***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

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Re: ***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

Originally Posted by jobalo85
Ok, I just spent the night playing both 2K9 (mine) and my friend's MLB the Show. Both for PS3 obviously. I played 2K7 and last year I played the Show (I played 2K8 too, but not long), so my opinion shouldn't be too biased as of right now. After playing the demos I went in thinking these games would be pretty even. I played 4 games of 2K9 and 3 games of The Show...here are my thoughts...

Gameplay: This is the most important part to any game, IMO. Its a game where in franchise mode, I have to be intrigued to play 162+ games to get my money's worth. Both games were pretty solid in the hits variety department. The Show seemed to have the same as last year, but I think I can say 2K9 improved. As for the pitch counts and stats, both were pretty realistic, here are some results:

2K9 - 4-2, 6-5, 11-8, 3-1 (pretty good variety)
Show - 7-3, 6-4, 2-1 (pretty good)

Stats were pretty good, that 11 point game in 2K had a monster game from A-Rod (2 HR - 6 RBI), but he is one of the best right? Fielding seemed to be smoother in the Show and definitely less errors. In 2K, I had an error a game and the CPU had 1-2 errors a game. The Show barely had any. I did have the 1B come off his bag once in the 4 games which is annoying but it only happened once. One thing I can't stand about the Show is that you still just press X to hit...its too simple and I love 2K's swing stick. It gives you a real hitter's feel to it. As for base running, 2K's is more advanced but takes some getting used to, I found myself hitting the wrong button constantly (keep in mind I was playing The Show too which probably didn't help). But I prefer 2K's. All in all, as long as 2K fixes some problems via patch, I prefer there gameplay...the 1B bag thing would be fine if it happened once in like 12 games, but the ball going through the outfielder is monumental. Btw, I played on All Star for this with no sliders...

Presentation: This is hands down 2K's best feature. Gary Thorne and Steve Phillips are amazing and they will even stop and go with some conversations throughout the game. Its a good one-two punch for the mic. In the Show its still just Matt with a 'chime-in' from the others, its kind of monotone. 2K once again triumphs with the signature styles...I played with the same teams with 2K and the Show and I'll tell you the Show had only 2-3 Cleveland Indians down close when it came to hitting. 2K actually has walk-ups that is very nice and unique. The Show has nicely polished cut-scenes are they are ahead of 2K's, but the Show kept puting up wrong stats for players, bugged me a little. I can't get over the Show's horrible player models either...why does everyone have broad shoulders? How can they not fix that, its very bad if you have a big screen TV. 2K obviously looks more realistic (except for the faces), and the real-time gameplay with the field and the clouds is implemented amazingly. Presentation goes to 2K by a mile here.

Simulation Reality: I continued to sim through 30 games, 2K started to worry me here as Adam Dunn had 16 HRs through 34 games. I guess as long as a cold spell ensues its ok, but he was pretty much on pace for 70+. The next closest was A-Rod with 10 HRs. The Show was good with Scott Rolen with 11 HRs, weird player to be there but I guess realistic number. BA was good in both, through 30 games, Pedroia (2K) led with .372 and Pujols (Show) led with .381. The best record was the Angels in both games, 21-9 (The SHow) and 19-12 (2K)...Show worried me here as the Rockies were only 5-23, 2K's worst team was 11-27 (Nationals).

Tested out a Fantasy Draft in each game too...for you people that rely on this, I didn't like it for either game as nothing was realistic. I'll start off with the Show where the Oakland A's drafted 4 Aces and had 8 total starting quality pitchers, they also had 3 closers, needless to say they didn't have a single impact bat in their lineup. Other teams were vice versa, like the Blue Jays who had 6 great batters and their Ace was Brett Myers and their second starter was Scot Olsen and then 3 minor leaguers behind them. Not realistic at all (unless ur the 2008 Orioles, ). Honestly, 2K wasn't any better in this department, the Cardinals had an amazing lineup and their ace was Jo-Jo Reyes (good luck with that) and the White Sox had great starters/pitching while the best bat in their lineup was Nick Swisher.

