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Madden NFL 13 features playbook kicks off on April 25th, with presentation and gameplay improvements.

Madden NFL 13 is all-new from boot up to credits. Every mode, every screen, every pixel has been reinvented delivering the most innovative, connected, and authentic Madden NFL experience in franchise history. Dont miss one feature announcement by following the Madden NFL 13 Feature Playbook, powered by GameStop.

Presentation (April 25th)

Madden NFL 13 delivers world-class presentation with an entirely new look and feel; plus, new commentators bring the game's broadcast to life.

Gameplay Part 1 (April 25th)

With a revamped passing game and the all-new Read and React Defensive AI system, Madden NFL 13 achieves greater realism on the virtual gridiron on both sides of the ball.

Audio (May 14th)

Madden NFL 13 delivers a superb audio experience that faithfully replicates NFL Sundays with a new commentary team and the implementation of innovative technology along with unique resources provided by NFL Films.

Gameplay Part 2 (June 4th)

A monumental change to Madden NFL gameplay creates the most authentic football experience to date, blurring the line between virtual and reality.

Connected Careers (June 4th)

With Connected Careers, Madden NFL 13 will revolutionize the way sports video game career modes are played.

Madden Ultimate Team (July 9th)

Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team is the definitive way to experience virtual card collecting with new content and updates that mirror exciting NFL events throughout the entire year.

Madden Social (TBA)

A whole new way to experience Madden against your friends - anytime, anywhere.

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Member Comments
# 21 LovejoyOTF @ 04/23/12 03:01 PM
i think it says a lot thought that they've decided to differentiate between the two consoles.
# 22 jpdavis82 @ 04/23/12 03:07 PM
Tweet from Pastapadre

Bryan Wiedey ‏ @pastapadre "Dont expect "monumental gameplay change" for Madden 13 to be Kinect related. They cant market like that when maybe 5% of their consumer base

The Kinect stuff will get its day to be featured but not at the expense of PS3 gamers and those on the 360 who dont have it."
# 23 roadman @ 04/23/12 03:08 PM
So, that begs the question, what does Madden have over NCAA this year?
# 24 aTTckr @ 04/23/12 03:09 PM
And they could add some kind of ps move things too so they can use the same sentence for both the ps3 and 360.
# 25 SageInfinite @ 04/23/12 03:12 PM
Let's get it started...... No idea what this monumental change could be. If it the CD attendees don't know about it, it can't be anything too big imo.
# 26 ch46647 @ 04/23/12 03:12 PM
The only "monumental" thing that could revolutionize gameplay in Madden would be a new physics engine. If they got this in and it works as advertised they could very possibly save this generation of football gaming.

This wouldn't mean that I would just forget about how horrible the last 7 years have been, but it would certainly go a long way in helping me forgive them! Haha
# 27 SageInfinite @ 04/23/12 03:18 PM
I wonder if we'll see any video to go along with it. If the change is something as monumental as physics, I don't think we'd get any video.
# 28 drlw322 @ 04/23/12 03:20 PM
No mention of franchise has me worried
# 29 poster @ 04/23/12 03:22 PM
The speculation will be fun. Confused on something monumental being in the game, that was not a part of the early builds. Unless the community guys know what it is and are leading us astray, ha.

I know EA overhypes everything, but monumental to me is physics based or O & D Line Interaction being completely redone in a proper way.

EDIT: Perhaps they finally did something proper with the gameplanning feature. It has awesome potential, but nothing can be shared without a ton of work, and it is a bit cumbersome to use. Hopefully it allows for community sharing like rosters, so that the OS community can build league wide gameplans.
# 30 chi_hawks @ 04/23/12 03:22 PM
no mention of franchise....damn.

also, this mega gameplay change reeks of kinnect or ps move. I hope I'm wrong....we will see.
# 31 jpdavis82 @ 04/23/12 03:33 PM
They are doing a webcast Wednesday for Presentation and Gameplay, should be fun
# 32 Outkizast @ 04/23/12 03:34 PM
Connected careers sounds like somewhat of a NCAA coaching carousel. Perhaps you can make the jump as a coach from college to the NFL and vice versa.
# 33 ebugaloo @ 04/23/12 03:37 PM
Anything short of either a real online franchise or Vita/PS3 cross-play forces me to take my dollars elsewhere. Nonetheless, I will be paying close attention June 4th.
# 34 Mr_Riddick @ 04/23/12 03:43 PM
Been a while since I made a Madden purchase. I Can't wait til the 25. I'm hoping this year my madden drought will end....
# 35 huskerwr38 @ 04/23/12 03:46 PM
I don't think the monumental change to gameplay is going to be kinect base. Not very many people have that plus what will ps3 people get? So it won't be that.

I'm hoping it's similar to fifas physics engine or EAs NHL game, however, I'm not going to get too excited. So far anything that this Madden dev has implemented from FIFA has been a huge let down...Im looking at you locomotion feature from M11.
# 36 LBzrule @ 04/23/12 03:48 PM
Unless they cut off half the screen on Wednesday and unless they just use the ANT tool for demonstration, we'll be able to see if it has anything to do with OL vs DL then along with physics ect. If they are showing game play from a build on Wednesday, then whatever is Game Play 2, has to be different than whatever you see on Wednesday or it will be the same and they just elaborate on it.
# 37 poster @ 04/23/12 04:08 PM
I hope that is the case BIG FN. I assumed it was to do with social media connection. Hope I am incorrect, as I would have no interest in that.
# 38 damedash @ 04/23/12 04:19 PM
Complete overhaul? Does this mean that the screenshots that we have seen so far were used with madden 12 player models?
# 39 mestevo @ 04/23/12 04:34 PM
I think it will be Kinect stuff per the virtual vs reality comment. Voice stuff can be multi platform, you can buy a bluetooth mic for PS3 and then they'd just miss out on some of the motions if any.

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
# 40 roadman @ 04/23/12 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by mestevo
I think it will be Kinect stuff per the virtual vs reality comment. Voice stuff can be multi platform, you can buy a bluetooth mic for PS3 and then they'd just miss out on some of the motions if any.

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If you are right, Madden isn't going to make me rush out and get a kinect.

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