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Re: Statistics and Sliders_Oraeon

My Cpu drops are pretty bad but I have catch at 36 and they are dropping on average about 6 as a team sept this last nail biting game where Bucs had 7 Mike Evans had 3 Doug had 3 and Stocker TE had 1.

Man this last game with your sliders as a base with minimal changes was "WOW" is all I can really say. Tied 17 - 17 at the start of the 3rd Quarter. Bucs drive and score BTW D.Martin ran it all over with 150 yards at a clip of 7.1 YPC but the passing was off and Glennon was 55% so they had the running game and I had the passing game 63% 30 of 47 trying to tie and eventually win. My running game was lacking from the previous game where Zac had 150 yards and 5.1 a carry he could only manage 3.7 on 29 carries for 108 against the bucks D which is odd considering the Bucs run a tampa 2 style with Lovie there to stop the pass.

Anyway back to the game so 17-17 in the 3rd we go back and forth going nowhere till the Bucs get the ball at the beginning of the 4th and drive and score to make the game 24-17. I come back and run no huddle with 1:50 left and score one more time to make it 24-23. And I decide to go for 2 rather than risk OT loss and man I was shaking it was so intense and I try and get the bucks to jump offsides and naturally can't get them to bite and my RG rookie Greg Robinson False starts so we are moved back 5 yards to the 8. I decide to go for 2 again ( dumb move) and drop back to throw a curl and BAMM!! Blindsided by the weak side LB and throw a duck into the ground time on the clock say's 6 seconds and game over.

I mean wow been playin since launch and that was the single best playing and played game I have had yet.

I had a total of 5 drops with human catch at 32
Kenny Britt had 11 Catches for 98 yards
Brian Quick had 7 catches for 117 yards
Shaun Hill was 30 of 47 349 yards and 3 TD's to 1 Pic6
Zac Stacy had 4 BTK and 64 yards after contact
backs ups got 10 carries between 3 backs one got injured
Rams team TKFL 5
Rams team sacks 3 and man with IG at 1 Glennon was hard to get a hold of
Human pass block at (0) I was sacked 4 times a couple were my fault for holding the ball to long
Bucs team TKFL (11) a little excessive
Bucs pass defl were 9 while Rams managed 2 don't know what to do about that
Bucs 1 INT Rams 0 Glennon didn't pass as much
Glennon was 16of 29 55% for 169 yards 1TD
McCown was 3 of 4 when Glennon went down for a few minutes in the 3rd

That's all the meaningful stats I can think of

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Re: Statistics and Sliders_Oraeon

Has anybody experienced what i did on defense in my first try with these sliders?

I've never seen anything like it.
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Re: Statistics and Sliders_Oraeon

These sliders are perfect on All Madden... I am the Jags in Connected Franchise mode as a coach... I beat the Eagles in a close one the first game... Pummeled by the Redskins where Alfred Morris ran for 353... Colts game was a shootout wherr I ended up losing because my top runningback and Blake Bortles got injured. Both out for up to 8 weeks. Then the Chargers beat me 38-21.
So im 1-3 which is to be expected with the Jags.

All in all, i can tell where i need to make changes on my squad and what mistakes ive made during games... This slider is excellent on All-Madden.
I had to turn down the false start and offsides to 70 because there were wayyy too many of those penalties.

Id give these sliders an A+.... Best ive used and give the most realistic challenge on all madden
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Re: Statistics and Sliders_Oraeon

Originally Posted by Oraeon1224
I am skeptical penalty slider effects but will try anything to reduce sacks further.
Well, you did acknowledge in another thread that penalties are generated by EA procedurally. These procedurally generated penalties are the WHY to the question as to penalty sliders affect gameplay. Penalty sliders impact animation triggering and AI behavior because they are generated in the manner that they are. The sliders affect that an action occurs, thus MAYBE generating a flag, not the other way around.
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Re: Statistics and Sliders_Oraeon

Firstly, great sliders, Oraeon!

My buddy and I are testing them on our Fantasy Drafted CFM. I gotta say, I'm impressed after trying a few others out there. It felt nice to have penalties become a part of the game again, because before I tried these, I'd go an entire game without seeing any yellow flags on the field. Games ending in 42-35 were the norm, not the exception. However, these have really quelled any of the concerns I was having with the game. I also like your thinking of having the RTP act as a PI replacement. Had RTP twice (once by both teams) and kept drives alive.

