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Madden NFL 13 features playbook kicks off on April 25th, with presentation and gameplay improvements.

Madden NFL 13 is all-new from boot up to credits. Every mode, every screen, every pixel has been reinvented delivering the most innovative, connected, and authentic Madden NFL experience in franchise history. Dont miss one feature announcement by following the Madden NFL 13 Feature Playbook, powered by GameStop.

Presentation (April 25th)

Madden NFL 13 delivers world-class presentation with an entirely new look and feel; plus, new commentators bring the game's broadcast to life.

Gameplay Part 1 (April 25th)

With a revamped passing game and the all-new Read and React Defensive AI system, Madden NFL 13 achieves greater realism on the virtual gridiron on both sides of the ball.

Audio (May 14th)

Madden NFL 13 delivers a superb audio experience that faithfully replicates NFL Sundays with a new commentary team and the implementation of innovative technology along with unique resources provided by NFL Films.

Gameplay Part 2 (June 4th)

A monumental change to Madden NFL gameplay creates the most authentic football experience to date, blurring the line between virtual and reality.

Connected Careers (June 4th)

With Connected Careers, Madden NFL 13 will revolutionize the way sports video game career modes are played.

Madden Ultimate Team (July 9th)

Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team is the definitive way to experience virtual card collecting with new content and updates that mirror exciting NFL events throughout the entire year.

Madden Social (TBA)

A whole new way to experience Madden against your friends - anytime, anywhere.

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Member Comments
# 201 Jeter2 @ 04/25/12 01:23 PM
Stat overlays look sick, looked just like CBS. And cant wait for someone to complain that Mike Vicks face is on the wrong player name
# 202 Broncos86 @ 04/25/12 01:24 PM
zzzzzz. My god, can this guy be anymore boring?
# 203 LBzrule @ 04/25/12 01:27 PM
I can tell by the screens they've done something different.
# 204 djordan @ 04/25/12 01:33 PM
Enough of the fluff.. On to the damn gameplay!
# 205 djordan @ 04/25/12 01:34 PM
That lady is annoying. "When you zoom in you can see the stripes and mesh on the uniforms". WHO CARESSSSS? You guys said the same thing about the Joe Horn picture back in Madden 2006.
# 206 UMhester04 @ 04/25/12 01:36 PM
Someone wanna tell these guys to speak up??
# 207 ThaShark28_316 @ 04/25/12 01:37 PM
Oh snaps, fam.
# 208 Jeter2 @ 04/25/12 01:37 PM
Virtual Nantz and Simms, so far I like what I see
# 209 djordan @ 04/25/12 01:42 PM
WTF. They can't even get the video to work.
# 210 Only1LT @ 04/25/12 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by LBzrule
I'm not understanding the confusion then because I agree with that point as I have attending CD and talk to developers quite a bit. Of course we don't see everything today, but we see a framework for what's possible today. People are clamoring for physics engine, double team blocking, my argument would be with those type of big ticket items, if you do not see some hint of it today, then you aint gonna see that in August. Those type of items would be what the CD guys experienced. I'm not sure why they would let those guys see those type of things then hide it from the rest of us until June.

Because CD guys are under NDA and can't tell you how terrible an early version of something looks. Show it to the world, and it is fair game for anyone to become an instant YouTube sensation by dissecting how terrible an early version looks...
# 211 phillysouljah @ 04/25/12 01:50 PM
Nice intro commentary. CGI Nantz and Simms looked pretty smooth, too.
# 212 mjhyankees @ 04/25/12 01:55 PM
Funny I've seen no mention of franchise mode......
# 213 roadman @ 04/25/12 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by mjhyankees
Funny I've seen no mention of franchise mode......
It won't be in the first one. Maybe connected careers.
# 214 boritter @ 04/25/12 02:49 PM
Aren't these improvements the exact same as NCAA 13? Both games boast about doubling their gameplay teams.

But when they improvements overlap 100% it feels like like a copy-and-paste job.