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FIFA 17 is scheduled to ship on September 27 here in North America and globally on September 29, powered by the Frostbite engine. Fans will see and hear authentic, true-to-life action, takes players to new football worlds, and introduces fans to characters full of depth and emotion.

Read the press release below.

North America Launch on September 27, Global Launch Coming September 29

See How Football Has Changed on June 12 at EA PLAY

All-New Engine for FIFA 17, Gameplay Innovation Influenced by Four New Football Ambassadors

Electronic Arts Inc. today revealed that EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 is powered by Frostbite™*. One of the industry’s leading game engines, Frostbite delivers authentic, true-to-life action, takes players to new football worlds, and introduces fans to characters full of depth and emotion. To see the full debut of FIFA 17 powered by Frostbite, fans can watch the EA PLAY livestream at 1:00pm PST on http://ea.com/play2016.

“Frostbite unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for the FIFA franchise and its fans,” said David Rutter, VP and Executive Producer. “We have never been as excited as we are today about the future of football and the experiences we are going to deliver in FIFA 17.”

EA Access** members on Xbox One and Origin Access** members on PC can play the game early with Play First Trials. Stay tuned for more information on access timing and availability.

FIFA 17 is developed by EA Vancouver and will be available in North America on September 27 and worldwide on September 29 on Origin™ for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® games and entertainment system and PlayStation®3 entertainment system.

* Frostbite game engine technology is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platform versions only.

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Member Comments
# 1 Yuss @ 06/06/16 01:03 PM
We might be seeing managers in-game

# 2 ZO @ 06/06/16 01:07 PM
Holy crap, the upgraded to the frostbyte engine. This could actually have amazing player models and player movement. Well have to wait and see. But this could be very promising.

However, that wont mean a thing if the core game play issues still aren't addressed.
# 3 TemplateR @ 06/06/16 01:07 PM
So.......FIFA 17 will be on Frostbite Engine.

Now I´m interested in FIFA again and I hope, that it will be marvelous.

Will Vulkan be supported in Frostbite Engine? Because I want to see this Game on Linux
# 4 JHedges2 @ 06/06/16 01:16 PM
Such a tease that video is.

Also 9/29 is a week later than expected. Boo.

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# 5 kolanji @ 06/06/16 01:41 PM
Hope with frostbite engine we get to see way better pitch wear and believable weather with rain and such.....also hope this brings better ball physics and player animations and at the very most i want to see solid 60 fps
# 6 napecori @ 06/06/16 02:23 PM
Did I see a manager featured in the game? Long, long overdue. Add the sideline to the experience!
# 7 PPerfect_CJ @ 06/06/16 03:44 PM
I told myself that I wouldn't get too excited this year...but here we are.
# 8 therizing02 @ 06/06/16 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by napecori
Did I see a manager featured in the game? Long, long overdue. Add the sideline to the experience!

Managers in the game? Cool, but do they bring their own specific philosophies to the game or is this just more FIFA gloss? Frostbite engine? Cool, but until this dev team changes their priorities from Ultimate Team to legitimate gameplay improvements this game will remain the same. Tough to be optimistic.

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# 9 Gnemi @ 06/06/16 04:24 PM
There's no way not to treat this as huge news, I reckon.

Hasn't it long been known that there are kernel issues with the Ignite engine that limited what devs could do?

Like, perhaps they can now more readily write different characteristics of the game based on dynamic user choices?

Totally wishful thinking.

As an aside, it might be because I took such a long break, but I've been really enjoying FIFA 16 again. As it has entered into its comfortable/predictable age since release, I am pretty happy with its nuances, however few there may be. hah.
# 10 bad_philanthropy @ 06/06/16 05:15 PM
I wonder if FIFA 16 was was essentially the second priority title last year (like the way you see a previous gen title in the debut year of a new gen) while the majority of the work was going into 17.
# 11 Scary Larry @ 06/06/16 05:18 PM
New engine, new issues I'd assume. I'm not too confident in EA using Frostbite on this game. No matter if they use on other titles. Would take a lot for me to change me mind and not switch over to PES. 16' was sorta the last straw for me and the some ol' FIFA issues.
# 12 Matt10 @ 06/06/16 05:21 PM
Originally Posted by bad_philanthropy
I wonder if FIFA 16 was was essentially the second priority title last year (like the way you see a previous gen title in the debut year of a new gen) while the majority of the work was going into 17.
I wouldn't doubt it. PES did it with PES 13. FIFA 16 has been the best, for me, that combined everything from FIFA 13 and on, just like PES 13 was the best of PES 2009 and on. So who knows.

Big news about Frostbite. Will this affect PC system requirements to get a jolt though? What about customization...oh to imagine FIFA without moddingway is like.....*shudders*.....
# 13 SVCbearcat10 @ 06/06/16 05:40 PM
Hopefully this year isn't simply a new engine. I made the switch from FIFA to PES last year. Hopefully all teams don't play the same this year and 4th tier teams don't play as well teams like Arsenal or Man U. Despite its issues, teams play differently in PES. Gameplay variety is something EA struggles with across all products (NHL, Madden, FIFA).

It should be interesting to see who puts out the best game this year. FIFA will be best overall due to money, presentation, and licenses. However, I think PES will trump FIFA's gameplay on the pitch. Anyways, next week will be great as both should be revealed!
# 14 Ronoko @ 06/06/16 05:48 PM
New engine means some things will no doubt be visually rough around the edges until future versions even them out. A lot of the textures in Rory look great but others need a lot of work.
# 15 Joonlarjj @ 06/06/16 06:36 PM
FIFA16 is the best footy game ever and Battlefront uses the Frostbite engine very, very well.

Here's to hoping the good times continue with FIFA17!

Please don't dumb down the inertia / player movement & gameplay, you finally got something half-way reality-based in FIFA 16...
# 16 bxphenom7 @ 06/06/16 07:34 PM
Man, I'm so ready to see FIFA and PES go at it this year. My money's on PES with all the raving previews but if EA's move to Frosbite helps the game animate better and EA actually makes meaningful changes to the gameplay, I'll have a hard decision come September.
# 17 joaomanu23 @ 06/07/16 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by Yuss
We might be seeing managers in-game

This manager isn´t just a manager. It´s José Mourinho. It looked like him from behind, and if you look around the image u can see that the game is in Old Trafford. And just to dissipate any doubt, the voice you hear in the reveal trailer is his voice.
Also, here in Portugal, Portuguese newspapers are stating that he´s in the game.
So it´s clear now. Mourinho (and hopefully others) will be in the game
# 18 LingeringRegime @ 06/07/16 10:32 AM
I skipped FIFA 16, but I think I will be buying this year.
# 19 theEDGE5 @ 06/07/16 01:19 PM
Very good trailer, as it managed to get me excited even though I haven't played Fifa in nearly a year.
# 20 DBMcGee3 @ 06/07/16 02:25 PM
I preferred FIFA last year, and thus far I haven't seen much to change my mind going into next year. I'm a long time PES fan as well, but the game has been too arcadey the past couple of years for my tastes. I love the player models, although it makes the generics look exponentially worse, and I love a lot of the player movements as well. My problem is the awful physics engine, the overpowered shooting and the sub par GKs. Simply put, there are too many cheap goals and not nearly enough fouls, and the ball doesn't move naturally at the feet of the players. On FIFA, I can feel every touch, and the collisions feel right, and often times they actually draw fouls, imagine that!

If the Frostbite engine is a significant upgrade, then I'm thinking FIFA will be hard to beat, especially with Konami's knack for dropping the ball on post launch support.

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