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Xbox 360
Apr 04, 2012

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Feb 22, 2012
Xbox 360
Mar 27, 2012


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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 currently has an average Reader Score of 7.5/10.
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# 18 KickassJohnson @ 07/19/13 11:10 AM
Reader Score: 8

pretty good

# 17 jayenomics @ 08/15/12 03:14 PM
Reader Score: 5

God the kinect for this game is terrible.

# 16 SkillzKillz719 @ 08/04/12 11:58 PM
Reader Score: 7

The only way I can describe it is as hollow.

Pretty good gameplay.
Okay presentation.
Something just feels odd about it.

I also don't feel like making that great 180 yard 6-iron draw into the shape of the green, putting it inside of 15 ft is as satisfying as it should be.
There's a lack of human element to it.
I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to say lol.

Overall and good, but hollow game.

# 15 fsufan4423 @ 06/28/12 08:17 PM
Reader Score: 3

Finally decided to play and wasn't impressed

# 14 DivotMaker @ 06/26/12 05:21 PM
Reader Score: 10

Best Tiger for consoles to date!

# 13 Lieutenant Dan @ 04/05/12 09:55 AM
Reader Score: 8

Overall, the OS review hits the green in most cases, but I have to agree with some users that the Country Club feature is a bit under-represented in the review as a very positive draw to the game. It really adds a layer of depth to the game, and makes every round you play important.

Graphics and lighting, along with a changed color palette, make for a splendid looking game this year. I can't wait to see what EA can do with the new consoles.

# 12 Panicshade @ 04/04/12 01:20 PM
Reader Score: 10

The game is very fun when playing in a Country Club

# 11 TDAWG89 @ 04/02/12 07:16 PM
Reader Score: 8

very enjoyable, commentary lacking and some other details that don't really matter aren't there but would be nice if they were

country clubs are awesome if you have friends that play

# 10 geisterhome @ 04/02/12 11:19 AM
Reader Score: 6

too much things that you have to download

# 9 Vechi8 @ 03/27/12 11:05 PM
Reader Score: 9

Finally a non cartoon arcade game of golf. Plus the country club feature is a nice touch.


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