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First teased back in October with a subtle "Like" by Ramone Russell in a Forum post by seanjeezy, it is now official.

The first news on MLB 15 The Show is scheduled to be announced at the Sony PlayStation Experience on December 6th - 7th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What are you hoping to hear?

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# 1 jmaj315 @ 11/28/14 01:26 PM
^ to continue franchise modes, etc?
# 2 mike24forever @ 11/28/14 02:19 PM
A similar version of "Hitters Eye" from MVP baseball.
# 3 Armor and Sword @ 11/28/14 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by mike24forever
A similar version of "Hitters Eye" from MVP baseball.
Only if they make sure you can toggle that off. Otherwise a resounding NO!
# 4 jethrotull @ 11/28/14 02:26 PM
1 Rosters being carried over from 2014 not just cloud franchise
2 Create a Stadium
3 Create your own leagues to represent the 8o,s

I know I probably won't hear any of that time but you did say "hope"
# 5 Eyeman79 @ 11/28/14 02:58 PM
A league creation feature as in OOTP. Replay of classic seasons.
# 6 sydrogerdavid @ 11/28/14 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by darkknightrises
This is the show of course if they where to added this you would beable to turn it off. What was so bad about the hitter eye? It was a great feature.
I would like to know also. I think it should be implemented in a better way than MVP, though, by tying the pitch recognition color to the vision attribute or other ones.

Example: Terrible batters may not see a color, poor batters may be able to distinguish between breaking balls and fastball/change-up, average batters could recognize breaking balls, off-speed, and fastball, while great hitters could see more specific pitches.

There could also be something tied to when the batter sees the pitch. The best hitters would be able to pick up the pitch right out of the pitcher's hand (or before), while lesser hitters would catch it later.
# 7 Factzzz @ 11/28/14 03:36 PM
Hopefully they announce something about better graphics, specifically player models.

Or retractable rood stadiums, actually being able to play in the them with the roof closed.
# 8 milldaddy35 @ 11/28/14 05:32 PM
I would like to see a more interactive RTTS
# 9 bukktown @ 11/28/14 05:38 PM
I literally do not care what they do with this game. It has been above and beyond my expectations since MLB 08.

Once they added choppers and bloops into the game the last couple years its 100% perfect to me.

See you in April
# 10 RandyBass @ 11/28/14 05:45 PM
Roster import from previous year's version is my most wanted feature. Creating classic players for the vault every year sucks.
# 11 Geolink @ 11/28/14 05:59 PM
Can we finally have the ability to argue plays like in MVP Baseball 05? Create stadiums? Retractable roofs closing? Rain/Snow-outs mid-game? Snow?
# 12 smiley3 @ 11/28/14 06:03 PM
1. Better graphics/player models
2. Retractable roofs
3. Rain delays
4. Play double headers
5. Player celebrations
6. Have face reactions when sliding not just a default face like if nothing is happening!
7. Better post game interviews or pre game interviews
8. Better commentary
# 13 Sporting Zoo @ 11/28/14 06:08 PM
My wish is the most simplest of things that no one would ever notice and it would take minimal effort to implement yet for some reason is very rarely in sports games.

I have an apostrophe in my last name, but it can't be seen in game on my player's jersey. It's such a weird thing not to include. I remember NHL2K series had it, but no other series that I can recall. Again, it's not a gamebreaker obviously, but it kind of kills the immersion for me a bit.
# 14 KGHerm @ 11/28/14 06:39 PM
Improved player models and re-vamped franchise mode would make me a very, VERY happy person.
# 15 tnixen @ 11/28/14 06:39 PM
1.Completely redesigned presentations that thanks to the power of the PS4 truly brings life like TV style presentation experience to MLB 15 The Show. Including Pre game show, Post game show with News, Scores and highlights from other games from around the league. Also brand new in game stat overlays including things like (2 Run Home Run Chess Ultly 15th this season) that pops up while the camera is on the batter either rounding first base or even crossing home plate head into the dug out. And also new in between inning batter due up overlays that show 2 for 4, 0 for 4, 1 for 4 next to the 3 batters photos and names.

2. Lots and lots and lots of new game play animations and also the removal of lots of old awkward looking animations. which will make gameplay look even more life like.

3. Even better ball physics

4. New more detailed play models that really take advantage of the PS4.

5. Way more detailed stadiums with much better lighting.

6. More then double the amount of Fan models in the stands.

7. Lots and lots more stat tracking incuding new more realistic end of game box score. And real back of baseball card team stats for every player.

8. Real flyover into the stadium before game begins including the National Anthem.

9. Improvements to the Ball and Bat boys including new Ball girls for teams that use them.

10. Completely brand new commentary that is much much more like real life.

11. Improved stadium atmosphere and smarter fan cheering AI.

12. Open and closed roofs for stadiums that have that.

I have much more but I am tired of typing.

Can't wait for next week.
# 16 PhilliesFan13 @ 11/28/14 06:56 PM
I must be the only one who doesn't care about retractable roofs being in. Don't see the big deal. You don't play baseball to stare at the roof. To each their own I guess.
# 17 ShowTyme15 @ 11/28/14 07:23 PM
Originally Posted by PhilliesFan13
I must be the only one who doesn't care about retractable roofs being in. Don't see the big deal. You don't play baseball to stare at the roof. To each their own I guess.
While I respect your opinion i wholeheartedly disagree with you on this. It's not really the point of a roof just to have a roof. There is a bit of strategy with having a roof open or closed parks play differently.it adds some authenticity to the game as well. It changes the atmosphere in the stadium with the crowds too. Also it should never be raining or inclimate weather in a park such as Seattle, Houston, Miami, Milwaukee,Toronto, or AZ. AZ leaves the roof closed 90% of the time in real life. I know we can change the weather pre-game, but that is besides the point. The Show is about as realistic as it gets for sports games, but it lacks in this area. It's a part of baseball these days. Not saying they need to open/close during the game, just give us the option of open/closed pre game. If not at least program it to be closed with certain weather.

I get your point of view on the subject and you are entitled to that, but for people like me this is a huge addition and is something that should have been implemented years ago. It's 2014. SCEA has to get with the times. The technology is there. Hell, MLB 2K7 had retractable roof stadiums.(they would be closed if the weather was bad)
# 18 Armor and Sword @ 11/28/14 07:59 PM
Originally Posted by darkknightrises
This is the show of course if they where to added this you would beable to turn it off. What was so bad about the hitter eye? It was a great feature.
Nothing was bad about it at all. But I don't want a visual aid forced on me, one of the joys of baseball and playing The Show is learning how to recognize a pitch out of the pitchers hand.

Its rewarding.

I don't need my hand held playing this game. I love how sim it really is with a clean screen, no visual aids, no guess pitch....none of it.

So like I said...I am all for it as long as I can shut it off. If not....hell no.
# 19 mike24forever @ 11/28/14 08:58 PM
I guess I'm just a casual baseball fan that wants his hand held. God forbid a good hitter could read the seems/spin of the ball coming out of the pitchers hand. Picking up the rotation of the ball is not sim at all, silly me.

Again, something like "Hitting Eye" from MVP would be nice. I'm not expecting it to be in, but if it happens...please let there be an option to turn it off. Not like The Show doesn't give the user these options for everything else in their game. SMH.
# 20 MauerMorneau09 @ 11/28/14 10:00 PM
Along with previous posts about new customizable options like Stadiums, it would also be cool to see the Diamond Dynasty uniform creator implemented into Franchise and other offline modes, but above and beyond. We'll see if the style guide does anything to affect that.

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