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We’ve crossed into an uncertain era of NBA 2K on the "last" generation systems.

With the the PS4 and Xbox One set to receive their first full development cycle, it must leave current generation users wondering, “What’s left for us?” And because almost a decade has passed since we last found ourselves in this generational position, it’s difficult to look at history here as evidence for how 2K will approach the situation.

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# 1 junot19 @ 03/20/14 10:46 AM
Great ideas but are more likely to happen in this new-gen than the last. The old systems simply don't have the memory to have AI that is that advanced.
# 2 mvpd34 @ 03/20/14 11:41 AM
this and most other basketball games have always missed the soul and essence of what makes a great basketball game. individual teams and players playing relentlessly to their strengths. stars performing like stars and authentic environments have always fell short in lieu of making more shoes, headband options and more stupid stuff like that. dont get me wrong, i like the fact that they do that. but to spend time revamping a system of control that while is better, wasnt broken in the first place, and to continuously ignore that the game wont give dirk or kevin love any pick and pop opportunities and refuses to give low post looks to dominant low post players, or let stars be stars when its their time is just crazy. 2k cant even get late game strategy right for AI teams. the heat should run and over play the passing lanes, the spurs should move the ball relentlessly and have crazy plays that they run to get wide open corner 3s etc. the last EA sports offering on previous generation finally got the stadium atmosphere right. 2k has yet to do that. looking fwd to all of that possibly and finally changing in the future.
# 3 eaterofworlds888 @ 03/20/14 12:17 PM
I don't know. I hope that "last" gen gamers get some good stuff. I'm not sure when I'll update yet.
# 4 tril @ 03/20/14 12:19 PM
I expect 2k to add a few features here and there for the next few title releases. anything after that will most likely be akin to roster updates

personally the things mentioned are a few slider adds away. add a few more gaemeplay tendencies and you can have players play to there strength

Id like to see the return of points of emphasis feature in timeouts, but also add counters to them. and simple things like create a coach will go a long way

agree with what mvpd34 said about atmospheres.
# 5 8KB24 @ 03/20/14 04:14 PM
PC will have more HD textures..already has btw...than X1 and PS4, we can edit animations. We can change a lot of 2K14 core stuff. More will follow with geniuses like [email protected], jaosming, gamez etc.
# 6 TheBestEverCoB @ 03/20/14 06:23 PM
I think they should let us use the camera to create ourselves.. Now that would be hot!!!!!
# 7 asu666 @ 03/20/14 07:32 PM
For last gen's offline single player modes to make the transition to the new generation.
# 8 NINJAK2 @ 03/20/14 07:50 PM
I know there is not much CG 2k14 can do but the least they can do is upgrade the cyberfaces of those that need it (cp3, parsons,jimmy butler, vince carter, kd35, etc) When you look at the work 2k did on the europlayers and rookies it shows they are capable of doing better work on these faces!! I won't be buying 2k15 till I see screenshots of these guys. Also polish needs to be better (roger mason's photo used for Anthony mason of legend knicks squad, travis leslie for mugsy bogues--why not just use the cyberface as photo???). Comes off as a rush copy and paste job in the art department. They have to get RondoisGod, rashidi,vtcrb or someone in there to do player edits because I notice players play much more to their likeness in their rosters. Rosters are poorly edited by 2k. Last but not least, How hard is it for 2k to remove all the broken plays that vanwolfhawk(sp?) found from their game? These seem like things that could be accomplished by next release imo.
# 9 NastySplitty @ 03/20/14 10:45 PM
How about all sports games on PS3 and 360 are slimmed down bare-bones download only games for $20-30? A season or franchise mode and online play and some creating options? I would've bought NBA Live the past few years for that. That's what has me interested in RBI Baseball this year.
# 10 DBMcGee3 @ 03/21/14 08:00 AM
I'd say we maybe get one more year where they actually make a real effort, then they'll be phasing out the old and force feeding us the new consoles. I have no problem upgrading, but hopefully the cost will come down a little more by next fall. Currently I can't justify making the move, the first 'cycle' of games just isn't that impressive.
# 11 MarvinOida @ 03/21/14 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by 8KB24
PC will have more HD textures..already has btw...than X1 and PS4, we can edit animations. We can change a lot of 2K14 core stuff. More will follow with geniuses like [email protected], jaosming, gamez etc.