Game Overall: I have to give this year's nods to 2K9 so far, even with the issues. The Show seems like too much of a repeat of last year's and I can see a lot of people getting bored with it quickly, especially if they are franchise players (which is the only thing I do). Obviously its different if you do the whole 'road to the show' thing. Another thing that bugs me is The Show takes tons of pride in having the 40 Man roster thing but they only go as deep as double A in the minors. Hopefully, 2k9 will patch things up in a few weeks and this game will undoubtedly be my choice for this year. The Show is still a great game and has the polish without the patches, but I don't see a dramatic improvement from last years, like 2K9. Keep in mind, I only played a few games for each the Show and 2K9...my observations can be scured beyond those games.

NOTE: I have no experience in online play, so I have no idea about the quality there.

NOTE: Chien Mang Wang got a broken nose in 2K's second game and was out 3-6 weeks by getting hit by a line drive. The Show still doesn't have any pitcher reactions and the ball goes through the pitcher sometimes. The Show did have Cliff Lee strain his shoulder, he was out for 1 week.

I think the people with the XBox should be pleased to get 2K9 as its not a stretch (IMO) from the Show, atleast when it comes to gameplay and franchise. IMO, 2k9 is better so far...
Nice read, sounds very fair from someone who has experience with both games.
Originally Posted by jim416
You are the 2k Police. :)
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Icon6 Re: ***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

this is a good basball game you guy s do not no what a good basball game is mlb 2k9 rocks
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Re: ***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

I like the game so far. I'm sure, with time, I'll eventually love the game as I did 2K8 (you can call me crazy, but the animations in 2K8 really blew me away).

After playing the game for a few hours, here are a few things that jumped right out at me that I'm hoping can be improved upon either with an update, or at the very least, in 2K10. All of these are basically cosmetic, mind you.

- First and foremost, that 1st baseman's foot off the bag has GOT to be the MOST RIDICULOUS thing in videogame baseball. NEVER will you see a 1st baseman set to take a throw with his foot off the bag. It's a poor representation of a mistimed infielder's throw. I'd rather see the 1st Baseman 'pulled' off the bag because of a bad throw (as in 2K8); something I haven't quite seen yet in this version.

- Ive had the CPU steal on me a few times and so far, the catchers attempts to throw him out FROM HIS KNEES! Doesn't the catcher pop up and make a throw like in 2K8? Does it only happen on pitchouts. I'll keep looking for it, but if someone has seen it, please let me know.

- It's annoying to see a shortstop facing home plate while throwing to 1st. Probably only happens on quick throws, but annoying nonetheless. I also think that 2K8 had nicer DP animations (and more variety as well).

- This game needs to detect collision better. It's ugly watching players walk through each other.

- Need to have opposing pitcher's pitch count (strikes and balls) in the Inside Edge screen where Stamina and Fatigue are displayed.

- Finally, I had an instance where the CPU had a man on first, nobody out and the pitcher up to bat. I tried to pull my infielders in to handle a bunt, but the option to shift infielders was LOCKED on DP DEPTH! I could NOT override it. Sure enough, Derek Lowe bunts the ball. I fielded it and got him at first, but would have liked to have nailed the lead runner had I been playing IN!

Great first effort VC. Please clean up some of the animation quirks in this game!


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Re: ***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

Originally Posted by pjv31
Pastapadre says its one of the wost sports games of the year.
I would not take anything Pasta says serious

Nothing personal but he is a homer for EA and SCEA

is just fact...he never puts EA on blast about any of their games..

if he does he would do it over something minute

he started an article on the ads in 2k when is no big issue and made it out to be him trying to save the gaming world from devs putting ads in stadiums...LOL

this game is much better then madden and ncaa were...and he rated ncaa as the sports game of the year...that is a joke
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Jerami Grant - boom!
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Re: ***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

Originally Posted by pjv31
Thanks, I think I am more of have fun and not really worry about the stats baseball gamer. I honestly don't care if a pitchers WHIP is what it should be, or Jake Peavy only averages 3 K's a game.

In the demo, I was able to draw walks. Get the cpu to watch strikes, and didn't have any weird fielding glitches.
Why not get a PS3 and get 2K9 on that if you want? At least you have a choice. I can understand getting bored with the Show. The feel of the game will be the same even if some things are improved. The 2K9 demo on the PS3 looked good and I don't think you would have to worry about it. Forget the $100 price difference - it's worth it to have a choice and the other stuff that comes with it. Of course, if you like a lot of the 360 exclusives and your daughter and wife want a 360, you better not go against the family lol.

