The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Even with Jake Locker and Andrew Luck already expected to be among the first selections in the NFL draft, it didn't stop several bigtime underclassman QB's from leaving early in hopes of making 1st Round money.

BJ Daniels (USF), D. Thomas (Oregon), R. Griffin (Baylor), T. Pryor (OSU), C. Newton (Auburn), R. Mallet (Arkansas) N. Foles (Arizona)

NFL Draft Expert Mel Kiper "I am amazed that this many guys would come out early. Obviously the biggest question is can T. Pryor cut it as a NFL QB and what posistion will D. Thomas play at the next level?"

Quarterback wasn't the only posistion that saw several stars leave early. HB R. Williams (VT) is leaving after winning the Doak Walker award rushing for 2000 yds and 20+ TD's. Joining him is Quiz Rodgers (OSU), R. Jones (Georgia Tech), J. Thomas (FSU) M. Ingram (Alabama) and the biggest surprise Lance Dunbar (North Texas)

Mel "We all knew that Ingram and Williams were going to leave early. They are both Top-10 picks. However I am surprised to see Dunbar leave early. I figured with the return of Todd Dodge to the helm and the Mean Green coming off a bowl win he would stay, but at this point he is project as a 3rd-4th round pick"

(I got tired of writing down all the players who left early). If there is a specific player you want to know if they left or stayed. Just let me know.

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


After interviewing in both Houston and in Pullman, Coach Bryan Dodge has announced he is taking the job at Washington State. The challenge will be huge as WSU comes off a 2-10 record including a winless Pac-10 season last year.

With 18 Seniors graduated including starting RB James Montgomery (643 yds 4 TD's) and PK N. Grosa 23/26 FG 16/16 Pat, the Cougars will need to find some offense. WSU managed to score just 16 TD's last scoring a total of 189 points (15.7 PPG) well giving up 315 points on Defense.

Coach Dodge "Obviously we have alot of work ahead of us. Our Pass Defense has to get better after giving up almost 3000 yds in the air and we got to fix the turnover ratio (-14)."

The roster is not completely void of talent. QB Jeff Tuel returns for his Junior Season. Tuel threw for 1700 yds with 12 TD's and 14 INT's. He has SR WR 6'4 Jeff Karstetter returning after a 74 Rec 1000 yds and 7 TD campaign, and the Cougars have a few Defensive pieces to build around in SR LB A. Hoffman-Ellis and JR DE Travis Long.

However Coach Dodge will have to find a new #1 RB hopefully find a #2 and #3 WR and patch together a O-Line that can provide time to move the ball down field, as well as find a Defense that fits the current roster.

(I will have a bigger team preview when I do the depth chart.

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

sounds like a change of plans from the Houston idea
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

With the late start in recruiting, Coach Dodge was only able to land 4 players in the offseason 2 O-Lineman and 2-Cornerbacks. All 4 were 3* caliber players. WSU signed 16 players total (11-3* 3-2* and 2-1*) and came away with the #92 class in the nation.

Coach Dodge "Obviously it's hard to recruit kids to Pullman, heck half the kids from Texas and California havn't even heard of Pullman WA so once you get them here, they freak out. We have to change that mindset. Boise Idaho isn't exactly a booming metropolis, yet they still good good players."

The Cougars will go into next year with 65 players on their roster including redshirts and with 13 Seniors (8 Offense and 5 Defense) Coach Dodge will get his chance to rebuild this WSU team quickly into the type of players he is looking for.

WSU will face a tough road ahead though as USC finished the year with the #1 Recruiting Class signing 18 players (4-5*, 11-4* and 2-3*) well Oregon finished #4 signing 14 players as well (All 14 were 4*).

Here is a look at the rest of the Top-10 and other noteable schools.
#2 Texas (4-5*)
#3 LSU (4-5*)
#5 Nebraska
#6 TCU (10-4* and 10-3*)
#7 Miami FL
#8 Georgia
#9 Ohio State
#10 West Virginia

#20 Boise State (9-4*, 4-3* 5-2*)
#38 Washington
#106 North TExas (5-3* 15-2*)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Originally Posted by franch1se
sounds like a change of plans from the Houston idea

It was actually a screw up. I saved over my Houston file. So I had 2 choices go to WSU return to North Texas. After playing 2 games with WSU, I decided I would try it out. It's going to be tough. I am not making it up when I say it's hard to recruit to Pullman WA. Even the instate kids don't want to play here. I had 3-3* players in my Top-5 to start the year.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


The Coach Dodge Era will start out without high expectations in Pullman. Once a Pac-10 powerhouse, the Cougars have fallen on tough times and this isn't going to change overnight. After going 0-9 in the Pac-10 last year, WSU finds themselves picked to finish last once again.

