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** If the gamertag is not available please send a Friend Request to the XBox 360 gamertag: FAIRDALE KINGS or Catch22

NOTE: Please delete FAIRDALE KINGS from your Friend’s List once you have acquired the rosters. Thank you.

You can donate via Paypal care of: [email protected]

Or you can send cash, check or money order:

Victor Vasquez
9812 Buckingham Dr.
Fairdale, KY 40118


This roster set is only correctly naming the DEFAULT rosters.

There are NO ratings adjustments.

There are NO updated jersey numbers.

There are NO equipment changes.

None of the players that have transferred, suspended or graduated have been removed.


NOTE: Due to EA using different sources for the rosters they did add several duplicate players. Below is the list of five players that have been identified as occupying two roster spots. The player in parentheses is my replacement.

SYRACUSE: FB #49 Adam Harris & MLB #49 Adam Harris (Shane Kimmel)

WKU: LT #60 Ed Hazelett &TE #84 Ed Hazelett (Jim Murphree)

HAWAI'I: MLB #50 Mana Lolotai & RE #52 Mana Lolotai (Kapono Rawlins)

KANSAS: LE #35 Toben Opurum & HB #35 Toben Opurum (Rell Lewis)

SOUTH CAROLINA: DT #52 Aldrick Fordham & RG #52 Aldrick Fordham (Travis Ford)

UPDATE (7-16-11)

CORRECTIONS: updated July 19th, 2011

NEBRASKA LT #50 Jermarcus Hardrick (not Hardick)

NEBRASKA CB #2 Antonio Bell (not Lazzari Middleton)

SOUTH CAROLINA WR #1 Alshon Jeffery (not Ashton)

CORRECTIONS: updated July 21st, 2011

PENN STATE WR #3 Allen Robinson (not Zanellato)

PENN STATE WR #87 Matt Zanellato (not Robinson)

ARKANSAS CB #28 Greg Gatson (not Watson)

CORRECTIONS: updated July 23rd, 2011

TCU CB #31 Travoskey Garrett (not Grant)

Coach's File complete

I have removed all of the Juniors that were used for coaches that were both Head Coach and Coordinator. No longer Stever Spurrier, Jr. and Bobby Petrino, Jr.

I also corrected about ten minor spelling errors.

I correctly identified another ten coaches.

I corrected the skin color for a handful of coaches.

I removed Jim Tressel, Carl Torbush, Bill Stewart.

I made Dana Holgorsen the head coach of West Virginia.

I made Luke Fickell the head coach of the Ohio State University.

I corrected the Alma Mater's for over 150+ head coaches and coordinators.

** For any coach that did not have their respective Alma Mater I used an available school that was relevant.

For example, if someone was from Cincinnati, Ohio but played at Youngstown State... their alma mater would be Cincinnati.

Another example, if someone played at Carroll College in Montana.... Of course, Montana does not have an FBS program. The closest school would be Idaho.

Another example, if someone played at a small school but was a Graduate Assistant coach at an FBS program... Of course, I used the G.A. school as their Alma Mater.

** The main thing that I was trying to accomplish was to make the Coaching Carousel experience as realistic as possible. No coach from New Hampshire with East Coast ties should have Washington as their Alma Mater.

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Member Comments
# 1 Aph0ticShield @ 07/15/11 09:24 PM
Thanks Fairdale, just downloaded!
# 2 ODogg @ 07/15/11 09:24 PM
Thanks fairdale! I can't wait to get home and play online with these!
# 3 Gotmadskillzson @ 07/15/11 09:25 PM
Something is wrong. I don't know if you noticed, but a good number of the QBs player tendancy changed. The ones that were scramblers are now balanced and then a few listed as balanced before are now pocket passers.

Don't know how that happened, but that is the 1st thing I noticed.
# 4 YayYoh @ 07/15/11 09:26 PM
Big Ups for taking the time/energy to do this for everyone. Many Thanks!!
# 5 PAPERNUT @ 07/15/11 09:27 PM
Thanks Fairdale for the hard work and Odogg for the updates.
# 6 HeavyHitta304 @ 07/15/11 09:29 PM
Much props and thanks for all your hard work
# 7 Rain816 @ 07/15/11 09:30 PM
respect homie....mad respect for u sir...THANK YOU!!!
# 8 Mike Smoove @ 07/15/11 09:35 PM
This will be my second year using your rosters, thanks for all the hard work.
# 9 Foechuckle @ 07/15/11 09:39 PM
Thank you for your hard work!!!
# 10 coogrfan @ 07/15/11 09:43 PM
Thank you.
# 11 ndamukong90 @ 07/15/11 09:49 PM
Originally Posted by Mike Smoove
This will be my second year using your rosters, thanks for all the hard work.
Same with me. These were so great last year I wouldn't wait for anyone else's rosters but yours this year.
# 12 JohnnyWadd @ 07/15/11 09:49 PM
Thanks a lot!!
# 13 chriscringle95 @ 07/15/11 09:50 PM
Thanks man. Nice job.
# 14 Tieboomer @ 07/15/11 09:51 PM
Thanks for doing this FK, you are awesome
# 15 Fiddy @ 07/15/11 10:11 PM
Thank You Fairdale!! Awesome job as usual...
# 16 johhnywave @ 07/15/11 10:14 PM
Thank you so much for this.

Very much appreciated.
# 17 Nature_Boy @ 07/15/11 10:18 PM
Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this each and every year FK.
# 18 JSmooveIV @ 07/15/11 10:32 PM
I wonder what is up with the tendency changes
# 19 exboxfan @ 07/15/11 10:35 PM
Nothing more in this post but a...... Thanks! NCAA 2012 is officially here!
# 20 dskillz @ 07/15/11 10:43 PM
Thanks man, going to hit you up on paypal for all your work.

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