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According to NBA2KInsider, the NBA 2K13 updated rosters will be available sometime this weekend.

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# 1 JrueTheFuture @ 10/02/12 03:25 PM
2nd rounders i hope
# 2 MagicFan4Life @ 10/02/12 03:25 PM
It should have been on release day. It's ridiculous that Chris Duhon is still on the Magic.
# 3 Thelorn @ 10/02/12 03:37 PM
LOL so much for release day like we were told a few days ago.
# 4 JasonMartin @ 10/02/12 03:52 PM
It's probably going to be like last year: "yeah we are going to release it this weekend".

Weekend comes, nothing, 4 days later on friday we finally get the update.
# 5 Rasco11 @ 10/02/12 04:25 PM
Smell the roses...it'll be OK, I promise!
# 6 tyberious4now @ 10/02/12 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by MagicFan4Life
It should have been on release day. It's ridiculous that Chris Duhon is still on the Magic.
It's not the end of the world! Geezh you know you can always manually change him you know....
# 7 Frizzz24 @ 10/02/12 04:37 PM
Can't believe 2k took away slider share...ARGHHHHHHHHHH. I can never understand why they keep taking away aspects of the game everybody likes like player intros before games, players sweating, slider share, etc.
# 8 ffaacc03 @ 10/02/12 04:43 PM
Going by history, it would only feature the latest trades as well as moving guys from/to FA ... no inclussion of missing players even if signed onto guaranteed contracts, at least not until opening day when just a few would make it in ... then 2 more weeks to have all missings in and that is going by 2k12 standards, which happen to be the itineration where they were added the quickest ... so not exiceted at all ...

Am more eager to see the acclaimed and so called "title updates", and hopefull that they can address the glaring issues already been pointed out (on release day) with them or that they can give us back some of the withdrawed flexiveness and options by the form of ASAP patches.

Anyways, in regards of the roster update ... at least for online users, even if it is just a couple of players movement, the roster update should be an improvement ... hopefully this time around, it also permeates online associations.
# 9 Sportsfan0290 @ 10/02/12 04:45 PM
No slider share what. That's insane. Also 2k seems to always leave out 2nd rounders why when they have the time to put them in? Thank god i'm not getting it till next Tuesday anyway. Also how much do you think the USA and Dream Team would crush the Magic by. Duhon should be a Laker though and Barnes FA.
# 10 ghettog @ 10/02/12 04:47 PM
Whats weird is they moved Dwight to the Lakers in the game, but didn't bother moving half of the players involved in that trade. Duhon/Clark/Mcroberts/Eyenga. When I made the trade in 2k12 it took me a few minutes to do everything correct. Rashidi needs to be the 2k insider. He would get us those roster updates mad quick.

Also side note they got Lin's contract wrong. They put him at 3 years 5m, 5m, then 15m in the third year. That would have been his contract only if Knicks matched. His real cap hit is about 8 million per year for the 3 years. Just something I noticed. Can easily be fixed by the user if they wanted the real contracts for their association.
# 11 ye24 @ 10/02/12 04:53 PM
So basically the game wasn't ready on release day? You would think stuff like the correct rosters would be easily taken care of. And like the guy said a few posts above it seems as if some contracts are not 100% correct which is a huge issue for me since i play association. Looks like im going to have to spend a lot of hours editing the roster myself...again *sigh*
# 12 SlayersRageX @ 10/02/12 04:56 PM
That sucks, but eh at least I can work on my player!
# 13 ye24 @ 10/02/12 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by SlayersRageX
That sucks, but eh at least I can work on my player!
I don't even want to start a Myplayer until the rosters are 100% correct
# 14 [email protected] @ 10/02/12 05:27 PM
Hey guys, a question.

I am assigning shoes to all the players, but they are probly reset to generic shoes when the official updates hit? is there a way to keep the shoes assigned?

and is there a faster way to assign shoes to a whole set of players instead of doing it one by one?

thanks in advance!
# 15 kmc336 @ 10/02/12 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by skabatula
Will these work in CCM?
Haha - love it!
# 16 VDusen04 @ 10/02/12 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by houston 1988 tx
I wonder if they are going to add Eric snow to the 76ers as promised by mike Wang in phone conversation saying that "10 of the 11 players from 00-01 sixers were in only be missing was a bench player that saw very little min" I was expecting Kevin Ollie to be missing or William Buford but not the starting point guard Eric snow.... Aaron Mackie (the starting pg in 2k13 00-01 sixers) was the 6th man of the year in 00-01 obviously stating he was coming off the bench that year not starting at pg.

plus a.I had no headband that year it was the next year he started wearing it. But why am I complaining 2k knows all of this and since nobody besides me seems to care then I doubt it will be fixed.

