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FIFA 23 OS Community Sliders

Welcome to the yearly tradition of the OS Community sliders for FIFA.

FIFA 23 boasts a lot of improvements, from thousands of new animations, to hypermotion2 enhancements that should replicate a true 11v11 match. Unfortunately, this thread would not exist if EA actually delivered, and the front-and-center agenda of FUT being the priority has further enhanced our doubts.

Brief History and Origin:
We have been working on FIFA sliders since FIFA 15 as a community. The goal is always to achieve the closest realism the game gives us.

How we test:
Always in Career Mode. You are investing in sliders for a reason, and most of the time that is to play in Career Mode. So, it only makes sense to test in that same environment. With so many values to be looked at, and those values being in 1 point increments, it is very easy to come up with multiple versions of sliders. We will always test on Default first, then identify the main areas to look at. From there, it's about collaborating and finding workarounds for those problem areas. With sliders, it is always a balancing act, fix one thing - potentially break the next.

Version Format:
This thread moves fast, and versions get updated. My goal is to always make less versions, but we're at the mercy of 1) EA's updates, and 2) Our own curiosity in determining the best values.

Similar to previous three years, I will be using the format in which the Version number is determined first, then a Beta number follows. For example, the first version will be Version 1, Beta 1; so it will read as : "V1B1", and down the road Version 6, Beta 2 will read "V6B2". As soon as it is determined that the version is "final", it will simply, for example, be called Version 6 Final, or "V6Final". I will make sure the OP is updated in a log format, so everyone is on the same page.

Helpful Reminders:
As always, remember that the thread moves very fast. I will do my best to update this Original Post as much as possible. I have learned a lot about how to be the "project manager" of this whole thing, so if I do not respond to every post, it is either because it got lost in the shuffle, or that replying to it would deter the thread from achieving the goal of establishing a slider set.

The Main Rules of the Thread:
1. Do not post your own full set. This deters the entire thread. All slider values are relative to one another, so if we see a value like 30 pass speed with a line length of 70, then that's not relevant to someone using a 50 pass speed with a line length of 35. It's better to leave it out of the thread, and create your own.

2. Feedback in Animation. The Match Stats only give so much information. Telling us the CPU has 99% passing is not helpful. Were they passing the ball through the backline the entire time? Details are important, and throughout the years I have asked for details in animations. What this means is simply "What do you see"? Is the CPU having that high passing because your defending players are too slow? Too far away? Too wide? In the end, VIDEO NEVER LIES, so if you have video to provide - please do so. That will save so much time and less of a Q&A.

3. We are not your customer service. This is a collaboration space. Noone is being paid here by EA. Provide feedback because you want to help, not because you feel entitled to let us do all the hard work and you sit back and criticize.

4. Respect each other. Thankfully, we have not run into this issue as much, but there have been times where it's close. First, regarding myself, I am the project manager here. What that means is I am going for a goal, and discussion about conspiracies, theories or ET is not going to be helpful. Secondly, we all have opinions and some know how to filter them, some do not. There is a message there, so do not get offended if someone disagrees with you. We love the game, and just want what is best for it - so keep it civil!

5. Please keep general impressions in the FIFA impressions thread, not here. This is a solution based thread, and general complaints will be ignored. We understand each iteration of FIFA has issues, what game doesn't, but we are given the tools to find workarounds. Remember, this is a slider thread, which means the sample size of play is significantly increased. Chances are if you are having an issue, we have most likely looked at it.
FIFA 23 - The importance of Pace - Default or Slow:
- Default Pace = Slightly faster animations, but no issues with CB jockey or Defensive Angle Animation.
- Slow Pace = Slightly slower animations, but issues with CB Jockey and Defensive Angle Animation. (which we have addressed with the sliders via Sprint/Acceleration)

What is the CB Jockey?
Here is an explanation of the CB jockey from when we were testing some lower Sprint values on stream:

What is DAA (Defensive Angle Animation)?
DAA occurs when the defending player takes a sharp and illogical angle towards the ball carrier:


Changelog & Updates:

Timestamp: 1/4/22 | 6:58PM CST --

Version 12, Beta 2

Yet again, I did not expect to make more changes that would be significant enough. However, we went through the fine-tuning stage of the sliders, and I can say that has definitely been achieved with Version 12 Beta 2. I am going to go through the Version 12 Beta 2 notes, and give an explanation on the changes. Hopefully this will help going forward.

