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Madden 19 CPU vs CPU Sliders

Towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find info and sliders and playbook details for my all time roster project i built from assante’s file.

4-12-2019 big discovery. weather effects gameplay. lots of explanations in the thread about this. take my word for it. pay close attention to the wr catch. i’ll update this later with better explanations about this weather thing for this OP. 4 tests games in online cfm, not deleting prfofile, or even exiting to main menu. im just playing the next game. looking good. just need you guys to test it with different style teams.

for the xbox guys, here’s the player skill and cpu skill sliders for download on share. remember you still have to input penalties and other stuff. this is just for qba, pass block, we catch, etc...these are the same exact sliders im using for the all time rosters. the files will be called CLEAR.

Remember to delete playcalling profile.

This is bottlefed’s clock setup. This is a recap. These directions are also included in the sliders. Just put them up front for quick reference.

So to recap
Main menu:
9 minutes
Accelerated clock on
Run off 25 seconds

9 minutes
Accelerated clock on
Run off “off”

Also i’m deleting profile between games again. Same as it was with playcall suggestions, im still deleting it too.

I’ve had 5 straight games with 10 0r less deflections with these. Big shoutout to Sdoug for helping test and dcthompson for the pass coverage/int/pass reaction d. The scoring has been slightly higher as well, which was needed. Most games were in the 20s before, but now I’m seeing 30-20 type games.

Thinks that help the game play better:

1. Don’t skip cutscenes. The game gets pretty whacky and highly unstable when you do. Skipping cutscenes makes things more like Madden Arcade.

2. Go to Main Menu—->Share and Manage files—->load and delete——>Delete the file titled playcall; this improves playcalling. Gets a better run/pass, especially more run plays.

4. NOT SEEING THE PUNT GLITCH AT ALL ANYMORE, BUT IF YOU DO SEE IT USE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.If you see the crazy punt glitch, where during wind games, the team punting into the wind can only punt it 20 yards or so straight up in the sky, just super sim punts on normal. No way to tell if it’s a wind game before hand. So there will be one bad punt. This can really change a game. Wish they’d fix it. For now, this is all we can do.

5. Go to Files and Settings; find playcalling; delete the file called Suggestions. Also I’m using the active rosters. Main difference i see using this setup is this: inside the ten yard line, you rarely see the cpu come out in jumbo formations. They keep spreading the field and this results in more touchdowns. There are other smaller nuances going on with using these particular settings, but after 30+ games with this combo, I feel like playcalling and formation use is way more dynamic. Simply put, it seems like the teams play more towards their schemes.


If there’s games you’d like to Play the Key Moments on, I suggest using 15 minute clock with 25 runoff for those games. I’m not sure the 10 minute clock will give enough plays. 15/25 should work aces for the amount of plays you watch with play the key moments. 15/25 will keep the qbs audibling.

Gota defensive battle going with the 11-2 Texans (#1 D, best team in the league) vs. the 10-3 eagles who are coming off a 30-11 beatdown from another 10-3 Rams team.

Right now it’s 7-3 with a minute and a half before the half.
Before you load sliders, delete your profile and choose expert and sim upon Intro Setup.


Main Menu

Difficulty - all madden
Injuries - 35
Fatigue - 65
Quarter Length - 9 minutes——>10 minutes for play now games
Acc Clock - Off
********In Main Menu, turn accelerated clock on and change the run off to 25, and it will stay at 25, then turn accelerated clock back off.

In cfm, do the same thing as MM, but in cfm, the runoff doesn’t change back to 25, it’ll still be 20, but the effects of the clock stick. As is now, since the patch, if you dont do this, you’re really playing with accelerated clock ON even though it’s off. The time disappears just before the team approaches the line of scrimmage.
Game Speed - Normal
Min Threshold - 50
Ballhawk - Off
Heat seeker - Off
Auto Strafe - Off
Switch Assist - Off
Flip Play - off
HB Moves - Manual
Visual Feedback - Off
Even Teams - Off

Volume control
In-game commentary-85
Stadium speakers 50
Crowd -
Crowd Noise:
85 for early season non-divional game
90 for early to mid season rivalry and division games
95 for late-season division and rivalry games
100-post-season games

This will make the intensity level different for various types of games. Crowd noise well done this year. One of the small things that never gets mentioned.
On the field-25

