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I wrote last week about the silence surrounding EA and NBA Live 13.

What was going on? What was the game's status? Why haven't we heard anything?

EA did nothing to help that speculation yesterday when they reported to investors the latest on the company's financial status in their quarterly report. Ominously so, in the company's list of upcoming releases this season NBA Live is nowhere to be found. Is this a sign EA has given up on yet another NBA effort or are they delaying it or choosing not to advertise it at all? It definitely doesn't look good to the casual gamer as this is almost always a bad sign in our industry if a company isn't willing to include an upcoming big release game on their quarterly earnings report.

EA's reasoning for not including Live is simple -- they apparently have yet to officially announce the game so they didn't include it on their quarterly earnings. That's highly interesting considering EA has already put out advertising material for the game already, but we'll let it slide this time.

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# 1 THE YAMA @ 08/01/12 12:21 PM
Wouldn't be surprised to see it canceled.
# 2 22cedric @ 08/01/12 12:21 PM
No it hasn't been cancelled the game will come out.
# 3 mbergh22 @ 08/01/12 12:35 PM
It might as well be cancelled. If it doesn't release around the same time as NBA 2K13 then it will fail big time.
# 4 riichiieriich @ 08/01/12 12:41 PM
EA is bungling this so much...if I didn't check this site regularly I never would have known EA was going to release a basketball game. Chances are it's going to suck because any time a company is hush hush about a game, that means they don't feel too great about it. If they felt it was up to snuff they'd be showing it off to anyone and everyone.
# 5 Tomba @ 08/01/12 12:41 PM
I told EVERYONE. This game is not coming out this year...
# 6 23 @ 08/01/12 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by Tomba
I told EVERYONE. This game is not coming out this year...
Thats not what Hip Hop gamer said
# 7 RUFFNREADY @ 08/01/12 01:01 PM
1. If NBA LIVE is delayed, they are behind the 8ball. 2K will K.O them this year again.
2. If NBA LIVE is cancelled, the dev-team is done and EA may try one other team to develop a game, and EA will probably lose their contract with the NBA!

My question is: why didnt the new dev-team totally start from scratch on the Live13 game, instead of stripping down and rebuilding off of NBA ELITE 11?

# 8 DBMcGee3 @ 08/01/12 01:14 PM
Wow. How embarrassing this must be for those guys. I mean, how do you get this far (twice) and then suddenly realize your game isn't up to snuff? I realize they've been hush about it for the past couple of months, but why show up at E3 at all if the game is a mess? I would rather come out as early as possible to say "hey guys, we're on track to have a great product in 2014" than to spend one minute of my time hyping a game that I know in my heart won't be released at all. Seeing this earnings report is a dagger to my heart, as it represents the first real evidence that Live 13 may not happen. Not bashing 2k, I was just looking forward to the competition, and hopefully for something a bit more new and refreshing. Oh, well, que sera, sera.
# 9 23 @ 08/01/12 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by PennyHard
i'm not sure but nba live is the only EA game that is never in this list.
...but it was the only one coming off of a cacellation wasnt it?
# 10 kingdevin @ 08/01/12 01:39 PM
@ 22 Cedric... Why are u so sure that the game will come out?
# 11 mvb34 @ 08/01/12 01:42 PM
Has any of OS writers contacted EA about the status of NBA live?
# 12 JimLeavy59 @ 08/01/12 03:13 PM
Things are starting to look very bad for Live 13.
# 13 bdes @ 08/01/12 03:39 PM
I don't understand why they don't just put out a legit college basketball game... C'mon!!
# 14 sportzbro @ 08/01/12 05:48 PM
This game is toast.
# 15 Joobieo @ 08/01/12 06:41 PM
If I was EA I'd pull it off if the game isn't near where it needs to be. Quality over quantity .
# 16 iClutch @ 08/01/12 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by 23
Thats not what Hip Hop gamer said

My God, I hate HipHopGamer, It's like he tries to talk like a degenerate.
# 17 VUUAASSHHH! @ 08/02/12 12:14 AM
I think they saw the 2k13 trailer featuring J-Z and gave up on live13.
# 18 23 @ 08/02/12 01:25 AM
Originally Posted by captaintuna
IF anyone is still wondering why OS was not invited by EA to their media event...it's because of posts/threads like this (and by the OS "staff" no less).
Don't blame the OS staff just call me out if thats what you want to do, dont be a scardy cat about it...

I could easily say the reason their game got cancelled and why it looked and played like fried garbage is because of posters who swear by EA no matter how many times they bend them over and shake them down because they're afraid to call a spade a spade

...and nobody is wondering why OS isn't invited. We have enough experience to understand whats happening already

Once you get it in your head that advertising is not doing us a favor you'll begin to see that EA is looking real bad right now, and it has nothing to do with OS
# 19 Muzyk23 @ 08/02/12 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by captaintuna
IF anyone is still wondering why OS was not invited by EA to their media event...it's because of posts/threads like this (and by the OS "staff" no less).

I would like to know HOW those who follow EA basketball games 'no matter what' HELP ea to better the game.
# 20 JerzeyReign @ 08/02/12 07:59 AM
I made a comment like the above awhile ago. I really believe EA needs the 2k fans or the Live fans that are highly critical of the series to give them ideas. The guys who think the Live team urinates gold and deficates diamonds are the reason the series is in so much trouble now. Sadly for the Live team, they have too many people just focusing on the positives and not letting them know of the negatives. It doesn't matter what it is in life, if you get rid of the negatives the results will be positive. Even look for the negatives in the things you do well. That is the only way Live will improve... but they (and their fans) don't want to hear it from OS and probably look at it as blind hate which is dumb because we could easily just forget about Live and worry about how to make 2k a better game.

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