(Discrepancy on WC default pace to help CPU engagement)

Here we're using the same concept of the discrepancy in Sprint/Acc sets. It just allows the CPU to stay engaged longer and that provides a good challenge overall. The goal was to make it feel the challenge in how WC slow is.

Note: I will always start with line settings as it provides the context of why other values usually need changing. As a result, these notes may not look to be in order, but from a slider build perspective, they are.

(Line Length, from 35 to 32; Line Width, from 48 to 49)

The first order of business was getting a tighter midfield. This starts with the central midfielders keeping the forward in front of them in transition. That alone will allow the decision making of the CPU to change. This will also allow numbers to be built and paired up with other values, we were able to get the CPU trying to break the user down rather than just playing the obvious pass or possessing with the same type of attacks. It was also important to get the midfielders (or whoever is chosen) to run onto the clearances during corners and set pieces. This creates that extra bit of pressure in clearing the lines, and allows more tactical importance (pressure team vs dropback, etc). What I also love is that the change brings in the chance a midfielder can run onto the loose ball at the top of the box and have a strike.

The increase in width was scaled very briefly from 48 to 50, then back down to 49. The finding with it at 49 was that it kept the positioning of the midfielders defending the passing lanes intact. As we lowered length, we had to compensate for the now tendency of midfielders stepping on top of each other. Just a slight, subtle, spacing with the width has allowed the players to be separated enough, but still be engaged throughout the pitch.

(Pass Error, World Class, from 65 to 58; Legendary, CPU, from 68 to 65)

Once the midfield was established, the next focus was getting the ball to liven up more. We tried to raise pass speed, but it's just too twitchy and sped up FIFA style that we couldn't really enjoy the set up. The next best option was to lower pass error slightly, and allow more solid touches on the ball that way, which meant better contact = better speed. A nice part of this is that the CPU respects the new line settings and truly tries to break down the user's defensive shape instead of playing counter-attack most of the time.

(Injury Frequency, from 65 to 78; Injury Severity from 34 to 58)

I will admit, this is my little project. So any blame of your star players getting injured is definitely on me. However, I will say this has been such a breath of fresh air. The injuries can happen from multiple animations with this set up. I see it more often in tough challenges that are either fouls or all ball contact. I have seen less "fall down" injuries where the player jumps up, and falls down on their elbow or shoulder. It still happens, but I honestly have not seen it. Are there broken toes? Yes, absolutely. But there are also torn ACLs, hyper-extended knees, broken elbows, etc. What I also like is the feeling of not knowing if the player injured can continue or not. They may stay down a minute, complain to the ref, then get up and on with it. Or, they may stay down, and the ref has to call for the medical staff.

I know the numbers look outrageous, but give it an honest go. IRL, a team like Watford is the exception to the rule, but they have 13 injuries at the moment. I wouldn't even know what to do with that. I think that's a brilliant thing that's possible, and that's kind of the point of a career mode - never knowing what can happen.

(Shot Speed, World Class, from 52 to 53; GK Ability from 51 to 50)

We needed to address the keepers overall and the shot speed for World Class. The issue was that the keepers were saving everything, but also at 51 the animation of the keepers coming to collect the ball, or look big to defend their goal, was a running/jogging animation instead. This was too much of an eye-sore, and at times cost goals, so we tried to raise GK, but the same issue with them saving everything - and in superman style - was another eye-sore. Enough was enough, we dropped the GK value to 50 and we'll let the ratings play out from there. There have been a lot less superman saves, even though they're there, and not as many errors that one would see at 51 GK. The other bit was increasing the shot speed for World Class sets because at times the high shot error resulted in poor contact and scuffed shots in very close 1v1 positions. Not very believable, but we didn't want to risk lowering shot error as it ends up being too many shots on target.