Visual Settings

Play Call Style - enhanced
Play Call Button Layout - default
Previous Play Information - off
On Field Visual Feedback - Off
Drive Goals & XP Feedback - Off
Franchise Bottom Line Ticker - off
Franchise Gameplan Boost Notification - Off
Coaching Tips - Off
Pre-Snap Menu - off
Player Names - off

Camera Toggle - off
Passing Cam - off
Offensive Camera Settings - broadcast
Defensive Camera - broadcast
Enlarge On Field Graphics - Off
Color Blindness - Normal Vision
Brightness - Default
Contrast - Default

CFM League Settings
I start the season in preseason and input sliders first, then i do these slight edit changes to make scramblers scramble.

I start my cfm in preseason, set up the sliders and i change my list of qbs to scramblers. Takes maybe 5 minutes to do.

Scrambling is way better this year than last. Last year they took off way too much. Not the case here. Seen Cam have 8 for 50 the other night and some of the runs were designed draws and read options. Was pretty cool. I think cam audibles to a qb draw once. Good stuff.

Here’s the scramblers list. Just go to player edits and on the traits screen change qb style.

Josh Allen (i think he’s already a scrambler)
Dax Prescott
Aaron Rodgers
Deshaun watson
Russel wilson
Pat Mahomes
Marcus Mariotta (think he’s already set, check to make sure)
Lamar Jackson (already changed on most current roster

Skill Level - Pro
Game Speed - Normal
League Type - COACHES and OWNERs (but choose the owners only when signing up for a team. When you choose coaches, the offense gets a gigantic boost.)
Instant Starer - Off (treat this the same as coach firing)
Trade Deadline - On
Trade Type - Enable All
Coach Firing - OFF———>this is different than before, default onlinecfm has this off, maybe ea’s telling us something.
Salary Cap - On
Relocation Settings - Normal
Injury - On
Pre Existing Injury - Off
Practice Squad Stealing - On
Player Progression Frequency - 4 weeks

Game clock 9 minutes
Here, turn on the accelerated clock, switch to 25 second runoff, then turn accelerated clock back off.

QB Accuracy - 90
Pass Blocking - 0
WR Catching - 40
Run Blocking - 55
Fumbles - 35

Pass Defense Reaction Time - 55
Interceptions - 45
Pass Coverage - 50
Tackling - 38

Injuries - 35
Fatigue - 65
Player Speed Parity Scale - 50

FG Power - 50
FG Accuracy -50
Punt Power - 50
Punt Accuracy - 50
Kickoff Power - 50


Offside - 99
False Start - 25
Offensive Holding - 65
Defensive Holding - 60
Facemask - 49
Defensive Pass Interference - 99
Illegal Block In The Back - 49
Roughing The Passer - 51

All the ON/OFF penalties should be turned ON!

Use default Auto subs. Game treats auto subs different when you don’t use accelerated clock.

Formation Sub tips:

Here in the playoffs, for this next game, im messing more with formation subs for running backs. It took maybe 2-3 minutes to make these subs. Adds a little more strategy to the games. The running backs are the only formation subs I’ll use. After the tips, there’s stats from this strategy for the Lions/Eagles game.

I’ve already got the other playoff teams setup like this.

1. Power backs are in all:
single back/pistol/shotgun 2 or 3 TE sets
2. I formation and offset I sets
3. Shotgun sets where the running back is about a half yard behind the QB, it’s kind of like the Pistol, but not quite. These forms have more power plays.

Elusive/recieving backs
1. Single back/Pistol 3 wide reciever sets
2. Shotgun sets where the RB is lined up directly beside the qb.
This will be the only formation subs I’ll do. Some teams, like the lions, have a slew of good backs, and now their top 2 backs are out. For the eagles, i put clements in the aforementioned power type sets.

This really helped the run game. Made it way more realistic, and the coaching seemed to use a wide variety for both the Lions and the Eagles.

Clement (power back)13-73; 4 catches for 20
Sproles (elusive/recieving back) 8-30; 3-2 recieving
Smallwood (power ball) 4-18.