Take, for instance, how it was 6-3 going into halftime. My team knocked Nick Foles out within the first three plays of the games, so they brought Chase Daniel in relief. Before the last drive I sacked him only three times, forced one INT, but he was completing more than 70% of his passes. The thing that really has me happy is he was overthrowing and underthrowing his receivers. Meanwhile, I have Andrew Luck and also completed more than 70% of my passes with a TD and one pick (Maclin and Watkins are my two main WRs).

As for defense, things were definitely tight on both sides, but I never felt cheated. I either made a bad cut or took a poor line to the ballcarrier. I was sacked three times, but I ended up sacking Daniels, however, four of those came on the final series of the game (I won 20-6). One thing I didn't like, and I don't think it's a slider thing, but Daniels at time was making some pretty poor decisions but it worked out well for him. For example, he was running toward the numbers on the left side and twists mid-air, throws off his back foot and hits a receiver on the right sideline in stride for a long gain. Was none too happy about that Johnny Football-type play. I don't think that's really the sliders as it is more AI.

I feel pretty confident with these going forward. My buddy is going to try them out, pass along his notes and we'll tweak from there. But, I'm pretty happy with this base set as it is. Nice work!
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Re: Statistics and Sliders_Oraeon

Originally Posted by heelphreak
Has anybody experienced what i did on defense in my first try with these sliders?

I've never seen anything like it.

I used these exact sliders with the Jags at Minnesota a few days ago and held Peterson to just under 4 yards a carry. Mainly because I committed to stopping the run. Of course Cassel went 6-8 for 193 yards and 2 TDs in the first half.

This edition of Madden is more dynamic than ever. I've had a number of different results with the same sliders. Blow out wins, blow out losses, high scoring games, and low scoring games. All with the same set. I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone can tell how dynamic gameplay is when they are adjusting sliders in the middle of a game. The only true test is to play with the EXACT set for at least 5 games with 10 different teams. I've had games in my Bears CFM where I just stuffed the run and then had Carolina run for 300 yards on the ground. How many people would change the sliders after that?
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Re: Statistics and Sliders_Oraeon

I'm focusing on playing elite quarterbacks to try to get the game to make them elite.

GB vs Colts (me)

Score: 10/20
Penalty 25/15 (only 1 RTP, 1 Holding, no clipping, 2 false start each)
Plays: 44/84 (total 128)
Pass Yd: 249/242
Rush Yd: 43/164
BTK: 6/3
Comp: 57%/53% (I had an awful game)
Threw INT: 4/3
Drops: 4/4
DEFL: 10/2
Fumble 2/0
TFL: 5/6
Sacks: 4/4
Punt: 39/36
YPC: 4.2/5.1

GB: 33 total - 19 comp - 4 INT - 4 drops -2 DEFL = 4 errant (correct)

Still frustrated but feel fairly good about set:

Passing game: Errant is correct too many INT (mainly against zone) otherwise stats were good. Will decrease INT slider further for player to 10 leave reaction alone at 80 since DEFL a little low, Pass coverage improved sacks at 0 (maybe, also lower tackle helps).

Running game: Too many BTK for CPU as they rarely ran will increase tackle for player to 25. Also still too many TFL given the BTK. Will increase R. block to 60. CPU too many fumbles now will increase to CPU fumble to 35. Too few BTK for human decrease CPU Tackling to 28. Slight decrease in human run block to 48. Too few human fumbles still will decrease to 20.

Special teams:
CPU had trouble with FG makes at 40yd increase FG ACC to 45. Punt too short increase to 40.
Human too easy decrease FG ACC to 35, Kickoff too far for human decrease to 54. Coffin corner too easy decrease PUNT ACC to 35. Punt power too low increase to 40

Too few Roughing the passer which is my version of DPI,DefHolding,etc... will increase to 75. Too few facemask increase to 55 again. Increase clipping to 70 usually some illegal blocks. Will try reducing intentional grounding to 0 and see if it effects sacks. Increase roughing the kicker to 100. Decrease offsides to 0 the CPU gets me to jump all the time but never snaps so it is an unfair advantage to humans. Will also see if penalty argument holds true and try to see if reduces sacks.
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Re: Statistics and Sliders_Oraeon

Downloadable for PS4 on STAT&SLIDERSv1
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