One of the biggest arguments for getting the Show would be because of the sim argument and getting realistic stats while playing. If you don't care for that then just get 2K9. You can get analog fielding and a completely different commentating team and presentation experience. You can still have fun, get a different experience at the same time as long as you aren't too worried about replicating perfect stats.

Originally Posted by ojperez_22
For those of you who bought both, which one would you say has better hitting mechanics? I owned both last year and liked the show better because 2k was a mess, but I really had a tough time with hitting in the show last year. Every friggin pitch looked like a strike and there was no way to tell what kind of pitch until it was too late. I played 2k demo and you could at least tell a ball from a strike. What do you all think?
Hitting is easier this year in the Show because pitch speed can be slowed down and the bat speed is quicker. I was really frustrated with the Show '08 because I could never walk or pull a fastball. It's better this year but 2K9 can be made even easier/better. I did like the hitting in the 2K9 demo and it was fun.
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Re: ***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

For a gamer who is happy with the 360, buying a PS3 just for The Show doesn't make any sense. I played The Show last year and enjoyed it, but I'm perfectly content with what 2K9 offers this year. I can totally understand people not wanting to waste any money if they can play a fun game of baseball on a system that they already own.
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Re: ***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

Okay, I played my first full game, Mets (me) against the damn Yankess..on default All-Star.

I think I saw evrything "good" and everything "bad" about the game in one sitting.

I started out getting really perplexed by the CPU hitting. Pitching to them for the 1st 2 innings was an excercise in frustration, as I did not feel like I could set up the hitter.

If it wasnt a breaking ball, they made sharp contact on it, dang near every time, or swung through it. It was a matter of whether or not they hit the ball to a fielder.

I would go off speed away, breaking ball away, then try to saw the batters hands off with a cutter or fastball, and WHACK!! They would hit a shot somewhere. I never felt like I could fool these hitters.

I then started to think a little and pay close attention to the batter scouting reports: Their hot zones, their batting averages against different pitches, and where they have a chance to chase outside the zone.

I began pitching to theses tendencies more, and saw more sane results. I worked over Xavier Nady 2 at bats in a row, getting him looking once on a change, I had 2 strikes on Arod, and saw that he has a 45% chance of chasing high, out of the strike zone, so I fired a fastball uop there and got him swinging.

Nady's 3rd at bat, I tried to sneak a fastball low and inside on Nady, in one of his cold zones, but he ripped it. Good, I thought. You just cant pound away at a hitter's cold zone all game.

They still are very aggressive, but at least I reduced the amount of mortar shots being launched all over the place.

I managed to put a 3 spot up on Sabathia in the 1st inning, off of a 3 run homer by David Wright. I was looking for something middle-in to pull, I got it, and lifted it into the second level seats of the bland looking citifield.

Next 2 innings, I get that ridiculous yankee out, and then all heck breaks lose.

1st 2 batters get on. I strike the next guy out, pop the next one up. 2 outs, next batter hits a routine liner to Dan Murphy who straight up boots it.

NExt at bat, Arod hits a semi hard flyball to center. I give chase with Beltran, and I think I have the running catch to end the inning.


Beltran goes into this "stab at the ball in mid sprint" animation.

The ball goes through him and to the wall for an inside the park grand slam.

6 runs given up in total through 4, 1 of them earned.


top of the 5th, I get to Sabathia again to draw within 6-5, and the CPU takes him out of the game??!!? Why?

The yanks put in this garbage left hander, and it is batting practice from there on out. A blast him all over the park, and do the same to Marte, and win the game 17-6.

Hitting: I like a lot

Pitching: Once I started to concentrate more, I liked

Baserunning: fine

fielding: wierd. Some balls that look like they should be routine end up either dropping in, or turning into a carnival act.

Graphics: Average, as far as the player models go. The Ballparks abd crowds look great..and the lighting is fantastic. If sacraficing some graphical luster for a smoother framerate is what it take..so be it I guess.

PResentation: I love. I actually want to see the cut scenes play out, and the dialouge as well.

It's a good, but strange game. It reminds me a lot of APF in that regard. You see things that are great, then all of a sudden you see something happen that makes you go "Whaaat?"

I'll be having fun with this sucker though, no doubt.

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Re: ***Official MLB 2K9 Retail Version Impressions***

Can somebody explain how to view the CPUs batting order from in game? Did they take this out?
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