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What do you guys think of the idea of us releasing our first official Madden NFL 12 developer podcast at halftime? It'd only be say 5-8 minutes long, but it'd be a video podcast, showing us talking about maybe one or two new features (along with maybe some mocks or ANT footage) - kind of a kick-off to the new year.

We did the standard blog for Madden 10, and then the Easter egg video for Madden 11 (which took a few weeks to actually spread around), but I'm trying to find something that will leave the community happy and not saying "meh, that was lame, wake me up in August".

Thoughts? Any other ideas?

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# 1 loloben @ 01/26/11 09:07 PM
I'd like it, but I would like it to be put on the internet and not just on the 360 if the 2010 developers podcast was just on the 360.
# 2 Cubfan @ 01/26/11 09:08 PM
I like it. I'm ready for some Madden info.
# 3 huskerwr38 @ 01/26/11 09:09 PM
Yea, that would be awesome, I like it.
# 4 Jarodd21 @ 01/26/11 09:10 PM
Put it on internet and the game systems(PS3, 360).
# 5 bigsmallwood @ 01/26/11 09:31 PM
Presentation would be an excellent choice for Super Bowl Half-Time info!!!!
# 6 rightallthetime @ 01/26/11 09:57 PM
I think that would rock. if you are going to talk about some new features just remember to set expectation low. I know that you guys can't tell the top new stuff but many people want to hear it all on day one. So make sure that you let everyone know what to expect. can't wait to hear anything you guys have to say.
# 7 Senator Palmer @ 01/26/11 10:08 PM
In a word, yes.

Reference my sig.
# 8 at23steelers @ 01/26/11 10:22 PM
I liked the hidden messages on the white boards last year, that somehow snuck through marketing. But a video podcast would be interesting, if you tell us something rather large, but wouldn't have to be a main feature.
# 9 RedZoneD25 @ 01/26/11 11:01 PM
I know most of my questions won't be able to be answered until August, so I'll just go in with an open mind.
# 10 Palo20 @ 01/26/11 11:02 PM
It's gonna feel weird when I explain to my friends that I'm gonna be watching a Madden video during halftime instead of the Lingerie Bowl, but I'm all for it.
# 11 kennyacid @ 01/26/11 11:15 PM
all i want in next year game is a better challenge system because as of now it sucks. Why give us the option to throw the ball while being hit but when it turns into a fumble we cant challenge it? smh

Also simpler pre-play adjustments. I still say 2k5 ( yes that game again lol ) had the best pre-play adjustments. You can easily double a wide out in a blink of a eye.
# 12 Meast21Forever @ 01/26/11 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by Navdel1900
Careful Kenny, If you mention other games on this site other than the one and only that exists you get banned.
Really? You really need to be that guy?

Trying to stay on topic and actually answer your question, I think it's a great idea. I'm pumped to have some Madden info. Franchise has been the biggest let down for me over the past two or three iterations. It'd be sweet to get some info on that. I know you're probably not looking to reveal anything huge, but I will say that I don't care to here about any gimmicks or anything. I don't want another 'gameflow' type addition. I want to know about 'schemes' on offense or CB/WR interactions. The addition of timing routes, QB/WR chemistry, that sort of thing. (Obviously these are just examples). But something that adds to the game, not just slightly modifying the way non-experienced gamers play it.
# 13 kennyacid @ 01/26/11 11:39 PM
Ive been around since almost the beginning of this site, i know how far i can go to be safe lol
# 14 vln13 @ 01/27/11 12:06 AM
This sounds awesome! Tell us about the some new modes and features, like franchise. I would also love to see maybe an early screen and video of some of your developers working.
# 15 khaliib @ 01/27/11 12:28 AM
I would say any information about the "Full Editing" features post you started.

Out of all the request that will be posted, this will be the "ONLY" one that's about putting more "Under The Hood" control into the gamers hands.

Facts are Facts!!!
Going into month 6 after release, well after Presentation/Online folks have left the building, there are many still tweaking ratings and sliders to move the game forward.

So I say talk about the any New Editing Features since it's the overall driving issue of most complaints about the game.

Just my 2 cents.
# 16 Jono078 @ 01/27/11 01:03 AM
I want to hear about franchise progression - if it's been improved, how it's been improved and why you chose the new progression system.

But I think the marketing guys over at EA will want you to show off something along the lines of gameplay or AI to appeal to every Madden user.

But Id love to hear anything franchise about improvements in it.
# 17 guaps @ 01/27/11 03:57 AM
I fully support the idea of a video podcast because not only will you be able to tell us about some of the new features, but the accompanying video footage will give us a chance to see it in action - one of the things I missed during some of last years blogs.

Also I personally hope you go forward with the audio podcasts instead of the live chats as you unveil new M12 features, as I found the live chats weren't, IMO, a great way to interact with the fans and Madden community as the podcasts have been.
# 18 BlueNGold @ 01/27/11 05:01 AM
My idea:

Have some guys like Ian, Donny, Josh, Phil, whoever, discuss what they did and did not like in Madden 11 and the improvements they've made this year over the things they didn't like from last year (that they can discuss at this point in time of course. Obviously there's going to be a lot that can't be mentioned because the hype/PR machine needs to build up first).

For example, say Donny didn't like a certain animation in Madden 11. He would let us know he didn't like that animation, that they improved/removed it for this year and how they went about doing that.

That's what I think would be a solid video to start the Madden 12 hype off and it would be something us hardcore guys would dig. Just a general discussion between the guys working on the game to give us an idea of the direction they're going this year and what we can expect to be improved from last year.

And, this might be asking too much, but a screenshot similar to the Roethlisberger one that was shown at halftime of Super Bowl 43 for Madden 10 (the one that had details for us to find ourselves, like the hand towels, colored cleats, etc.) would be something else I wouldn't mind seeing.
# 19 Icarus2k9 @ 01/27/11 07:12 AM
I'd hate to be a negative nancy on this one, I'd love some extra Madden information like everyone else, but I wouldn't be that fussed on a half-time video or any news for a good while yet.

I'm at a stage where my optimism on the game is based solely on promises being maintained, and this early on I'm guessing you're still at risk of saying features and elements that won't make it due to time constraints - or worse, features that never get implemented properly.

The only videos I want to see after the last couple of years would have to be ridiculously long, displaying difficulty settings at all times and testing the new feature to breaking point. User v User, User v Cpu, all the permentations. If it's an off-field feature, I'd want it simmed 100 times or enacted with all sorts of things that could make it a problem. If it's presentation, if I saw a clip that was awesome and that turned out to be one of only a handful of new cut scenes, I'd feel cheated.

I really enjoyed the last two games on the field, despite how soulless franchise was, so the only things that seem to fill me with dissatisfaction are the videos which promise so much and then fail to deliver. Give me a confirmed list the moment the game goes gold, then I'd be stoked.

But that's just me and I know that's a crazy POV. I'll be on here dissecting like everyone else
# 20 cletusdog @ 01/27/11 07:30 AM
Just let us know that you fixed the imported draft (editing), IR and special teams. The whole world will rejoice.

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