Was/has there been any franchise info released?

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Old 06-18-2014, 09:37 PM   #81
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Re: Was/has there been any franchise info released?

no reason why you should have to upgrade XP points ONE AT A TIME. thats my biggest pet peeve.
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Old 06-19-2014, 09:11 AM   #82
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Re: Was/has there been any franchise info released?

Originally Posted by d11king
Why would they? They love everything about CFM. They love those storylines they feed us, and those fake twitter accounts with repetitive tweets. Why change that? Lets just take out the practice scenarios, which was stupid in the first place, upgrade that, and everything else will be grand.

Remember when we asked the public to design their own uniforms, instead of just giving them something like TeamBuilder, we received alot of designs and I'm sure the gamers are going to love seeing their designed uniforms in the game when they want to relocate their teams. The gamers don't want OTA's and minicamps, they don't even show those on TV. Besides, the players are just working to get into shape, we have a stamina rating for that.

Free Agency worked fine, just throw your bid onto that player and wait. That's real football. No need to change anything about the offseason, especially in Online CFM's, all they want to do is play the game and make trades. We could probably touch progression, but that means gamers can't progress what they want specifically about a certain player, so we'll talk about this further in our meetings, but in my opinion it works fine. All people have to do is play 4 practices and they can boost one player up by 6 overall points, and if we slow down progression, it wouldn't be fun for the community.

We can probably add more twitter accounts that way tweets don't become repetitive, and it would be about 4-5 seasons before they see the same tweet. The new guys will probably love that we added Stephen A. Smith and Deion Sanders. We need more big names! People the gamers recognize. Owner Mode is maybe good for another 2 seasons before people get tired of having to worry about ticket prices, remember the last time we had it in Madden, we took it out after one year, so lets give it two more and see what happens.

All in all, if its not broke, don't fix it. And besides, this would give us another year before we have to 'revamp' it a little. So lets fix practice in CFM because I think it ran good enough last year so no need to touch anything. We have to figure out the constant weekly ratings for Ultimate Team. Johnny Manziel just got drafted people... We should start off with a '12 Johnny Football v. Alabama Gold Card to get the people hyped!!! They'll love that.

CFM for Madden 25 was a nice start for Next Gen. EA has to have done more than just tinker with Practice. I can start listing a number of additions or fixes that are needed to keep pushing the realism that is Pro Football.
Not thrilled with the news that Audio Presentation looks like it won't be connecting the CFM years. Not mentioning key injuries late in the season during the Pregame is a blunder. Injuries to key players is usually front page headlines.
There should be a National perspective and a local perspective when it comes to the teams and how they're viewed from tweets to headlines. Just more Presentation needed all-around & Including the NFL Draft!
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Old 06-19-2014, 10:10 AM   #83
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Re: Was/has there been any franchise info released?

So being mostly a CFM player, the biggest change needed to me is getting rid of the storyline drafting. I don't mind the storylines, but each player have essentially set ratings is killer. I can't even remember the last time actually used the scouting because it was pointless, I already know everyone's attributes.

(Yes I know some of you are screaming cheater right now, however in a league where everyone uses these guides, not using one means your team will suck, and secondly even in leagues that "didn't" use these guides, how do you know everyone was playing by those rules?)

Secondly the scripted attributes were awful anyway, just in the draft our CFM is on this year, 16 of the 24 potential CBs have speed <83. That just isn't realistic. None of the CBs that would be considered draftable or even undrafted free agents are going to be that slow. One of those for example is D'Cody Bermond, who is a projected 1st round player with 80 speed. In our league he will go undrafted simply because you can't have someone in your secondary that slow. (Not to mention it isn't realistic).

So all that said I'm praying they fix this, NCAA actually did a very good job at generating realistic prospects to recruit, which contained both gems and busts. Great place to start.

As a second note, practice needs an overhaul. I love the mode options, however they shouldn't reward with training points for them as it forces players to do this, which some players simply don't want to waste their time on. Keep the options, let us repeat them as many times as we want, as just what they are... practice.

Lastly I'll assume they have fixed the tiebreakers, it is a joke right now that in a three way tie teams aren't always selected correctly. The NFL rules are very clear, and easy to understand, this should never be an issue in a game.

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Re: Was/has there been any franchise info released?

I liked storylines, the fix would be to make them less predictable not remove them. Scouting was just so boring I never bothered either way.

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Old 06-19-2014, 10:52 AM   #85
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Re: Was/has there been any franchise info released?

I'm exclusively a CFM offline player, so for me, the game needs to:
  1. deepen the offseason
  2. overhaul scouting
  3. VASTLY improve CPU team management AI
  4. RFA's, UDFA's would be nice
  5. revamp progression so practicing doesn't completely ruin competitive balance versus other teams
  6. make practices less deadly boring
If all they hit is #6 on my list then CFM is really close to a port from last year. Even if the gameplay is vastly improved, a negelcted CFM would make this a rental for me at best.

Last year I went for the Amazon preorder on last gen with the $10 trade in option for CG. That was a mistake. I played some last gen, was pretty bored, and eventually got around to trying CG and was even more bored.

This year EA doesn't get my money until the product is out and we know everything about it. Then we'll see.
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Old 06-19-2014, 11:14 AM   #86
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Re: Was/has there been any franchise info released?

I agree that the story lines should go. They just don't really add much to the draft itself. In all honesty, I would rather hear repetitive, generic descriptions of a ton of draft picks than these extremely detailed and, for the most part, worthless stories.
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Old 06-19-2014, 11:52 AM   #87
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Re: Was/has there been any franchise info released?

I don't think they really need story lines for players who are going into the draft. When I play my CFM I've never looked at them.
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Old 06-19-2014, 12:03 PM   #88
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Re: Was/has there been any franchise info released?

It sounds strange putting it this way as someone who rarely even scouts but I like the noise of storylines. Rather than meaningless fluff they're stories that are actually affecting draft stocks, good/bad players going higher or lower based on some set of circumstances.

I don't see why some think that should be removed. A guy who breaks his leg should be a risk, but not always bust, and not always be a superstar. GM/Owner personalities should then dictate if they're risk averse vs team needs, etc and dynamically affect where that player is taken. I like the flavor, even if it's an illusion. Removing storylines just makes CFM seem even more sterile than some have already complained about even with the tweets, recaps and storylines filling the feeds. Fixes? Absolutely.
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