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Mar 16, 2016

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Jul 03, 2016
Jan 31, 2017


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EA Sports UFC 2 currently has an average Reader Score of 6/10.
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# 23 neyney00 @ 10/06/16 11:53 AM
Reader Score: 8

Love this game. Ground is great. Stand up needs an overhaul. Go back to the ea Mma damage system. Also there needs to be more individuality to fighters. Obviously you'd be hard pressed to do all 250 fighters for the next game, but when I'm conor mcgregor I want to feel like his straight left is super dangerous. Personalized stances need to be implemented and there needs to be several different types for each strike so they look different. In rare cases there should be moves to just the fighter that throws it (conors straight, Wonderboys kicks...all of them lol' Diaz brothers should throw hooks all to their own, gsp jab, Liddell straight. Machida) straight)

# 22 TheSouthpaw @ 09/26/16 10:07 PM
Reader Score: 6

Couldn't justify giving this game higher score due to how many features that prior MMA games have had that this game doesn't.

This game is a 6.5 out of 10. In other words it's decent but isn't nearly as good as a next gen MMA game should be. Take the game in a sim direction, market it as sim and be consistent. If UFC 3 continues this arcade/sim mix it won't ever reach its potential in sales or consumer satisfaction.


The ground game deserves an 8 out of 10.

# 21 BrizzyBone @ 07/01/16 01:59 AM
Reader Score: 7

The grappling is the only part I'm not a fan of. Love the graphics and game modes though.

# 20 Shogun474 @ 06/28/16 04:33 PM
Reader Score: 8

Great Game, Round scoring sucks

# 19 connolls @ 06/26/16 03:07 PM
Reader Score: 9

The most fun I've had playing a game for a long time, obviously its not perfect and theres some issues to be ironed out, but it's enjoyable once you learn the game.

# 18 Kasel @ 06/01/16 08:08 AM
Reader Score: 4

All there is to do is fight online, all the hype for career mode is just false advertisement because it's almost identical to it's predecessor, you can't even do basic things like join RL gyms and train with fighters who train there IRL and learn their movesets (what I loved most about Undisputed and what gave it so much replayability is to join different gyms in different career playthroughs) and also the AI is broken as heck still so even if they'd have a career mode overhaul we'd need the AI to work better (especially not to be as powerful on the ground)

Gameplay generally feels very clunky and unresponsive, all of it from main menu, character selection (half the time I can't move between fighters, need to press and hold sometimes for it to work) and it's at 30fps (which is outrageous IMO)

Striking animations have gotten very old, and there's so few of them. and spinning kicks will make you invincible for the most part while you strike, you can't cancel basic strikes like hooks so if I throw a hook and he throws a spinning kick, you know who gets ****ed when in reality a pro fighter in most cases would go for a takedown after canceling the hook which you can't do in this slow paced game that feels king of like an RPG sometimes instead of an action based sport like it is and like Undisputed presented it to be.

Not gonna comment on nonesense like KO mode or Ultimate Team modes as I think they are silly game modes for silly people. Or kids. It's not even for drunks guys in their early 20's because me and my friends always choose MK over KO mode especially when MK is actually responding to our inputs like EA MMA and Undisputed 2009 2010 and 3. (all 60fps, maybe that's what it is)

Stats/Attributes/Movesets are very very highly inaccurate. It pains us hardcore MMA fans to see those big mistakes that are so easy to fix yet they are not and were chosen by someone who obviously doesn't watch or like MMA at all. And with the logic Bryan Hayes used that everyone should have when they think they can do, well everyone should have almost literally event move (the only exceptions would be cage strikes)

Overall? 4/10 for cute graphics (PCMR here who plays 1440p 60-144fps on a 144hz G sync monitor so my standards are high but I understand the poor hardware limitation), Big roster (even tho the likeness is very poor), and very good ground game. Buy this game only if it's on sale for a very low price (game feels like a free to play game if i'm being honest guys, do NOT waste your hard earned money on it because you WILL be pissed when you play)

# 17 norml @ 05/31/16 02:58 PM
Reader Score: 6

Still not sim enough. Standup is too much like arcade fighting games.

# 16 Boiler569 @ 05/31/16 10:27 AM
Reader Score: 8

Huge improvement over UFC 1; still has some holes in its game, but recent patches have helped a good deal.

# 15 Robalboa @ 05/12/16 07:58 PM
Reader Score: 5

fun game to clunky and delayed
bad idea for circle fighting in clinch and ground

horrid latency. great potential for fun but game play mechanics are lacking

# 14 JRed529 @ 05/12/16 06:54 PM
Reader Score: 8

Best MMA game ever, hands down.


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