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2K Sports has revealed a new blocking system in NBA 2K14, which will also include the ability to block dunks.

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# 1 titans321 @ 08/06/13 01:05 PM
Can't believe it took them this long to incorporate blocked dunks. Glad they added them though. Blacktop should be more fun now.
# 2 thedream2k13 @ 08/06/13 01:08 PM
hmmmm, bball 101 is back ? Dwight will be dangerous again on defense
# 3 The 24th Letter @ 08/06/13 01:14 PM
Great news...very glad to hear there's a new blocking system...that's the important thing

Too much importance was put on the actual idea of blocking a dunk, which doesn't happen often IRL, rather than the real problem which was the lack of contact in the air, uninterruptible animations...

Looks good though!
# 4 SouthBeach @ 08/06/13 01:14 PM
Can't wait to recreate LeBron blocking Splitter or Hibbert blocking Melo.
# 5 alexthegreat @ 08/06/13 01:20 PM
Should be interesting
# 6 Sportzfan0290 @ 08/06/13 01:20 PM
I believe it was 2K11 or 2K12 that had better blocking sequences. I was playing 2K8 the other day even that blocking was more real then 2K13.
# 7 jayman504 @ 08/06/13 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
I dont have instagram so I can't view...
# 8 Steve_OS @ 08/06/13 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by jayman504
I dont have instagram so I can't view...
Updated OP.
# 9 LD2k @ 08/06/13 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by SouthBeach
Can't wait to recreate LeBron blocking Splitter or Hibbert blocking Melo.
This was asked by one of the community members - can you recreate this block... The answer was yes.

I should also note this is a brand new system implemented this year. Not just more blocking - but a brand new system in which you can block different shots at different points of the offensive players' dunks/shots. It's beautiful, and I can't wait to block more of iPodKingCarter (though he equally facialized me with LeBron - this I cannot lie).
# 10 Goffs @ 08/06/13 01:30 PM
Playing defense will be FUN again!
# 11 Slava Medvadenko @ 08/06/13 01:31 PM
Hopefully it won't be block dunk overkill to make up for last year. A lot of challenged dunks should result in it being altered to a layup and impeding the offensive player's momentum to the rim.

I was just thinking that it would be nice to have dunk count stats, per team and per player. I'd just like to compare 2k's dunk averages to real life. On a guess 2k's dunk count is higher, but if there were dunk stats it could lead to more realistic results in the future.
# 12 kmiree16 @ 08/06/13 01:35 PM
Just hope it isn't like 2K11 with suction, auto-blocks by guys with a high rating or like 2K12 where you couldn't do a windmill on the fastbreak because the guy behind you would block it with his armpit/forehead.
# 13 JerzeyReign @ 08/06/13 01:36 PM
I hope the blocking system is "overkill" - it'll make dudes really think about just trying to drive and dunk. Maybe it'll make them expand their shot selection with players like Lebron or Westbrook.
# 14 Jumpman232 @ 08/06/13 01:38 PM
Happy that there is a new blocking system. But blocking dunks should have never been removed out the game, just saying.
# 15 juicey79 @ 08/06/13 01:38 PM
Looks like mourning and hardaway are still in the game...lol.
# 16 Vni @ 08/06/13 01:38 PM
Good news, good job 2K.
# 17 juicey79 @ 08/06/13 01:41 PM
The rubberbands are not plain...they have some type of writing on them.
Nice now make the sneaker fully HD and correct not the reversing art to make the left sneaker.
The block system looks dope though.
# 18 LD2k @ 08/06/13 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by juicey79
The rubberbands are not plain...they have some type of writing on them.
Good observation.

Originally Posted by juicey79
The block system looks dope though.
# 19 HsBalla 9 @ 08/06/13 01:44 PM
Blocked dunks rarely happen in the NBA maybe once or twice a game at the most. So hopefully this new feature isn't overpowered because if so it will be even more Dwight users online camping in the lane....

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# 20 TomBo24 @ 08/06/13 01:46 PM
The ability to block dunks was really the only thing that NBA live had over 2K. Nice to see that it's finally gonna be in the game. Long overdue!

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