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Matt Bertz of Game Informer has posted an impressive wish list for NHL 15, which includes various items for presentation, gameplay, game modes and online improvements.

Make sure you give it a read and let us know whether you agree or disagree with his list or just want to add to it.

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# 1 csamuelsvt @ 04/25/14 11:21 AM
this is fantastic! Impressive list indeed. Hopefully with the power of the new systems we get all of these.

Oh and when we score goals, can everyone actually come together and celebrate instead of just running into each other like zombies. Bring back the 5 man celebration, but in real time!
# 2 ianlast @ 04/25/14 01:08 PM
Hands-down the best wishlist I've seen for an NHL game. Add the ability to chip the puck? Yes! This guy clearly watches hockey and knows what he's talking about. Would be thrilled if EA could build on these ideas for NHL 15, and have them fully implemented for NHL 16.

If I could add one thing to this wishlist, it would be to expand their sliders to a 1-100 scale, and make adjustments to them more meaningful than they currently are. NBA 2K and FIFA have this figured out, the NHL series unfortunately has not.
# 3 Bluejaysfan65 @ 04/25/14 01:32 PM
That's a pretty solid list. The thing that needs the most work is definitely Live the Life and Be A GM mode. If they could do what the NBA 2K series does with meetings with the general manager and the press, it would be much more entertaining. It would be even better if they could implement a story line, such as with Jackson Ellis in NBA 2K14 next-gen (current gen??). Arena's also need a lot of work, as most of the time the arenas all look/feel the same except for the logo at center ice.
# 4 NYwRiter94 @ 04/25/14 03:28 PM
Outside of gameplay, there's no excuse for not competing with The Show and NBA 2k. Those should be the standards that the team strives for.

Gameplay is a different situation. I am a big believer that a major component of The Show and NBA 2k getting higher praise than NHL and Madden is the fact that they feature much less physicality and therefore collision detection/awkward encounters. It is safe to say that we will never have as authentic a representation of hockey or football as we do baseball and basketball. Still, there is no reason that feature modes and presentation shouldn't be on the same level.
# 5 dragan24 @ 04/25/14 04:30 PM
Excellent article, great points made. Presentation - can we get more stat updates, standings, goals, assist, point leaders (relevant info, series stats against opponents), the announcers can also talk about leading scorer, injuries, etc. Penalties - can we get more penalties, please!! I could go on, but the article encompasses a lot of meaningful changes/updates..
# 6 ericromain @ 04/25/14 04:40 PM
A major thing that needs to be redone in NHL is their Menu system. It's extremely clunky, slow, and counter intuitive. They have a very PS1 feel to them.
# 7 snc237 @ 04/26/14 05:30 AM
I love the NHL series and I can't wait to play it on the new systems but I have had enough with nhl 14. Biggest thing that need to be addressed is A.I. I have beat the legends team using a WHL team winning 4-1 on super star difficulty. Play any other sports game like that and your not going to win. There is to many a.i. Issues to list but they need to keep improving that heavily. There is a lot that can and needs improving on what is a solid game but gameplay needs to be addressed first before commentating or revamping GM mode.
# 8 Majingir @ 04/26/14 12:44 PM
Sad part about reading wishlists are that it's a list of great thing we'll likely not see in these games anytime soon.
# 9 dhizzy @ 04/27/14 12:32 AM
There is a petition up on change.org that is hoping to get EA to make NHL 15 for the PC. If any of you are interested, please feel free to sign and tell others.

# 10 headzapp @ 04/27/14 03:42 AM
i hope most of this happens on the ps4 for nhl 15. i really want scrums around the boards. realistic puck physics. realistic body movements and checks.
# 11 enice128 @ 04/27/14 10:45 AM
I would LOVE to hear the Doc & Eddie O in this game! Real life arenas would be great similar to MLB the Show & Madden. Centers getting tossed out of the face-off circle & accurate players fighting would add authenticity to the game....especially players jumping in to protect their star players would be cool! It seems as if there a generic arena other than the center ice logo! IT'S FINALLY THAT TIME WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE NEW CONSOLES!!!
# 12 enice128 @ 04/27/14 10:47 AM
And please....enough w the goalies fighting! Although the new fighting engine is great EA went overboard!
# 13 AdamJones113 @ 04/27/14 03:32 PM
My three improvements that would make NHL 15 an auto-buy would be:
Updated commentary
Realistic gameplay: cycling, shooting, etc.
Presentation: Playoffs etc
# 14 CaptainSuperman @ 04/28/14 02:59 PM
I think for NHL 15, a realistic expectation would be for core gameplay to stay mostly the same, but have the main career modes overhauled. GM Mode and Live the Life in particular. I too would also love to see a change or overhaul in sliders/settings as well as the entire attribute system. And adding the preference for shoot/pass as well as some others. Then they could focus on gameplay the next year as well as adding on to their modes and features
# 15 Griffey30 @ 04/28/14 03:42 PM
nhl 15 improvements:

Realistic battles infront of the net. Not this get suctioned cupped into the tie up animation and not be able to get to the puck in the corner.

