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After ESPN confused the world earlier today claiming current generation gameplay action was next-gen, throwing the Madden public (us included) into fetal positions in the nearest corner -- EA has finally released their actual trailer for next-gen Madden today.
  • Higher fidelity graphics with more detail than ever before (obvious).
  • Animations wise, there is less compression with each one, resulting in better looking moves.
  • Better uniform degradation looks like it's in, as well as much improved lighting
  • Skin is more realistic, with light interacting with it in a more realistic manner
  • 4x the Texture Resolution, stadiums visually look much better as do crowds, fields, and uniforms.
  • Cloth physics where jerseys can be form fitting and look realistic to towels flapping around.
  • Much more varied fans both visually and with the animations. One shot showed some sitting, some standing and cheering. Oh, and crowds are fully 3D!
  • The sidelines look pretty bare still personally, but much better than they ever have on current gen.
  • EA touts the possibilities of even bigger improvements in the coming years.

You can read more on EA Sports' official site. We just added well over a dozen new next-gen screenshots here.

According to the EA website, we are expecting information on new True Step player motion, new Player Sense (AI), new line play, and the living worlds aspect of the game in upcoming information releases. This confirms several foundational aspects of the game have been redone for next-gen, we're excited to find out what it all means in the upcoming weeks.

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Member Comments
# 1 ch46647 @ 09/30/13 05:59 PM
Here we go again.... All about graphics just like 06. That gameplay looks identical to M25 current gen.
# 2 Rback21 @ 09/30/13 06:01 PM
I was just about to post this... I like what I see but I need to see more on the field gameplay and less of a re-play view BUT so far so good.
# 3 hawley088 @ 09/30/13 06:02 PM
I havent bought Madden 25 this year because of how bad the demo was on the ps3 but Im not gonna lie, I got a little giddy watching this...but I still want to see a live demo
# 4 ApolloKids @ 09/30/13 06:05 PM
Look at these poverty juke animations. The engine looks exactly the same. Sim video game fans lost, we're doomed for another seven years of mediocrity. God, if only 2K could get their hands on the license with the tech we have nowadays. Like EA takes a lot of heat but this is beyond pathetic.
# 5 brent3419 @ 09/30/13 06:05 PM
this looked better than what espn had showed, BUT, i want to see gameplay so i dont get plagued by things the infinity engine had
# 6 Gotmadskillzson @ 09/30/13 06:05 PM
Ok......this is better......
# 7 StL_RamZ @ 09/30/13 06:06 PM
That looks "NG"! Graphics looks amazing.

Love how the helmet moved when contact was made!
# 8 djordan @ 09/30/13 06:06 PM
That's it?...........


Where are the smooth running and tackling animations?

Once again, there touting "Viewing every blade of grass" as new..COME ON!!!!

I could give a rats hairy *** about the helmets or jersey fidelity!

"WOWWW...this game looks amazing"


EA loves these Slo-Mo videos.. Speed it up in real time and let's really see how the game plays!!!!
# 9 radatdude2 @ 09/30/13 06:06 PM
I like how the helmets move during contact that's cool
# 10 T5063 @ 09/30/13 06:07 PM
Looks good for what it is but l was hoping for actual gameplay video.
# 11 Behindshadows @ 09/30/13 06:07 PM
Okay this is 100x better than previous garbage on ESPN....This video looked promising, can't wait to hear commentary and see in gameplay.
# 12 edwing @ 09/30/13 06:07 PM
I don't know what to think anymore. First we get the very underwhelming "next-gen" ESPN video and now we get this trailer showing true next-gen effects such as Doug Martin's helmet moving independently at 33 seconds. Whether stuff like that happens in gameplay or was just fluffed up for a trailer remains to be seen.
# 13 BEARYChi @ 09/30/13 06:07 PM
Gameplay looks suspect... plays like current gen. But im not knocking it, i just need to see actual gameplay.
# 14 kbomb1upc @ 09/30/13 06:07 PM
I'm still not blown away like I was with the 2K trailer, the Live trailer or even the screen shots of Madden 25 during E3. EA always find a why to pull a Romo (get you hyped up at the beginning just to blow it at the end)
# 15 ShaneTheMaster @ 09/30/13 06:08 PM
Their rendering every blade of grass??? Must Buy!!!!
# 16 ludega @ 09/30/13 06:08 PM
The ESPN video was not next-gen, it was confirmed...
# 17 Cowboy008 @ 09/30/13 06:09 PM
This looks better than that MNF video
# 18 Coltsnpacers @ 09/30/13 06:11 PM
Was hoping for a gameplay difference. Not worth the $60.
# 19 Earl1963 @ 09/30/13 06:11 PM
I skipped current gen for this?
# 20 SmashMan @ 09/30/13 06:12 PM
I know why people want it, but I don't know why people really expected more than graphics as the first reveal.

They've been pushing the "See It. Feel It. Live It." thing since unveiling their Ignite Engine - and based on the wording on their website, "See It" refers to improved visual definition, "Feel It" refers to player movement, and "Live It" means whatever they've added to the environment to liven it up.

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