I have a suspicion as to why Iverson has that headband its Because if you remove it you will see how bad they jacked up is hair due he looks like the black Pippy longstockings with only 2 french braids going down the side of his head missing the one or two braids down the center the way he rocked in 2001. Will these things be addressed in roster update??? No and its a shame because this was supposed to be one of the "new features" for everyone to get hyped over and celebrate this year, I know i sure did and all to get let down. Classic teams is bad enough with missing superstars from last years games which sucks but I wasn't ,ad as log as they treated the new addition to classic teams correctly but instead they're as broken as some of the rest. I really don't understand 2k "cmon man" that is ridiculous!!!!....

Love the core gameplay but its all in the details and as of now the details feel incomplete at best
Off topic: where is classic team quick match????
I apologize ahead of time for being that guy but if it makes you feel any better, Aaron McKie actually started every single game of the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals and Eric Snow came off the bench. Also, it's Rodney Buford, not William.
# 17 eaterofworlds888 @ 10/02/12 05:56 PM
Originally Posted by JrueTheFuture
2nd rounders i hope
Me too, I popped the game in looking for the Kentucky Wildcat players from last year. Couldn't find Darius Miller or Doron Lamb, was kinda taken back, but if their gonna be there this weekend it's okay. I just have to wait until this weekend before I start my Association.
# 18 VDusen04 @ 10/02/12 06:06 PM
Originally Posted by houston 1988 tx
I don't believe it takes a rocket scientist to understand the point I am making your post has no relevance to the fact that the 00-01 76ers are incomplete in a major not minor way.... Nice try anyways troll
I was merely trying to be of assistance. If you are playing 2K13 on the XBox360, there is an Eric Snow up on 2K Share, made up of attributes provided to him in a highly regarded 2K12 classic roster. The face is not spot on, but for 98% of the game, it appears to be the real Eric Snow from Broadcast or 2K Cam. Further, as mentioned, his abilities and signatures are rather accurate.

If you are on the PS3, I did post the ratings, tendencies, and signatures for Eric Snow on this forum. I will attempt to find the thread if interested.

All things considered, the 2001 76ers aren't in bad shape out of the box. Once I accounted for Eric Snow (who I mentioned came off the bench in lieu of Aaron McKie for the majority of Philly's biggest games of the year) the only two players missing are Kevin Ollie and Rodney Buford, with Ollie being the only other regular, playing about 5 minutes a night in the playoffs that year.

As you may know, 2K can only go so far in terms of securing the rights to players for classic teams. And securing 9 out of a team's 12 (and each of its starters) is not a bad collection at all. That puts Philly on par or above many other classic teams included.

Originally Posted by houston 1988 tx
Eric snow was in the closing lineup of every game in the playoffs (at point gaurd) arron mckie moved to small forward down the strecth. Eric hit the final shot against the Lakers in overtime of game 1 of the 00-01 finals. The overtime game that is the only reason this 00-01 76ers are even considered a classic team. Eric is far from a bench player that received little minutes as the Dev guy stated in that phone call.
I concur, he was very important to that club. I do not believe 2K left him off on purpose. Snow also refused to be a part of the classic Sonics teams that were offered in 2K11 and 2K12. Again though, to only be missing Kevin Ollie and Eric Snow? Not too bad. It's editable. Oftentimes, the official cyberfaces (as you mentioned) don't look too great anyhow, so a created face can fill in well, particularly when combined with accurate ratings and signatures.
# 19 SiRRreal @ 10/02/12 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by Sportsfan0290
No slider share what. That's insane. Also 2k seems to always leave out 2nd rounders why when they have the time to put them in? Thank god i'm not getting it till next Tuesday anyway. Also how much do you think the USA and Dream Team would crush the Magic by. Duhon should be a Laker though and Barnes FA.
Barnes was actually signed by the Clippers.
# 20 RocketTMac1 @ 10/02/12 06:30 PM
The roster update will probably just be Sheed, CDR and player movement from players that are in the game right now.

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