Yeah, I know that. I wonder why in CG there's no HD textures, probably due to the limitations or something, but I wish they can go GTA route and have preinstalled all the high quality data. (Or recreate LA Noires faces)

Because I do notice low quality in a couple of areas.

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# 12 vtcrb @ 03/21/14 10:35 AM
What's left for Current GEN? How about figuring out how to make a COMPLETE basketball game? Then using that as a MODEL for Next Gen. I mean lets be honest, they have focused all their time on "MY MODES" they have gotten away from TRUE Basketball. Here are My TOP 5 suggestions for Current Gen.

1. Implement NBA D League, so it works Properly in the game. Meaning make it so that USERs can EDIT DLeague teams in MAIN Roster MENU, so when they go into Association Mode, everything will be set.

2. Make an Improved CAP system NO Glitches

3. Make an Improved CAT system, NO Glitches

4. Make an effort to Get everything RIGHT upon release. If you advertise Rosters Accurate up to a Certain DATE, make SURE they are. Contracts, Faces, etc.

5. TEST OUT THE GAME. Try to release with as FEW glitches or ERRORS as possible. No game is PERFECT but to have the SAME issues every year is not acceptable.
# 13 Rondo is GOD @ 03/21/14 08:57 PM
What's left? Superior roster files and incredible modding. I'll take that over a graphics upgrade any day of the week.

Not even bringing up how incredibly broken Next Gen is outside of quick play.
# 14 supermanemblem @ 03/22/14 09:30 PM
They need to fix:
1) all around AI - I stopped playing the game because my CPUs played like freaking zombies. They wouldn't jump for rebounds, bend over for loose balls, play passing lanes or guarded their men properly, while the sorriest player on my CPU opponent team plays like an all-star.
2) DNA/player tendencies - NBA players cannot shoot as a collective group, yet I can play against the 76ers and they will hit 12 jumpers in a row. Unacceptable.
3) ball physics/rebounding - the ball physics around the rim needs some work. Also, rebounding is broken. It's like the game does an eenie meanie miney mo to determine who get the rebound.
# 15 IamLe9end92 @ 03/24/14 12:25 AM
1) Fix teammates A.I cause they stand around or crowd the ballhandler
2) Fix the defense of user control. I play really good defense and the game will make my guy slide or to slow to react on defense. I can upload videos for proof if need be I record them all
3) Fix the reaching. A player will dribble with his left hand so I go to reach instead of going for the ball I go for his other side of his body. I can upload videos to show
4) Boxing out. Not everyone boxes out in the NBA. When a shot is released I shouldn't be boxed out at the 3pt line by a point guard cause that never happens I can upload videos to show
5) Human controlled players stand around to much when the ball is live or loose on the floor we can pick it up but the cpu can. Once again I have videos too show
6) The cpu is really impossible to crossover and when you would cross them up they recover so quick and stop you from driving.
7) Holding or the bumping the cpu does where you can't get away from them or on plays meant for you to come around the screen running to catch and shoot or drive they make you like walk/semi-run instead of a full sprint or at least a quick burst
8) Change the prices for the clothing and gear. 2k people are going to buy vc anyway for other modes just cut down the gear prices for arm/leg gear and shoes
9) I play on Golden State and the splash brother don't play like their real selves they play more like bums missing everything even though they mite be the best shooting backcourt ever. Make the stars of teams play like star not like bums
10) Bring Back Crew!!!!! Same crew from NBA 2K11 the park is just too cheesey and disappointing
# 16 MarvinOida @ 03/28/14 05:07 PM
I wish 2K for current gen looked like this. (NBA 2K9 - 2014 Cyberface conversions)

Just as good as NG...

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# 17 chackett12 @ 06/10/14 03:54 PM
its 2014 & NBA 2k still doesnt have 360 waves................

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