(FT Control, from 65 to 70)

We just wanted to get a bit more of the ball staying in front, rather than underneath, the players. Usually, this can be established better with pass speed increased, but since that wasn't an option, FT control is the next best. This has worked well, and even with the lower pass error, it brings more emphasis of good control, not to mention some fun 50/50 balls.

Overall Thoughts:

Honestly, this is the best we could ever get the game playing. I know I've said that before, but this is the stage in which we enhance the set - and being able to do that was just unreal. The way the CPU builds up, reacts, engages - it's just all around so good. You won't want to simulate the perceived easy matches, because those smaller teams will surprise you (Coach lost to Fulham earlier on Legendary, COYW). It's the best feeling to see the CPU actually try different passes because they are trying to break you down, rather than go route one with through passes or siege at the top of the box.

Give it an honest go, and enjoy. I've been told to start my CM and stop tinkering. I'll try. Thanks to the testers as always, and thanks for everyone's feedback and collaboration. It is much appreciated!



Serie A/B suggestion:

Something FIFA has struggled with is the lack of fluid formation (like PES) which is what a lot of modern football is about. A 3-back in the attack turns into a 5-man in defense. Unfortunately, with Serie A/B (and a few other teams in other leagues), some teams are set up with very low depth because the expected role/instructions for the central midfielders set to cover the wings and to also drop further back. As most may know, FIFA has struggled since FIFA 21 in bringing the central midfielders all the way back into the box, so the low depth tactics ends up opening a lot of space behind them and a lot of space in front of the defensive line.

To combat this, I would suggest that for the user to either A) modify the low depth B) edit a balanced formation and defensive formation, interchange manually using the d-pad tactics based on the match scenario.

So, for option B:

Set up Defensive gameplan >> from Balanced 3-4-3 >> to Defensive 5-4-1.

Ensure that the players are on their same side as their balanced gameplan so the transition is not significant or prone to exposing positioning.

I hope that helps somewhat. Please feel free to provide your own ideas of course. I just wanted to ensure this was brought up because Serie A/B is is so much fun, but the open play can be exhausting at times due to the lack of a fluid formation and transition between the attack and defense.

Common Q&A:

I love how [difficulty] plays, but I feel like it's too easy. What can I do?
The number one value that can help with this is acceleration. Either raise it for the CPU, or lower it for the user - or both. You can see in the majority of the slider sets, we opt for a discrepancy to make it more difficult/challenging.

Streamers (Twitch, YouTube, etc): Please message me or post in the thread to be added!
- On this one you can type in !fifa_sliders in the chatbox, and the most recently streamed set will show.


Version Logs:

Previous All Versions and Streamed Sets:

Version 1 - Beta 1


Version 2

Version 3

Version 4, Beta 1

Version 5

Version 6

Version 7

Version 8

Version 9


Version 10

Version 11

Version 12, Beta 1


FIFA OS Sliders Archive:
FIFA 22 OS Sliders
FIFA 21 OS Sliders
FIFA 20 OS Sliders
FIFA 19 OS Sliders
FIFA 18 OS Sliders
FIFA 17 OS Sliders
FIFA 16 OS Sliders
FIFA 15 OS Sliders
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FIFA 23 OS Community Sliders

Thank you Sir for all the hard work!
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Re: FIFA 23 OS Community Sliders

I'm ready for sliders and to never update the game so updates don't ruin it. Lolcover2.jpeg

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Re: FIFA 23 OS Community Sliders

Hyped for this year Matt. Thanks for all your work.
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Re: FIFA 23 OS Community Sliders

Streaming on Twitch.

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Re: FIFA 23 OS Community Sliders

Really nice to have these sliders so early! The marking was a bit laxist and I totally understand why you have raised it.
I feel the base game is pretty solid compared to 22, with a much better pace. But I was not here at the start of 22 so I don't know if this was the case at that time.
Anyway two games with these sliders and I'm enjoying it!
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Re: FIFA 23 OS Community Sliders

Another year it is. Thank you for all your hard work and helping the CM community continue to enjoy FIFA each year, Matt!

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Re: FIFA 23 OS Community Sliders

I won't be playing until the official Friday release but I really appreciate your efforts as usual, Matt. Great job you do for this community. Can't wait to start my career mode with these!
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