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While the face-scanning tech can work really really well (see our thread for some great examples of it working right) it also can create beings of a sort that will give you nightmares for weeks.

We're talking Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Left For Dead type of grotesque here. A team full of these 'things' is probably a viral video waiting to happen.

To get a proper Facescan, you have to carefully follow the on-screen instructions while ensuring you have proper lighting. A lack of either can result in some really messed up situations.

I hope you sleep well tonight.

Update: Some are asking how to scan your face properly. Here's a great video from ipodkingcarter showing you how to properly scan your face.

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# 1 whoahello @ 10/07/14 01:26 PM
What I'm wondering is, out of all those horrible scans, how many of them actually followed the instructions entirely and used the best lighting possible.
# 2 The 24th Letter @ 10/07/14 01:28 PM
pretty sure the first one was in the P.T demo..
# 3 the_future420 @ 10/07/14 01:29 PM
Those screencaps
# 4 TheLetterZ @ 10/07/14 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by MMChrisS
Scanning Your Face Into NBA 2K15 Is Kind of Hard
I think following instructions is "kind of hard" for a lot of people ...
# 5 JayAtkHar @ 10/07/14 01:33 PM
Ikc has a really good tutorial
# 6 DaReapa @ 10/07/14 01:39 PM
Guy on the bottom row scanned his cat, lol.
# 7 JWR3232 @ 10/07/14 01:40 PM
Can't wait to see some of these online.
# 8 ac11367 @ 10/07/14 01:40 PM
Out of these pics, one of them looks like Popeye Jones and another looks like Sam Cassell
# 9 bballshawn24 @ 10/07/14 02:12 PM
last one is predator
# 10 Maxbeatzz @ 10/07/14 02:23 PM
I wanna play online but the servers are down!😡
# 11 MEEKS973 @ 10/07/14 02:42 PM
2k ain't tell me I needed a sheet and two lamps for this. That ain't in the instructions
# 12 lexsteryo @ 10/07/14 02:45 PM
If you think this is hard, you must be having a hard life. I tired it two times and had great success on both of them, just wanted to make sure I get the best possible is the only reason why I tried a second time.
# 13 Shadojoker @ 10/07/14 02:47 PM
This happened to me all last night and i scanned myself 5x!!! Takes 3-5mins per scan..purely frustrating!
# 14 braves_94 @ 10/07/14 03:18 PM
Cenobites! Who gave 2k the puzzle box?
# 15 IUxHOOSIERS @ 10/07/14 03:58 PM
I've followed the instructions from Ronnie and for some reason I still can't get the window color to turn to green.
# 16 RipCityAndy @ 10/07/14 04:44 PM
This is stupid. 2K obviously knew this was not as easy as advertised. I have scanned my face for longer than I have played the damn game. These face scans aren't even close.
# 17 Shadojoker @ 10/07/14 05:23 PM
Tried again for an hour straight. .false advertising on 2k's part..i want my money back for buying this damn PS4 camera.. (but I'll try for 5-10x before i do). People on these boards trolling saying people dont follow directions obviously don't have the game.
# 18 stanfordfanatic5 @ 10/07/14 05:30 PM
I can't get it to go green either on the XB1
# 19 Shadojoker @ 10/07/14 06:08 PM

Looks like we arent alone..its an epidemic. Google nba2k15 face scan issues. .whew makes me feel better
# 20 Rell7thirty @ 10/07/14 06:13 PM
Lol I don't know how people's scans are coming out so horror film-ish. Mine came out over exposed, but at least it looks like me.

Neogaf has a thread dedicated to this.. It's hilarious

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