PM
I don't play tennis, but I enjoy watching it and playing tennis videogames. Last summer I saw Top Spin 2 for only $20 and excitedly bought it. The game however seemed too simple and lacked the timing and footwork that real tennis does. I was disappointed and sold it. Then I played the Top Spin 3 demo and loved the timing based controls and improved physics. However, at $60 I am still not over my disappointment in TS2 and don't want to shell out $60 for a game that could be great or more of the same, I just can't.
# 4 sipe1981 @ 07/03/08 02:56 PM
Well I will make it short and sweet, I am a little skeptical, since being burned by an EA give away, that had me thinking I had won an edition of NASCAR 05 and then never sent it, never responded to emails, or anything.

So I stand before you a loser from previous contests, and needing a boost to my contest entering image.

PLEEEESE tell me I have won. Or at least don't do what EA did to me....and I appologize, this was neither short....or sweet.
# 5 ChaseB @ 07/03/08 03:04 PM
Ha by the time the contest is over people won't even remember they entered!
# 6 mgoblue @ 07/03/08 03:08 PM
I'm not necessarily sure I deserve it more than anyone else (I have it for PS3, interested in Wii version) so just do it for the ladies at the Paseo Racquet Center, so they may be graced with my presence while rocking the Exclusive Track Jacket. I am just one man, yet with the jacket I could fill the dreams of tens, even hundreds of ladies! My top spin forehand will catch their eye while the jacket will capture their hearts. Ask yourself, do you really want to cause that amount of heartache by picking another winner?
# 7 lovesnikes @ 07/03/08 03:14 PM
people now a days are beginning to doubt 2k sports and the wonderful things they do for the gaming community. They say gameplay is great but, the graphics are sub par. I believe i deserve this prize because i am one of those few 2k fans that adores every single game they come out with. I have every 2k game made in 2007-2008 in my house right now. I am a dedicated fan going to some of their few community events...laughing, admiring the 2k sports producers that are there. I would be greatly honored to receive this prize. but regardless i am still going to buy every one of their games.
# 8 dugoutfan @ 07/03/08 03:37 PM
I am finding myself entering this contest to see if my luck will change. I am bruised from head to toe cause I was caught in 95 mph winds. Felt like a BASEBALL pitcher was throwing pitches to every inch of my body (including my head). A BASKETBALL goal went thru my windshield causing me to flee my vehicle and run about a FOOTBALL field distance to a garage. After I was released from the hospital, I went to find my one TENNIS shoe, that the storm blew off my foot, and it had blown up against the fence of the neighborhood TENNIS court. Tennis saved my shoe's life, and I want to return the favor by playing the game if I win it. I know the contest doesnt end till the end of July, but I bet my bruises will still be visible. Like I said I would love to win the game to see if my luck will change during my recovery. PS...this story is true, and I can prove it!!
# 9 ASB37 @ 07/03/08 05:08 PM
I may not post here alot but I have been actively browsing these boards since joining. I can honestly say that OS has become a major part of my internet browsing. Does this make me a deserving winner? Not really but what does is the fact that I haven't played a tennis game since Mario tennis on the N64. I was interested in it back then because Andre Agassi was half Armenian and me being 100% Armenian I was compelled to watch him play. Games are costly these days and i find myself being more and more selective as the days go on. If I were to win this contest my interest in tennis would shoot up. A few years ago a little game called Winning Eleven drew me into the sport of soccer. I feel that top spin 3 can be my next gen winning eleven. I watch occasionally the big tournaments and I know nadel and federer but that’s about it. Take a chance OS from a long time member of your community send me the game I would otherwise not be able to play and you might have yourself a new tennis fan. Either way OS you guys are awesome and I thank you for all you’ve given me from early releases of NCAA to hours of entertainment.
# 10 The GIGGAS @ 07/03/08 05:58 PM
Broke college kid. That's why.
# 11 jdubnsu @ 07/03/08 06:34 PM
Hey guys, I deserve this game because Tennis is my LIFE! I've been playing since I was 4 years old and was ranked #1 in Virginia from age 12-18. I have been nationally ranked as high as 200 and went undefeated at the number 1 singles position in high school. I am currently on a full tennis scholarship at a division 1aa school and had a 22-3 record at the number 1 singles position last season on my way to making all conference first team and conference rookie of the year! I eat sleep and breathe sports and 2k sports games, and winning this prize would be amazing for me and my team would be able to play after practice. I would also be able to play with some of my friends who are currently on the ATP Tour! This prize would be AWESOME!!!!
# 12 Radja @ 07/03/08 06:53 PM
7 months ago my sister, 37, passed away. my mother, 63, is now in a custody battle for my nephew, 10, with a father who never really took a serious interest in him. both are fighting a fight that ultimately will only hurt my nephew. i watch helplessly. i bought an xbox 360 for his visits. i am executer of her will and trustee for his trust, but even that has legal issues because my sister died too soon to finish all the paperwork. this year sucks. for those who read and doubt, i have death certificates.
# 13 ltw0303cavs @ 07/03/08 07:34 PM
Well I feel I deserve cause I actually played the sport since I was 5, I love the game and with both knees shot at the tender age of 35 lol, its really the only way I can continue to play. Love the game, love the fact it was just me one on one letting it all out, playing the demo reminded me why i got up at 5am for practice, or sweated tennis camps in indoor courts with no a/c, its a awesome game and it will give me a chance to play at least artificially again.
# 14 Rules @ 07/03/08 07:52 PM
I don't deserve it cause I cannot play tennis and I was never born with a racket in my hands
# 15 Eton Rifles @ 07/03/08 08:12 PM
I would like it for a couple of reasons. 1 I am a big sports fan and would enjoy playing Top Spin because I nevber have before. 2. I work at the International Tennis Hall of Fame and it would defiantly help show the Co-workers that I am serious about my job.
# 16 catcatch22 @ 07/03/08 08:33 PM
I used to be a huge tennis fan in the late 80's to early 90's but then lost interest and stopped watching.