Lions didnt run the ball much; their top 2 backs were out and they have a playbook similar to the Pats, so they passed a lot more than they did in the wildcard playoff game. Just a different gameplan this week. Lions backs had Just 14 carries but 8 catches, so 22 total touches. Eagles controlled the time of possession and that’s how the won against their D. The Eagles wore the Lions stout D out and survived 2 giveaways and 0 takeaways. Eagles D played lights out and they were good in the season according to stats. Both dlines effected the outcome of this contest.

Lions running backs Rushing/Recieving
Riddick (elusive/reciving) 5-21/6-26
Johnson (power) 8-19/
Abdullah (elusive/recieving) 1-9/2-29

The Pats Playbook is the most balanced of the playbooks as far as passing game goes. What i mean is, you see a better distribution of passes to all the targets. The lions playbook has the same kinda setup.

STATS and AVERAGES!!!!! Pretty good stuff and close enough in averages that I now feel 110% confident that these are the best around.

This is from 15 ballgames played. Still got one left, but the house was quiet for calculations, which is rare.


All the qbs completions/incompletion log
40. 54
30. 45
40. 56
30. 38
28. 41
21. 36
26. 36
21. 39
20. 32
21. 33
31. 44
33. 41
27. 36
25. 44
23. 38
25. 46
26. 44
23. 35
24. 33
31. 35
19. 35
27. 35
25. 29
27. 44
22. 35
27. 41
17. 26
15. 20
9. 15
7. 16
7. 9
1. 1

Average score 27.9 to 15.7
Don’t have an average score for this year because i can’t find the average. But the average in this article is 29 to 17.8

Comp. ATT
648. 1112
21.6. 37

Passing yards
8755 total yards
292 per game (250 yards) this one is off because i forgot to delete profile and had a game with 1000 comb passing yards. Remove that game and they averaged 277 a game. 27 yards off.
21.6/37 (comp/attempts) (23.1-35.5)
7.87 yards per pass (7.1)
56 TDs
1.86 Passing TDs per game (1.8)
0.9 INT per game (0.8)

740 rush attempts
24.6 rush attempts per game (25.6)
2734 total rushing yards
91.6 yards per game rushing (110.7)
3.7 yards a carry (4.3)
0.3 rush tds per game (0.8)

104 sacks
3.46 sacks per game (3.2)

11,489 total offense
383 yards a game (361)

1956 total plays
65.06 plays per game (63.6)
130 plays per game (128)
5.9 yards a play (5.7)

635 total points scored
21.1 Points per game (24.1) scoring is way up this season, 21.1 falls in line with previous season averages. Last year 22.1 the previous year was 21.7 on https://www.pro-football-reference.c...2017/index.htm

First downs
532 total first downs
17.73 first downs a game (20.7)

42 total turnovers
1.4 turnovers per game

196 total penalties
6.53 penalties

Penalty yards
1516 penalty yards
50.5 yards

1246 third down average
41.5% third down

154 total tackle for losses
5.1 TFLs per game

102 pass deflections
3.4 pass deflections per game. (2.5)

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Re: Madden 19 CPU vs CPU Sliders

Tommy I wanted to let you and others know Amazon emailed me saying my Hof pre order will not ship until at least 8/10.! They already charged me and I cannot get a refund. Hope I got this message out in time to help some. Good luck !
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Re: Madden 19 CPU vs CPU Sliders

Originally Posted by dc thompsoncanyon838
Tommy I wanted to let you and others know Amazon emailed me saying my Hof pre order will not ship until at least 8/10.! They already charged me and I cannot get a refund. Hope I got this message out in time to help some. Good luck !
Sorry your order got mixed up.
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Re: Madden 19 CPU vs CPU Sliders

Tommy the cpu vs cpu big dawg .
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Re: Madden 19 CPU vs CPU Sliders

Just played game with these...really good so far
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Re: Madden 19 CPU vs CPU Sliders

Originally Posted by tommycoa
Sorry your order got mixed up.
I like 15 minutes with 13 second runoffs, I get about 120 plays. What assists are you talking about that we should turn off?
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Re: Madden 19 CPU vs CPU Sliders

Getting my first wonky game... 28-28 at half...week 2 Pats Vs. Jags.... 4 Tds already for Brady.
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Re: Madden 19 CPU vs CPU Sliders

Also, i'm finding simmed games are only getting 110 plays per game avg.
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