Pac-10 Coach "It's not that WSU is really that horrible, it's that the rest of the Conference is just that much better. Hopefully Coach Dodge can turn around their losing mindset and get the school heading in the right direction, I think it would be better for all of the Pac-10 teams"





#8 TCU
#11 IOWA


Coach Dodge "I think it's great to see the Pac-10 start with 3 teams in the Top-25, it shows recruits that we are on par with the Big Ten, SEC, and Big 12. I really love seeing BSU in the Top-5. I have always been a big fan and look forward to our matchup with them in Week 1."


Last year Coach Dodge led the North Texas Mean Green over #3 Texas in Week 1. This year will be no different as the WSU Cougars will Battle #5 Boise State on "The Blue" Week 1.

[email protected] #5

"Rivalary Game- Battle of the Palouse"

3-VS #4


[email protected] #13

6- VS

[email protected]

8- VS


10- VS

11- @ #21

12- @

13- VS

14- VS
"Rivalary Week- Apple Cup"

WSU Schedule gets a Overall grade of "A" as they take on #5 BSU, Idaho and San Diego along with a very tough Pac-10 schedule.

On paper, Idaho and SDSU look like wins and WSU did have a close game with Colorado last year, which again looks like their only chance for a Pac-10 win. Coach Dodge finished the year 9-4 in his Head Coaching debut. This year he will be lucking just to finish 4-9.

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Washington State Cougars - 2011 Depth Chart
WRSR J. Karstetter (84)RS JR I. Barton (79)RS FR R. Jiles (72)
TERS JR S. Stormo (74)RS FR A. Dunn (70)
LTSR D. Gonzales (79)RS SO A. Reitnouer (73)
LGSR W. Jacobsen (79)SR A. Roxas (78)
CRS SO T. Hogdon (77)RS FR J. Rodgers (68)
RGRS SR B. Guerra (83)RS SO S. Valenzuella (69)
RTRS JR T. Pencer (77)RS SO A. Reinouer (73)
WRSO M. Wilson (80)JR G. Simone (79)RS FR B. Ratliff (72)
QBJR J. Tuell (84)SR M. Lobbestael (74)RS FR C. Halliday (72)
FBJR J .Byers (76)RS JR A. Lintz (73)
HBRS SR L. Mitz (78)RS SO C. Winston (77)RS FR D. Horton (73)

Washington State Cougars - 2011 Depth Chart
Base 3-3-5 Defense
LDERS SO S. Kaufusi (68)RS FR X. Cooper (60)
NTRS SR B Rankin (74)RS JR A. Lourenzi (70)RS SO J. Clayton (69)
RDEJR T. Long (87)RS JR D. Spitz (67)
LOLBRS SO A. Burns (72)JR D. Marble (68)
MLBSR M. Ledgewood (76)RS JR L. Bland (72)
ROLBRS SR A. Hoffman-Ellis (86)RS FR C. Mizzell (70)
CBRS JR D. SImmons (74)RSO SO N. Washington (72)RS JR T. Hayward (69)
SSSO D. Buccannon (67)RS FR T Duckett (70)
FSSR T. Toomer (78)RS C. Locker (70)
SSRS JR J. Matthews (67)
CBSO D. Horton (72)RS SR A. Justin (70)

Washington State Cougars
2011 Depth Chart - Special Teams
KSR D. Wagner (78)
PFR R. Parrish (67)

Coach Dodge's take on the Offense- "Obviously with the talent we have at QB with Tuell and WR with Kartsetter,Wilson,Barton,Simone,Jiles and Ratliff we will continue to run a Spread/Pro style Offense that will involve alot of 5-WR sets. I expet Tuell to throw at least 50 times a came. I hope that Mitz and Winston will give us enough run support to keep the opposing "D" honest. Obviously that's going to be tough being how Winston has yet to carry the ball in college and Mitz only had 17 carries last year for 35 yds. Tuell is actually our leading returning rusher with 203 yds. Our Offense line has expierence and should play well together. If they can give Tuell time to make his reads then we can and will score points."

