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# 1 aholbert32 @ 08/15/11 04:54 PM
Looks good.

Looks like Garcia, Dunham, Swanson, Henderson, Guillard, Yamamoto, Torres and Pettis are confirmed.
# 2 Phobia @ 08/15/11 05:08 PM
Ground sways are great addition
# 3 ManiacMatt1782 @ 08/15/11 06:06 PM
striking still looks clunky, but the game looks improved
# 4 Gotmadskillzson @ 08/15/11 06:23 PM
Ground sways ? Awesome.......

TKO by leg kicks ? FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!
# 5 redsrule @ 08/15/11 08:26 PM
Looks good and bad at the same time. Will probably wait for feedback before spending 60 bucks this year.
# 6 germainoinsano @ 08/15/11 09:42 PM
They need a whole new engine for this game
# 7 MMurda @ 08/16/11 09:46 AM
i agree germainoinsano....the engine just doesnt look fluid. everything looks so robotic still like it did in ufc09. you would think after 2 games they would work to smooth out the striking and whatnot and bring fluidity to the game. either way tho, it looks to have some improvements
# 8 JoeMimic @ 08/20/11 12:26 PM
I really feel the same as most people, it looks the same. The CPU just seems to come out and just throw punches with no real strategy. I wish they would at least give us some sliders to tinker with things, maybe a fighter movement speed slider so we could slow things down a bit.

The WWE series has sliders, why can't this?

P.S. Loving the update Chris Leben got.
# 9 LingeringRegime @ 08/20/11 02:42 PM
I hope that the commentary is fresh and detailed. I noticed the other day that 09 has a lot more varied commentary than 10 does for some reason. I guess they were rushing it out the door.
# 10 CX1329 @ 08/20/11 06:44 PM
The striking seems to have improved a tad, but I do hope it doesn't turn out to be the same bomb fest that UFC 10 was. Jabs and straights were absolutely worthless in that game. In fact, attempting either was akin to pushing a "lose button". Either way, being a Muay Thai guy myself, I'm happy that leg kicks aren't just for show anymore. Surprising opponents with a well-placed, well-timed leg kick is going to be incredibly fun.

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