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I had to make some executive decisions today on the feature as we close in towards the end here...so I thought I'd keep you guys in the loop on the changes/additions we are going to try to make. I want to be clear - none of this is done yet - but this is the 'design' so I'll update again with what we end up getting (I am hoping we get all of it).

1. Add a on/off option to the settings screens for the button masher. If it's off, the fumble is recovered through some CPU logic of which players get there first
2. Make the meter more minimalistic - take it off the field and integrate it into the ticker at the bottom of the screen
3. Add support for the meter to disappear at a specified time based on skill level. Meaning, that on All-Pro or All-Madden, the button callout will still stay on screen to show you how to fight for the fumble, but the "meter" will disappear to give more suspense. On lower skill levels, the meter can stay up the whole time.
4. Give bonuses to make sure that the first person on the ball starts out 'winning' the meter
5. Tune all the animations to make sure that the pileup only triggers in the obvious situation where multiple people dove on it at once. If you fall on it and it looks like you have possession, then you should retain possession with no fumble pileup.
6. Change the camera(s) to be much tighter and more 'broadcast'.

I think this definitely meets the needs of all parties - it can be turned off for those that don't want it, the cameras can be much cooler without the need for framing the on-field button UI, and it shouldn't feel cheap anymore.

Sound good? Again I'll update later on as we get this stuff added in.

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Member Comments
# 1 Bgamer90 @ 04/29/09 08:59 PM
Yes. This all will greatly address everyone's suggestions.

Good job .
# 2 TDogg09 @ 04/29/09 09:00 PM
Can we have the button prompts for the mashing off, but still have the ability to mash?
# 3 ghostlight85 @ 04/29/09 09:00 PM
I think it would be cool if on plays where someone dives on it, but other players are around but late to the ball, they could start in on the fight for the fumble but have the refs blow the play dead and award possession to the first guy on the ball.

All these changes sound good though. If you get all that done this should work out well.
# 4 Rashad19 @ 04/29/09 09:00 PM
Nice work Ian..you are all over this stuff!
# 5 Glorious Arc @ 04/29/09 09:01 PM
Well done

Im glad you were able to find a way to please everyone.
# 6 RGiles36 @ 04/29/09 09:02 PM
Sounds good...
# 7 lgxjames @ 04/29/09 09:02 PM
Ian deserves a raise!
# 8 icomb1ne @ 04/29/09 09:03 PM
# 9 xX CASCABEL Xx @ 04/29/09 09:03 PM
All good ideas, I like #1 the most.
# 10 BleedBlueAndRed @ 04/29/09 09:04 PM
FINALLY! lol, this was needed, I hate seeing someone dive for a fumble and people just standing there watching him like he's breakdancing. I also beleive this should be in affect during the Onside Kicks. Onside Kicks are very similar to fumble if you think about it, a bunch of guys chasing after a loose ball. I play on All-Pro and All-Madden, so I look forward to the more suspensful version of the meter, make it realistic. However, I'm the king of button mashing, so I don't expect to not win the fumble recovery often.
# 11 Captain Obvious @ 04/29/09 09:05 PM
is i tpossible to show us a small clip of a fumble pile on? and other gameplay vidoes?
# 12 johnprestonevans @ 04/29/09 09:07 PM
Sounds great man. Especially the last part about the camera being more "broadcast". I love that. Chanting...TV! TV! TV!
# 13 The Art Shell Face @ 04/29/09 09:07 PM
I love the idea of not having the possession meter on during the button mashing for harder difficulties. That makes the outcome much more suspenseful. I think it should be taken off for all-pro and up, so people won't have to use it in every online match with the meter.

But then again, if it's happening at most once a game, then I guess it's not too big of a deal.

Nice work though. These are fantastic solutions that addresses everybody's issues. My hat's off to you.
# 14 g2thecore @ 04/29/09 09:09 PM
AWESOME! We love you Ian!!!! lol

This pretty much covers it all. A win-win situation for everyone.
# 15 bowdown2shadi @ 04/29/09 09:09 PM
Where is it? Where is it?

"Ian For God!!!"

Great job dude.
# 16 Quickondastickz @ 04/29/09 09:11 PM
You da man IAN. The more customization the better.
# 17 ch46647 @ 04/29/09 09:11 PM
Ian you are the man!!!! You win this community over more and more each day! If the running animations, and locomotion are fixed you will be hard pressed to find anyone who will have a problem with this game.(Atleast on the gameplay side of things)

On a side note I am really hoping you made the crowd 100X louder and more responsive to the action on the field this year. Crowd is like 98% of immersion in NFL stadiums. Keep up the great work!!!
# 18 kehlis @ 04/29/09 09:13 PM
Awesome news.

Would make everyone happy.
# 19 Ian_Cummings @ 04/29/09 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by TDogg09
Can we have the button prompts for the mashing off, but still have the ability to mash?
Hm...how would you know what to mash? You get penalized for mashing the wrong button...that would kinda take the whole mechanic away.
# 20 SteelerSpartan @ 04/29/09 09:14 PM
Great to hear

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