Coach Dodge on the Defense- "We have some playmakers at every posistion. I really like Travis Long and A. Hoffman-Ellis alot. They both have amazing talent. Our Depth at both D-Line and Linebackers scares me though. Even though we have some solid talent in the secondary, they failed to make plays last year. That won't cut it. If we need to make changes to the starting units I will."

Coach Dodge on the Special Teams- "D. Wagner has some big shoes to fill. Last years PK hit 23/26 FG's which accounted for over 1/3 of the team's points. I hope he doesn't have to kick that often this year, but if he does I hope he is ready. (Wagner was actually the 4th String QB, but when moved to PK he was a 74 Overall!!)"


FR WR A. Brooks-62
FR TE C. Jackson (Recruited by Dodge)
FR LT G. Kidd-60
FR LG D. Taylor-60
FR C T. Singletary-62 (Recruited by Dodge)
SO RT J. Fullington-70
FR RT S. Cameron-61 (Recruited by Dodge)
FR LE T. Jude-59
FR DT J. Hines-57
FR MLB R. Franklin-62
SO CB A. Carpenter-70
FR CB D. Miller-63 (Recruited by Dodge)
FR CB D. Evens-60 (Recruited by Dodge)
FR SS L. Burton-63
FR P C. Burton-61

Coach Dodge "I didn't feel like any of these guys would see significant PT this year. My hope that all will make big jumps in training and will be key contributers next season"

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


Going into Year 2, we have 9 players created/named by members of the Boards. All players were created as 73 Overall's. Here is a breakdown of each player, with Overall/Pos Ranking as well as Top-5 schools.

QB Dave McLaughlin-Baltimore MD (Dtackle78)
4* Rated #138 Overall #12 QB

#1 Arkansas (Offering)
#2 Pitt (Offering)
#3 Virginia Tech
#4 Clemson
#5 Tennessee

LT Ian McLaughlin-Baltimore MD (Dtackle78)
3* Rated 344 Overall/#28 LT

#1 Penn State
#2 Michigan
#3 Georgia Tech
#4 Virginia Tech
#5 Flordia State

"Looks like the McLaughlin Brothers don't want to play with each other anymore."

QB Kelsey Charles-SpringValley NY (Kelseypro)
4* Rated 194 Overall and #15 QB

#1 Pitt
#2 Georgia Tech (offering)
#3 Virginia Tech
#4 Florida State
#5 UNC

HB Shea Mengel-Nashville TN (Bucky3)
4* Rated #61 Overall #8 HB

#1 Georgia Tech (Offering)
#2 Penn State
#3 Virginia Tech
#4 Notre Dame
#5 UNC

WR Aaron Wheeler-Detroit Michigan (Hockeyplaya2724)
4* Rated 94 Overall #13 WR

#1 Notre Dame
#2 Virginia Tech
#3 Georgia Tech
#4 Florida State
#5 Wisconsin

WR JeMarcus Green-Little Rock Arkansas (Hogs15)
4* Rated #119 Overall #18 WR

#1 Arkansas (offered) Accepted in Week 1 !!!

TE TJ Deuce-Spokane WA (Me)
3* Rated #288 Overall #6 TE

#1 Oregon State (offering)
#2 Utah (offering)
#3 Nebraska
#4 LSU
#5 USC
(WSU is offering but not even in Top-10)

MLB Lennon Kyle-Atlanta GA-(Valdorix)
3* Rated 287 Overall #8 MLB

#1 Florida State (Offering)
#2 Georgia Tech (Offering)
#3 Georgia (Offering)
#4 Michigan
#5 UNC

CB Deion White-Bryan Texas-(K-oss)
3* Rated 242 Overall #11 CB

#1 Texas A&M (Offering)
#2 Notre Dame (Offering)
#3 Arkansas (Offering)
#4 Oklahoma State (Offering)
#5 Virginia Tech

I think it is crazy to see Georgia Tech going after so many of the board member recruits. Congrats to Hogs15 as J. Green signs with Arkansas in Week 1.

I will update the progress of each player in Week 5, Week 10, Week 15.

I will also start taking recruits for next year for those who want in. I am going to cap it at a max of 10 players each year though.

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