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# 1 str8stuntin03 @ 09/08/10 05:03 PM
YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!
# 2 AlphaTrojan @ 09/08/10 05:03 PM
Yesssss!!! It's here at last, ha ha!!!
# 3 Toaster @ 09/08/10 05:04 PM

off to watch
# 4 mvp kobe @ 09/08/10 05:05 PM
let go 2k11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 5 jordankobewade7 @ 09/08/10 05:06 PM
# 6 ctu130 @ 09/08/10 05:06 PM
that melo contact layup was sick
# 7 wrestlinggod1 @ 09/08/10 05:06 PM
# 8 J-H!zZl3 @ 09/08/10 05:08 PM
I'm off to watch this before I get ready for school.
# 9 Mr_Riddick @ 09/08/10 05:13 PM
Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase post to youtube, thank u.
# 10 PH1LLYSFINEST13 @ 09/08/10 05:16 PM
Loved the vid...Loved what I saw. Love the new playcalling
# 11 NEW_ORLEANS @ 09/08/10 05:16 PM
Wow that vid was sick!!!
# 12 youvalss @ 09/08/10 05:17 PM
Great video Czar!

I really like the plays' numbers, make it so simple! YAY!
# 13 xPhillies08WSCx @ 09/08/10 05:17 PM
This looks amazing. You can see the difference in the player movement alot in this video. Also they got Durant's shot perfect. Great Vid Czar
# 14 HoosierDaddy @ 09/08/10 05:17 PM
Great stuff as always, Czar!
# 15 WTF @ 09/08/10 05:17 PM
Absolutely love it. I'll chime in a little later after a few more watches, but that looks awesome. Guys running the plays instead of walking them, increased spacing... CPU going from one play to another, adjusting to the shot clock. Absolutely amazing.
# 16 DakkoN @ 09/08/10 05:18 PM
Oh snap.. the last play has them wearing white on the road and the Mavs wearing colors at home.. something we've been asking for for years
# 17 SageInfinite @ 09/08/10 05:18 PM
Great great, job by my man the Czar. The game looks so deep this year man. 2k really did an amazing job this year imo from what I've seen. Much respect to my man the Czar, I appreciate the opportunity my dude!
# 18 drewbs @ 09/08/10 05:20 PM
I hope this means that the plays will actually be useful this year.

It always made me laugh how many people were like... "you need to run plays to play sim ball in 2k10!!!" Running plays in 2k10 sucked. Players moved too slowly, the player control made it too tough to get into position and it just ran down the clock without creating openings.
# 19 J-H!zZl3 @ 09/08/10 05:21 PM
Running plays this year looks light years better than 2k10. In 2k10 it was so horrible how the AI just moved so slow and the shot clock would run down. The AI actually looks like they care and run to certain spots with authenticity. The number system for the plays are very easy to understand as well. I definitely can't wait to get my hands on this game. I will be doing a lot of practice..lol.
# 20 Penny Hardaway @ 09/08/10 05:21 PM
"Oh where you at KG?" I literally LOL'D. Czar, you'd be my default commentator for the NBA 2K series, brought me back to those days where I'd check out the EBC @ the Rucker in the summer. Excellent work.

Loved how FLUID the player movement was and the overall play recognition. Did anyone notice OKC wearing their home jerseys in Dallas? Does this give us the option of using road jerseys @ home ala NBA Live?

Also, LOVED, again LOVED Manu's dribble drive to the step back jumper. Looked so realistic. Keep up the good work homie. I'm happy to say I've found a home for ALL my sports info. Enough of the OS love-in. GOOD WORK Czar!

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