Realy board play make it a reward to win a puck battle on the board. Not being able to kick the puck all the way down the ice.

Better Physics, Better Faceoffs, Better AI and teamate recognition. To many times the AI just stands in one spot and Im stuck at the half board trying to figure out something to do. Realisitic Goalie movement no warping from post to post. There needs to be a finishing trait. Example would be Ovechkin more times than not is going to finish a two on one as opposed to David Clarkson on a two on one.

Implement the slap pass. You never see a slap pass from the blue line to the guy thats standing far post for the easy redicrection into the net. Do away with the dekes or make them harder to pull off. Also add flubbed shots and stick on stick interaction.

Defense the hitting needs to be toned down. Free stick movement not just poke check in one direction. Stick tie up and battles for the lose puck would be nice. Maybe add some leverage into the game. Better puck support also.

Be a gm needs to be fixed also-
Contract Negotiations,No movement clauses, I like it more like owner mode like Madden 25. Ticket prices, better set of expectations. Real coaches with tendancies and traits. Better trade logic. Better scouting system for both Players entering into the draft and player scouting for deadline deals. hot and cold streaks based on your season in be a gm!. Better developement and Progression/regression. Player Morale i.e. Player upset that hes playing third line minutes when his role is assigned to second line minutes. Line Chemistry like in HUT. Post game interviews, Pre game interviews possible in between period interviews?
# 16 SVCbearcat10 @ 04/29/14 09:24 AM
There are rolling pucks in the game as it is today, you can take that off your list.
# 17 habslover10_GoYanks @ 04/29/14 10:29 AM
Saw this on hfboards

" i have heard rumors from people who play tested that mike emerick and NBC is commentating, along with the puck being "lose" like the fifa ball. Deking has apparently been re-vamped and pass and shooting assist is toned down so you can't rip a shot or pass while skating full blast anymore. Also it is confirmed to be on next gen."
# 18 tabulaRasa @ 04/29/14 04:37 PM
List is good but ratings shouldnt be based on points only. Also puck possession and controlling the play With zone time and passning should be more important than moron dekes and bs cheese.
# 19 Majingir @ 04/29/14 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by habslover10_GoYanks
Saw this on hfboards

" i have heard rumors from people who play tested that mike emerick and NBC is commentating, along with the puck being "lose" like the fifa ball. Deking has apparently been re-vamped and pass and shooting assist is toned down so you can't rip a shot or pass while skating full blast anymore. Also it is confirmed to be on next gen."
I'm abit surprised they don't just follow what they have for FIFA and have 2 sets of commentators for the games. I get that FIFA has it because there's so many diff leagues/countries in the game, but for NHL, they could've at least gotten NBC guys as one of the commentary teams and CBC/Sportsnet guys as other commentary team.
# 20 canucksss @ 04/30/14 02:10 AM
Nice write up....but I dont know if EA will put any attention to it. But I'd like to add these:

- Player and team differentiation. All players are same alike and not much of a difference in speed. Teams play the same way and not playing with their strengths.

- Neutral zone - its freaking easy to enter the opponent's zone, you are not being forced to dump the puck.

- GM/Live a life free agency - one of the biggest gripe of mine against NBA 2k14 NG, is that the FA is missing in MyCareer mode. As the write up said, I really love to see the "drama" during the FA or Trade deadline.

- Celebration goal - for the love of hockey, I dont understand why EA removed this in exchange of "personal celebration". You could combine both. In NHL, a player who made a goal could still celebrate on his own and then being congratulated by teammates. Maybe giving a scene of skating back to their bench and their teammates give them high-5's.

- Difference between regular atmosphere and playoffs. Besides the towel wave, i dont really feel that you're in the playoffs. Especially when you reach the conference finals and SC finals....FLAT-out unimpressed.

- Live a life - another thing I despised in NBA 2k14 (NG) is that, you need to score tons and always must end up as the superstar. But why can't I be a superstar or a high caliber players just being in the 2nd line or 3rd? An excellent defensive forward? At least, add a different dimensions in this mode. I didnt even bother to touch BAP because you always ended up being the superstar and high scoring machine.

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