I was extremely knowledgeable about the sport. Soo much so I won a call in radio contest by answering a question about tennis (I won World Series Baseball 95) on Sports Byline USA. An old national radio show that did sports coverage. If you are wondering what the question was I forgot, but the answer was Stefan Edberg.

I would really enjoy this game but I don't want to purchase it since Nadal is not on the 360 version.
# 17 duke776 @ 07/03/08 09:05 PM
  1. I don't own the games you are giving away(actually I own one)
  2. I would like to play the games you are giving away
  3. It would be a nice relief to my wallet
  4. The games would actually get played, not sold
  5. Because I spent the time to enter the contest
  6. One more, I only own 2 games for 360
# 18 jbarner14 @ 07/03/08 09:42 PM
I am only 16 and barely afford to buy games. I am an avid tennis fan and player who cannot get enough of tennis. I constantly play tennis and have been watching Wimbledon the past two weeks. This would just complete my tennis life.
# 19 MGoBlue777 @ 07/03/08 11:05 PM
Well, I deserve to win the free Top Spin 3 game simply because my daughter deserves it. Her name is Hannah and she is a wonderful 7 year old girl. She also is a budding fan of tennis. After starting lessons last summer, she fell in love with the game. I bought her the 360 version of Top Spin 2 and she truly enjoys playing the game. We also play against each other, so it gives us some fun daddy/daughter time. She would be thrilled if I was fortunate enough this updated version.
# 20 IgotSyphillis @ 07/03/08 11:13 PM
I deserve this game because my life sucks. Give me just a little glory. Yes I'm begging. This is what I've been reduced to. I have no life. I have no girl. My friends are losers just like me. My mom calls me a bum everyday. She might be right. I have syphillis. My job sucks. I make little money. My only joys in life are video games and porn. At least I can get porn for free. Not video games. I need your help. Saved By The Bell reruns can only take me so far in life. Gimme a Bone!!!!

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